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Introduce your project to the crypto community.

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FAQ Listings

What projects are eligible to apply for a listing?

Changelly offers trades of utility assets only.

What if my cryptocurrency is not traded anywhere yet?

If your crypto asset is not trading on any crypto exchange yet, you might like a Changelly Smart Package Offer. List your crypto assets on the full-featured cryptocurrency exchange Changelly PRO and instant crypto exchange Changelly. For more details, please fill in the form below, and our managers will contact you shortly.

How can I list my cryptocurrency on Changelly?

To list your crypto project on the instant exchange Changelly, please fill in the form provided below. Our managers will contact you shortly.

How long does it take for a listing to be completed?

The standard listing process takes up to two weeks. However, if there are a lot of projects in line for the listing, the procedure may take a bit longer.

Is there a marketing campaign aligned with the listing?

Changelly’s Marketing team will be glad to assist you with the marketing campaign, which includes announcements on Changelly’s social networks, blog posts, etc.

Why get listed on Changelly?

Changelly is an ecosystem of products that are being used by more than 2 million users every month. By being listed on Changelly, an asset gains a huge boost in visibility and accessibility, making it extremely fast and easy for the community to purchase and exchange the asset.

What if I have additional questions?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at any time. Our Support team is there for you 24/7.

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