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Bitcoin and Ripple are two of the biggest and most competitive currencies in the market. Because both have major advantages over the other digital assets, many investors’ and traders’ interest in these digital assets continues to grow.

Convert XRP to Bitcoin with ease on Changelly! Our website can offer you competitive rates, low fees, the highest security standards, 24/7 support, and more! You can choose to swap your crypto at fixed or floating rates. Learn more about these two types of rates on our blog: we post tons of learning materials and crypto market analysis articles in several languages, and they are all available for free. Changelly also has a mobile app that lets you swap XRP to BTC on the go.

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How to exchange XRP to BTC

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, you’ll find that converting XRP into BTC is now easier with Changelly. To help you get started, here’s a simple guide on how to easily convert XRP to BTC on our site:

  • Log in to your Changelly account. If unregistered, create an account.
  • Select XRP and BTC in the conversion window, then enter the amount of the coins you’d like to swap.
  • Choose whether you want to convert these currencies at fixed or floating rates.
  • Enter your BTC or cryptocurrency wallet address.
  • You will be shown a wallet address and the exact amount of currency you will have to send to it. Please do it in only a single transaction.

And you’re done! That’s it! With just these easy steps, you can now enjoy your new BTC.


Changelly offers a simple yet advanced desktop website. Use fixed or floating rates to quickly trade XRP on Changelly at the best rates and with low fees. It’s easy to understand the simple and efficient interface and handy features to trade and invest.


If you prefer trading on your phone, then you’ll have no problem with Changelly. Use the Changelly application to quickly and easily buy XRP on the go.

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Don’t have XRP?

Don’t have any XRP? That’s ok! You can buy XRP on Changelly easy and fast. Use your bank card, Apple Pay, or a bank transfer to purchase XRP on our platform.


Do I need to get verified to swap XRP to BTC?

Yes, you need. Only verified user can trade. You won’t be able to swap XRP, BTC, or any other digital currency on any online site if you’re not. Verification is a standard process where users must submit valid documents and IDs (driver’s license, passport, or any government-issued) as proof of identity. These are important to protect both the site and the user.

Email and phone number verification is also part of this process. You’ll receive a unique code to your number and email and enter the code to the site when asked. This is to confirm that you’re the owner of both the email and the phone number.

What is the minimum XRP/BTC pair exchange amount?

The latest minimum conversion amount for the pair is 81.6 XRP for 0.00098942 of Bitcoin. Remember that this amount isn’t constant, it can change at any time. This is because crypto is highly volatile, so the price of all trading pairs – meaning the price of BTC and every other crypto – can fluctuate rapidly. The exception is Tether, which always has an equivalent fiat value of US$1.

The price can also be affected by the transaction fees you’ll pay on the exchanges. At Changelly, you can choose to pay fixed or floating swap charges. Other market parameters like market volume and spot rank may also affect the exchange amount of trading pairs.

What are the fees to convert XRP to BTC?

There are always fees charged for all transactions, regardless of a trading pair. Generally, the fees vary depending on the currency converter and what currency you want to convert and change.

Based on the fixed or floating rate, you’ll choose the additional fee will also change. At Changelly, if you choose a floating rate, you’ll only be charged a low 0.25% fee.

Can I trade XRP for BTC on Changelly?

Yes, you can trade XRP for BTC via Changelly Pro. You can also do this with other currencies like ETH Gas or USDT aside from XRP and BTC. Changelly has both a desktop site and a mobile application for you to use.

Swap for a low-fee fixed or floating rate. You can also monitor the price movement, market cap, and forecasts of currencies and trade in one place. 

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