UT Hall
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Awesome experience as always . The tech support is responsive and helpful. Questions answered immediately and their professionalism is top notch.

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I was using the changelly web version for quite some time now and recently decided to try it on the IOS. The app is pretty solid. Functionality is almost the same as for the PC version. Everybody knows how hard it is to find a decent app in the crypto world but these guys really made a good one. Nice!

Derek J.
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Awesome crypto exchange! But you can’t swap crypto for US dollars, only for another crypto. You can buy crypto for us dollar through Changelly. Crypto fees are reasonable, support works fast. I consider Changelly as the safest crypto exchange since they don’t hold users’ funds. Liked the UX.

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I don’t think about what crypto to buy coz i know i can buy it here with a credit card. Thanks for fast transctions. Please add a feature to buy digital currency with paypal.

Charley Ainge
@AingeCharleyvia twitter

I’ve been using Changelly for 2 years now, and I must say I’ve never had any issues with it. But I hope you guys will implement the feature to sell crypto for cash or to a credit card. Thanks!

Lucy Klecko
@LKleckovia twitter

Love the Changelly crypto exchange platform because I can swap my coins really fast. I’ve been using it for several years and being a dedicated client. I wonder if i can get any more privileges besides the referral program :)

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Changelly is good exchanger. I use its application on buying cryptocurrency with credit card. When is feature to buy crypto with paypal? Love from Mumbai

Ernest R.
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I’ve been using Changelly for 3 years and I had an issue with a transaction only once. But the support reacted right away and I’ve got feedback from the support lady within like 20 min. Changelly is the biggest crypto exchange for instant swaps which provides deep liquidity (it’s important for the crypto exchange market). Thanks guys! You’re the best.

Mark Yellen
@MarkYellen2via twitter

I use Changelly to sell small amounts of cryptocurrency. For bigger amounts and short sell prefer big exchanges though.

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It was a pure pleasure to use this service. Also, I want to pay attention to the greatest support team ever, thank you Changelly!

Bernhard Wolf
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Outstanding exchange. Easy to use. Competitive fees. The best choice for cross-blockchain exchanges, when a DEX is not an option.

Ted E.
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Great support team The support system is on top. I've got some issues during the transaction, but support helped me immediately, and now everything's ok with my transaction. Thank you for providing a great service.

Elena Kayumova
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Nice and fast exchange. With the new Changelly Pro version I don't experience any problems or lags. 5 stars.

Meerab H.
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This service is showing itself well. All payments are processed on time, good low fees. For a newbie in crypto exchange, this is what you need.

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Awesome support and quick response time! I highly recommend Changelly.

Petro M.
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I have been using this exchange for quite some time, but only recently for one of the transactions, I had to pass the KYC verification. I had nothing against it, so after a couple of days of verification, the transaction was completed in full. I hope this was a one-off occurrence. If we talk about the exchange as a whole, then I have no questions for it. Changelly does an excellent job with the tasks assigned to it.

Stephen R.
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I am surprised how, with such a high level of service quality, negative reviews continue to appear about changelly. It has everything you can think of here, from low fees to excellent customer support. This is my 100% choice

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I use this exchange frequently, and it has never failed me. Fast, feels secure and is rather easy to use.

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Always quick to respond to any questions or concerns! A+++

Salahdine Benyoussef
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Wonderful tool that I've just discovered thanks to a friend of mine who's very satisfied. Before beginning the trade transaction, I did a comparison and I noticed that Changelly was by far the cheapest one. Bravo and my congratulations for the stunning job!

PAUL Crown
@lifemademevia twitter

Changelly is way faster now than the last time I used it. Efficiency builds trust, nice work.

Jonn G.
@jonng1via sitejabber

The exchange works like a clock. I hardly remember that my transactions for the whole year and a half were somehow delayed. Well, maybe a couple of times. If you look globally, then everything is great. In addition to high speed, I can mark the option of fixing exchange rates as an additional plus. Sometimes it can be conducive to swap. When you use this service, you immediately feel the hard work of changelly workers.

Tj miller
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Fantastic exchange app! Low fees and quick exchange times. Highly recommend

Alex Perry
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Changelly is the best. Best price in exchange. So fast. Great support team.

Anton Egorov
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The most important thing is the speed of exchange. This service is fast. I recommend to everyone who needs to make an exchange and is too lazy to register on the exchange.

–í–Ľ–į–ī–ł–ľ–ł—Ä –°–ł–ļ–ĺ—Ä–į
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Fantastic Service! Intimidate and professional help! I've send my fund s to incorrect ETH address and they got stock but Support team has helped me to track and recover them back. Really appreciate that help! Cheers.

@Caliineuropevia reddit

Changelly ist the best, always works

@Semptlyvia twitter

"Where can I buy SmartCash? Which exchanges are the best?" Of course, Changelly, which makes it possible to buy $SMART with many cryptocurrencies and bank cards!

@nickcavvia publish0x

I use changelly all the time, never had issues with swapping tokens.

Samuel R.
@samuelr131via sitejabber

Have been doing business with Changelly for over 3years, have sent over 100k in funds and we have not ever had an issue! The few times we had an issue, it was quickly fixed by Changelly customer service! Always! :-)

Corey Darren
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fast transactions, good rates. I mean the fees are not the lowest on the market, but the quality they produce is top-notch. Always good to have such platform on your watchlist.

Arleen Pope
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I saw Changelly in the article ‚Äúhow to buy and sell cryptocurrency‚ÄĚ and used it. I‚Äôm new to cryptocurrency but I tried the exchanger. Well, it perfectly suits those who want to buy and sell crypto easily here. Also I put the exchange widget on my website for extra profit and I can say it works. Thanks Changelly!

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I'm using changelly for almost 2 years now and i have to say that the service is top notch. If you have a problem with a transaction, you will be helped right away on the live chat support. That's how it has to be.

Harold Simm
@harold_simmvia twitter

Changelly is one of the biggest crypto exchangers with a decent mobile application. I swap my crypto coins here and get them within like several minutes.

Adrian Noir
@AdrianNoir1via twitter

I love that I can trade core crypto coins with no delays here. Pro’s site looks kinda cool but I use the application and it’s never let me down yet. Plus you’ve got to be online all the time for better crypto trading so the app is very handy. You’re doing great guys! Good luck.

Pius Okonjo

Need a feature to sell crypto to paypal asap. The rest is good.

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When I have spare money I prefer investing in crypto currency. And to do so, I usually use Changelly where I can buy crypto coins with my debit card and apple pay (!). Coins usually arrive in like 15 min (if there is no traffic on the blockchain). The support responses fast, the prices are ok. Haven’t got any issues with the exchanger.

Cale E.
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I use Changelly crypto currency exchange for about a year and I want to admit a digital exchange’s list that is quite wide. I found tokens that I wanted to swap and buy on this platform and the rate was very good. Thanks! Keep moving forward.

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Since I’ve been using changelly for almost a year I decided to try its crypto exchange. I’m new to crypto trading but just like its elder brother changelly pro is very simple. But I think a demo trading feature or some sort of trading simulator would be nice (for newbies like me).

Luca Palazz
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As a first experience, I'm newbe, it's a puzzle but with the help of customer service I solved my problems in 5 minutes.

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An excellent exchange service, I'll certainly recommend it to my friends!

Rich Ligotino
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I've been using this service for quite some time. Changelly is quick, reliably and the exchange rates are very good. No complaints here. 5-stars all the way!!

Clinton W.
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Once again successfully completed the transaction here. I should also write a review about mine experience. I'll be brief - I like everything. The system is well debugged and works almost flawlessly. Smooth and fast - this is how I can describe the swaps here. Technical support pleases too. You can explain your questions in a live chat and get prompt and useful answers. Exchange rates are generally good. For the most part, they look beneficial, especially when they not fixed. So I just want to praise Changelly for the excellent service.

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My first experience using Changelly, it really works as per my expectations. Thanks.

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The best one! Never be desapointed, trust sevices.

Assaf Liran
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Amazing service and first time today I needed support that was given on 10 minutes! Great guys!!

Michael Ayangbola
@Penstroak00via twitter

Yours is by far the best cryptocurrency exchange I have used. 35 successful transactions and still going!

NordVPN Customer
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I used Changelly for the first time today and made a very silly mistake in my transaction. At first I was going to just give up and call it lost, I decided to reach out to their chat support. Not only did I get instant help, I got actual help to try and fix the errors I had made. I will definitely use Changelly again (properly by following instructions more carefully).

Jonn G.
@jonng1via sitejabber

The exchange works like a clock. I hardly remember that my transactions for the whole year and a half were somehow delayed. Well, maybe a couple of times. If you look globally, then everything is great. In addition to high speed, I can mark the option of fixing exchange rates as an additional plus. Sometimes it can be conducive to swap. When you use this service, you immediately feel the hard work of changelly workers.

Jammy M.
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You are the best, I can't explain how much gratitude. Rates are COOL, Exchange is minutes... I love you Changelly! Thanks for the service.

George Baily
@georgebailyvia twitter

I didn't really get @Changelly_team before but I've used it a few times recently and now I do and it's a useful thing. Amusingly easier and lighter touch than any fiat way of dealing with currencies (because of lack of ID friction - NB!)

@dawud0088via reddit

Changelly works good

Alex O
@alexo137via sitejabber

Changelly is a awesome website with such a nice guys .I love them - fast, safe and they kindly care about client.

@Drpoofaloofvia reddit

When one purchases crypto with fiat on Changelly one is charged exorbitant fees. When one exchanges crypto for crypto on Changelly one can get one of the best prices on the market.

Alberto Pano
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Very fast transaction. The site promises that it can be trusted and that is what I experienced.


I use changelly to swap coins most times and that's mostly between USDT and BTC, followed by Ethereum, as for other coins I'm just ready to dump off and never look back

Pavel Sojka
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The best exchange in the whole of Britain. Everybody who is at the desk as support is 100%ly knowing what they are doing eventually needs to be done. Special thanks to Irene today! Your support is swift and straight to the point, prices of exchanges are the best around and that is why I will always come back to Changelly.

@FBI_Agent_37via reddit will swap my btc for xmr too. I already have an account, and the fees are pretty low. I think I can just straight up buy the xmr with fiat as well on there, Im going to test it out tonight.

@VMeyvia reddit

I never noticed before that Changelly’s rates are actually quite good. If ETH is at $170, then Changelly is offering about 51.3M KIN... that’s an exchange rate of 0.00000331, and that’s about the price at CoinTiger. What’s the catch?