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Changelly mobile app offers you the fastest crypto exchange on your device. Founded in 2015, Changelly has already attracted more than 2 million users.

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Exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rate in our Changelly App. We support more than 150 various crypto coins, including the most popular:

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Why Changelly

Our primary goals are to provide a zero-risk exchange service and make your crypto experience excellent. We are proud to offer you a leading app in the cryptocurrency exchange world

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Supported coins
Exchange time
Up to several hours
5-30 minutes
KYC required
All users
Suspicious transactions only
Not required

100% Secure

Changelly is non-custodial, meaning we do not store any user funds inside the service. Once the exchange is over, you get your crypto inside your personal crypto wallet. Changelly app uses the most advanced user data protection technologies. There are zero hacks in the entire history of the service.


Lightning Fast

Changelly’s processing speed is our biggest pride. Grab a cup of coffee, choose the crypto to be exchanged, enter the recipient’s address and click the exchange button. In a span of milliseconds, Changelly will monitor the current offerings of various crypto exchanges to swap your crypto at the best market rate. We’ll deliver crypto to your wallet before the coffee gets cold!

Top players about us

"With Changelly’s stellar team, we have developed a unique system to ensure exchanges are fulfilled in the fastest possible time and with immediate customer support."

"Changelly is looking to use the internet to spark a digital revolution in current financial services."

"Smart tech and sharp thinking are disrupting high-street banks."

Media about Changelly

Changelly is trusted by many market experts:

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What is our benefit

You don’t have to trust Changelly with your savings as we don’t have access to users’ private keys or seed phrases. Hence, when using Changelly you don’t incur any risk.

What benefits is Changelly receiving then? The answer is rather simple. When carrying out a crypto exchange, Changelly charges the user the lowest market fee of 0.25%.

However, here’s a simple pattern: the lower the fee – the more you’re satisfied with Changelly. The more you’re satisfied with Changelly – the better our business goes.