This website is extremely easy to use and fast... The big thing is this platform is accpet prepaid card to buy bitcion Big respect to changelly


Nice service, Changelly! I'm here to say a few kind words to changelly! First of all, I've been using your service for several months now, and all is great. The rates are definitely better than on other similar services. If I have some troubles, the support team is always there ready to help me. Thanks, keep going!

Quickqack Wert
@Quickqack Wert

I like using Changelly when I need to buy fast. Never have problems with this service, but there’re old stories when people were experiencing some troubles with it. But they're plenty of different services like changelly, do your own researc


It’s a really good sign that the organisation has planned and executed the swap so well - looking forward to being able to move them around (and use them!) in the coming weeks and months!

Robbie F
@Robbie F

I’m new to crypto and have not had the best experience with some sites, but Changelly was excellent. The transactions were quick and efficient. But what elevated it above the rest was the quality of the customer service. I had some issues sending to an EOS wallet address. They were patient and persistent and eventually found a solution. VERY quick responses. Impressive.


Just bought some @nimiq @Changelly_team with my Credit Card. All went very smooth !!

Nima M

there a lot of thing for saying about changelly team such as: fast supportation, easy to use in changelly app, simple app, including popular cryptocurrency, beeing user-friendly interface and etc. I love changelly exchange.


So good to see my $AION tokens officially on the @Aion_Network mainnet. Thanks @Changelly_team for a fast and efficient token swap process.


Currently, changelly is the only exchange that i use. I love how easy and quick it is. Everyone should use this exchange.

Fenson Chin

I am indeed impressed with the services provided by the support and security teams of Changelly. They are highly professional and efficient in dealing with customers. Not only are they ever willing to assist but they are also most accommodating. My experience with them leaves a lasting pleasant impression.


Review: Big thanks to Changelly for assist in NEXO exchange error.

Kurt Homan

I have made several crypto exchanges with Changelly and my experience has always been good. I will continue to use Changelly in the future.


Glad that the @Changelly_team is responsive when it comes to making sure their customers get proper service and correct bugs. Thank you for making #cryptocurrencypurchases so easy.


I have used changelly. I can just say the best serice. Very smoothing and easy process to convert coins at very less fees.


The exchange was quick. It's really time-saving service + excellent customer support which answer almost instantly. Completely suitable for very beginners.

Steve Taylor

Just made the first swap through the @Changelly_team app! Very convenient👍 🚀go download it🚀 #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #BTC


Really good interface and very straight forwards. Feels good to have it on my ledger in it's own wallet, rather than as a token on MEW. Good stuff!


Had been considering which service / exchange to use to swap my Kin1 for Kin3. Took the plunge today and I must say I’m blown away by the service and speed on changelly. Less than 5 mins per transaction (I did a smaller test one first) and the shiny new Kin were back on my ledger. It’s a really good sign that the organisation has planned and executed the swap so well - looking forward to being able to move them around (and use them!) in the coming weeks and months!

Bradley Frazer

I have used Changelly several times to trade/acquire various (crypto) currencies and have never had a problem. Their exchange fees seem to be fair and competitive, which I appreciate!


I usually used that service for a 3 years. They have very easy to use interface. All operations quite fast. I advice it to everyone! Once have a bug, write to support and it was fixed very fast.

Daniel Sarpong

Changelly is the best when it comes to exchange. Love your service.


Swapping through Changelly works really well!

Marcos Porto

Very Practical, simple and fast. Thanks for the positive experience.


Used changelly for the first time today moving some of my BTC to XRP - really easy!

buy xlm

thanks changelly team, your service is mind blowing..


Good job! Can't wait to use it again.


I’ve used your service a couple times and it worked great, thank you

Diego León Ullauri

Another day, another successful exchange. Thank you @Changelly_team

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