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With over 90 blockchain assets and 24/7 customer support, Exodus makes it easy to manage a diversified portfolio. Your wallet encrypts your private keys locally with no account setup required. Exodus gives blockchain asset investors a platform to secure, exchange and control their own wealth inside one beautiful application.

Ledger is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet that comes in the shape of a USB drive. It’s designed with robust safety features and is excellent for storing digital assets. Also it provides a safe way to execute digital payments

Coinomi is a popular multi-asset application wallet for Android and iOS founded in 2014. Having millions of users, Coinomi has never had any of its wallets hacked. The wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and many altcoins and tokens, that can be easily exchanged instantly with Changelly inside the wallet application.

Based on both their fierce belief in the financial sovereignty of the individual and their desire to make crypto accessible to everyone, the BRD team is building a truly decentralized, global wallet that acts as a personal hub for all your digital assets. BRD is currently available in over a dozen languages and over 200 countries, for both iOS and Android.

Bittrex is a premier blockchain trading platform founded in 2014 by cybersecurity engineers. Bittrex is all about high security, super fast trade executions and trustworthy digital wallets for different currencies.

CoinSwitch is a cryptocurrency exchange platform which compilates and compare all leading exchange cryptocurrency prices in real time. CoinSwitch supports over 300 cryptocurrencies, altcoins, digital currencies. CoinSwitch is an excellent tool for a quick and easy trade through most popular exchanges.

A wallet launched by a Jelurida company to safely stor ARDR and IGNIS. Jelurida is a blockchain software company that enables customers to cooperate, promote unique value propositions, and create new business tackling real market opportunities.

CoinsPaid is a system of wallet management and crypto payment processing for leading online businesses, supporting over 14 blockchains. Simple API allows easy integration in online casino, betting platform or other online business. Internal fixed-rate crypto-to-fiat and altcoin-to-BTC exchange prevents from market fluctuations and ensures funds kept safe.

TradeSanta is a cloud trading software that lets anyone automate their trades on major exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex and HitBTC. It is the simplest way to trade 24/7 without actually sitting in front of the screen. You just choose a pair to trade, set the target profits, and TradeSanta bots will do the rest. Take advantage of market volatility with trading bots, sell or buy large sums of crypto using smart order placement bots, and more.

Atomic Wallet is a multi-asset custody-free Wallet with Atomic Swap exchange and decentralized orderbook. It provides a powerful, in-demand service that allows users to reduce effort spent on managing crypto assets and makes it transparent and reliable.

AToken wallet is the world’s first wallet to achieve decentralized transaction acceleration function with non-mineral pool accelerating. Supports BTC, ETH and all ERC20 tokens.It is extremeley secure, as the multi-encrypted private key stored in APP without any access to the server

ZelCash is a cryptocurrency that holds a central role in the Zel Ecosystem. It gives the incentive for ZelNode ownership to enable the creation of ZelEx and the ZelDev Platform, enabling us to create a truly decentralized development platform.ZelCash is minable making distribution fair. ZelNodes are soon to be added, and will allow holders of ZelCash to operate a ZelNode, receiving a portion of blockreward for operating it.

FuzeW is a hardware cold wallet with the highest security level CC EAL 5+ certification. FuzeW supports various coins and tokens including all ERC20. With its card type feature, it makes easy for the users to carry in their pocket. By connecting to its mobile application ("wallet manager"), FuzeW provides safe protection for the user's crypto assets, wherever they go.FuzeW is the most advanced cold wallet, in terms of safety, convenience, and usability.

Math Wallet is the most powerful and secure universal wallet that enables storage of all ERC20, NEP5, EOS, TRON tokens, supports cross-chain token exchange and a multi-chain dApp store.

Safe and fast multicurrency wallet. Morph removes the risk of your keys being stolen or lost by storing them in your very own personal offline vault which is maintained and backed up by the morph team. Your vault can only be accessed by you and requires 2Factor authentication to be unlocked.

Simplex is a project that helps its partners to protect online payments from any kind of fraud. Simplex processes transactions and check it via real-time machine-learning system. The technology aims to provide high level of security for merchants, marketplaces and payment platforms and increase their revenue in a fraud-free environment.

NagaWallet is a multi-currency wallet that also acts as a payment gateway. It allows its users to operate various forms of digital assets in just one wallet. The wallet does not just support numerous digital currencies. It also introduces new standards of security, user-friendliness, and access to other classes of digital assets.

Using the power of the Ethereum smart contract, Edgeless Ethereum Casino is the Ethereum-based Online Casino which offers ZERO edge for its players and 100% transparency.

Our mission is to empower merchants by combining the potential of the Blockchain with the flexibility and scalability of credit cards, thus making it possible to accommodate day-to-day payment scenarios on the Blockchain, while facilitating the use of cryptocurrencies in daily life.

Coin360 is an interactive cryptocurrency infographic created to display current data on the cryptocurrency market, indicating the cryptocurrencies market capitalization, exchange rates and live prices.

Mahfazah, is a Cryptocurrency Solutions developed wallet for the secure management of digital assets. Mahfazah provides a streamlined user experience that integrates industry-leading security with stable performance and intuitive functionality.

AirGap - Your old smartphone is your new ‘hardware wallet’ Secure your various crypto assets with one secret on an offline device or profit from additional security while using our two apps on your online device.

MyEtherWallet is a free, open source Ethereum & ERC20 wallet client that makes it easier for you to manage, store, receive, & transfer Ether and ERC20 tokens. One of the best wallets on the market

Trezor is an offline wallet designed to help users keep their cryptocurrency extremely secure. It operates as a cold storage device, meaning it is always offline. However, it provides users with a great flexibility and connectivity when it comes to the exchange purposes

Jaxx is a leading cross-platform digital asset wallet created by Canadian blockchain company Decentral Inc. The wallet supports over 25 cryptocurrencies and tokens and provides users with top-notch security and full control over the funds. The wallet allows smooth switching between currencies via a built-in Changelly’s API.

The world's best universal gateway for all leading cryptocurrencies and blockchain services.Trusted by thousands of users worldwide.

Nxt is a proof of stake blockchain, which means there is no mining involved as there is with Bitcoin. It also means the coin supply is static. The 1 billion coins initially created is all there will ever be. The platform was designed with offering financial services and building additional applications as its main focus. And it has excelled in that function, with a large number of services and applications being developed and released on the Nxt blockchain since its 2013 inception.

Freewallet is a place to send, store and manage your cryptocurrency. BTC, ETH and 100+ other cryptocurrencies are available in one wallet as an Android, iOS and web app. Freewallet’s built-in exchange is based on the smooth Changelly service, and has become one of Freewallet’s most popular features.

CoolWallet S is the first Wireless Bitcoin hardware wallet. It is one of the best cold wallets on the market, providing a high-end security, combined with a top-class design for its users. This wallet was designed by a Taiwan company CoolBITX in 2014. There are more cool wallets to appear!

FunFair is delivering a world of guaranteed fair, decentralised online gaming, powered by its live scaling technology, Fate Channels. It continues to raise the benchmark of blockchain casino with the best, fastest and fairest games and immersive casino experiences for players, operators and affiliates.

Mycelium is a highly integrated bitcoin company specializing in hardware, software and security. The Mycelium Wallet is a mobile wallet that allows you to store, send and trade bitcoin.

Nexo provides the most advanced crypto backed lending platform, helping investors enjoy the immediate spending power of their assets instead of selling them, thus protecting the upside potential. Having launched a live product on April 30, 2018, Nexo has serviced thousands of clients with tens of millions of dollars in loans across 200+ jurisdictions and in over 40 fiat currencies and stablecoins.

Unocoin is a popular bitcoin payment platform used throughout India. The Bangalore-based company makes it easy for the average Indian user to pay with bitcoin – including sending payments to friends or paying merchants with bitcoin. It is a true leader on the Indian cryptomarket.

Ginco is a decentralized crypto wallet. Each of Ginco users has full control over their private keys which are securely stored inside their smartphones. Its simple and clean design makes it easy for anyone to use the app, including those looking to get into crypto for the first time.

Indacoin is UK based company working in cryptocurrency field since 2013. Indacoin offers its users to purchase over 100 different cryptocurrencies with credit or debit card without registration and store it in Indacoin Wallet.

Bankorus is the world's first crypto wealth management platform provides HNWIs with a full suite of solutions for accessing crypto with traditional assets. It allows to borrow in crypto against any of your existing assets—from art to zero-coupon bonds, tokenize your assets and do many more fascinating things to make more profit

Emoon provides a peer-to-peer marketplace for buyers and sellers to exchange assets for ether (ETH). It is powered by the 0x protocol. Emoon blockchain transactions use their audited, best-in-class smart contracts.

Bankex is a leading global financial technology company developing a tokenization ecosystem, providing technology and services at every stage. Bankex operates a Proof-of-Asset Protocol to bring Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS) and blockchain together and facilitate the digitization, tokenization & exchange of traditional assets, ushering in a new era for finance and banking: Securitization 2.0.

Lumi is a secure, easy-to-use crypto wallet that suits both new and advanced users. It combines user-friendly design and high-end functionality that distinguishes it among other existing crypto wallets. Lumi wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum and most popular tokens. In-wallet exchange powered by Changelly allows you to exchange coins and tokens fast and easy.

TrustWallet is open source, secure and anonymous application for storing and trading Ethereum, ERC20 and ERC223 tokens. TrustWallet app provides direct access to interact with decentralized applications (Dapps).

Magnum is a light and anonymous web wallet for managing Bitcoin and more than 700 different assets. Magnum allows to claim a lot of forks and to earn on the POS consensus by staking. As a highly secure tool, Magnum supports for hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor. The private keys are encrypted and stored in the browser’s local storage.

OPSkins.com is one of the largest online market for virtual goods like video game skins, design and in-game items. OPSkins was founded in 2015 to solve problems for digital item collectors and sellers and provide them with a service to easy find, merchandise and pay for virtual goods online. OPSkins team has also launched a decentralized platform and WAX currency to trade digital assets.

PayRue is mobile cryptocurrency payment app that offers wallets, payments, transfers and exchange services. The mission of PayRue is to make payments easy and secure. PayRue is available in Apple Store, Google Play Store and as a web app.The company was founded in 2018 and are based in London, UK

Multy is a BTC, ETH and ERC20 mobile wallet with the exquisite security and ecceptional UI/UX. Multy pays extra attention to little nuances. The first wallet with AirDrop payments.

Binance is international cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. While being fairly new platform, Binance has quickly become the largest cryptocurrency exchange on the market. Such popularity is gained with amazingly low fees, fast new coin listing, user-friendly interface and efficient support

Edge is a mobile wallet designed to make it simple to store and trade cryptocurrencies. It allows users to send and receive 12 digital currencies, and also allows users to make a cross-chain transactions without the need to go to the third-party services

Enjin Wallet is a high quality and high security based wallet, designed specifically to support ERC20 tokens. It allows users to have more than 600 ERC20 tokens in the pocket. Extremely user friendly and handy wallet.

Ontology is a new high-performance public blockchain project & a distributed trust collaboration platform. OWallet offers three wallet types for you to use: individual wallets, shared wallets, and Ledger hardware wallet support. OWallet currently has Windows and macOS versions.

Huobi Wallet is a multi-chain asset management tool that provides native support for up to 6 blockchains and all of ERC20 tokens. It is a security-first wallet from Huobi Group, a leading global digital asset financial service provider.

ELLIPAL is the first truly connection-free hardware wallet with mobile phone support. It is the only hardware wallet that does not need USB or Bluetooth to work. It uses QR codes to communicate with the ELLIPAL mobile app making the hardware wallet a truly air-gapped, fully isolated device, giving users the highest security level.

CoinGate is a payment gateway for blockchain payments. Having started off in 2014, it has made it a mission to grow adoption of cryptocurrencies on a global scale. With this in mind, CoinGate provides a reliable payments infrastructure that caters for the needs of both merchants and their customers: accessible, convenient and customer oriented.

Coin works with any ERC20 and ERC223 tokens and supports the most popular Crypto blockchains (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Ripple, Stellar and Ethereum). Currently more than 20,000 tokens that are built on Crypto are accessible through Coin Wallet app.

SafeWallet is a decentralized crypto-assets multi-chain wallet powered by advanced security technology and operated by Blockchain Wave Lab. With SafeWallet, it is easy to create and import multiple crypto wallets and to monitor crypto prices. SafeWallet is dedicated to providing secure and easy-to-use service as you are busy conquering the crypto-world.

The NEM Foundation unites international network, IT experience, entrepreneurship, business processes, trading, property and asset development, international management and academia. NEM is focused on providing NEM’s blockchain technology to improve industries, organizations and education.

BUNTOY is a mobile crypto wallet designed for blockchain games. It supports hundreds of blockchain games and over 500 cryptocurrencies worldwide. Committed to bringing the best wallet experience to users.

ZebraWallet is a light wallet app,which offers security,excellent user experience and powerful functions for our customers to manage cryptocurrency.

The idea behind the Shiftex is democratizing the instant cryptocurrency exchange services by providing possible alternatives to exchangers. Shiftex connects its users to directly access to partner exchanges' services. Shiftex is always free for exchangers and never charges exchangers commission.

Ember uses cutting edge wallet technology powered by Airbitz/Edge - a paradigm shifting data security company. Edge, founded in 2014, is the most established non-custodial wallet system in the industry with an impeccable track record of securing cryptocurrency assets.

PINT - a highly intuitive wallet that gives you a simple start to virtual currency use. A single wallet application lets you receive, store, spend and swap virtual currency in a fiercely secure way.

Citowise provides free and secure cryptocurrency wallet and payment solutions for businesses and private deals. Their flexible, well-integrated and secure mobile wallet is designed to be used in everyday life, providing convenient QR Code, NFC or URL payment options, powered by the most popular and trusted exchange services as well as preserving maximum security and keeps assets in the ​safe and reliable way.

Guarda is an EU based company focusing on creating new blockchain-based ecosystem of products. Guarda reunites a team of blockchain enthusiasts came from different domains like IT, FinTech, security, marketing, design and UI/UX. Guarda Wallet is the first web multicurrency wallet in crypto-industry. Along with high security encryption algorithms Guarda provides its users with instant exchanges and fiat purchases.

BestRate is a platform aggregating cryptocurrency exchanges to provide users with the best rates to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. BestRate helps to match buyers with sellers and doesn’t charge any fees. Users can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other digital currencies and altcoins directly without any interference.

ChangeNow is a non-custodial instant exchange service offering to its users around 100 coins for instant swapping. High upper limits and reasonable fees - the foundation of the success.

OPOLO is a highly secure and easy to use hardware wallet. OPOLO also has software wallet app (OPOLO Desk) that could be used with or without OPOLO Hardware wallet. OPOLO Desk let the users do exchange their crypto assets directly using coin swaps with Changelly.

Loopring is a blockchain research organization focusing on decentralized trading protocols. The open sourced Loopring Protocol they offer provides a fundamental building block for crypto exchanges and can be integrated into other blockchain applications that may need to manage multiple tokens. Loopring uses a combination of off- chain order messaging and on - chain settlement to ensure users maintain custody of their tokens.

Midas Protocol aims to be the smartest universal wallet for all of the essential crypto needs from safekeeping and portfolio management to intelligent trading and instant swapping.