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Exchange BitTorrent to Bitcoin quickly and easily on Changelly! Our platform is perfect for exchanging crypto: we offer competitive rates, low fees, high standards of security, 24/7 multilingual support, and an intuitive user-friendly interface. Exchange your crypto on our website or in our app. Both the desktop and the mobile version of Changelly give you access to fixed and floating rates. In addition to that, we also provide learning materials and market analysis articles for free for all our users.

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How to exchange BTT to BTC

We’ve prepared a short guide to help you to exchange BTT to BTC on our website:

• Enter the amount of crypto you’d like to exchange and select BTT and BTC in the exchange window. 

• Choose whether you want to exchange your cryptocurrency at fixed or floating rates.

• Fill in your wallet address.

• Send the exact amount of crypto shown on the screen to the wallet address that will be displayed to you. Please do it in a single transaction.

That’s it! You will receive your Bitcoin shortly.


Use fixed or floating rates to exchange BitTorrent on Changelly at the best rates and with low fees. 


Use Changelly app to quickly and easily buy BitTorrent on-the-go. Enjoy a fully functional cryptocurrency exchange on your smartphone!

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Don’t have any BitTorrent? That’s ok! You can buy BTT on Changelly easy and fast. Use your bank card, Apple Pay, or a bank transfer to purchase BitTorrent on our platform.


You send
1 BTT ~ ... BTC
You get approximately