Buy Bitcoin (BTC) in Pakistan with Lowest Fees

Buy Bitcoin (BTC) in Pakistan with Lowest Fees

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that enhances the borders and allows anyone to access their funds regardless of their geographical location. There are multiple ways to buy bitcoins in Pakistan. One of the most popular options is to use an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform. If you are a resident of Pakistan, you can  BTC and a range of other digital assets easily through multiple payment options, such as credit or debit cards (Visa, Mastercard), bank transfer, or Apple Pay quickly.

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Changelly: best place to buy BTC

Since the cryptocurrency market is experiencing another golden age, the attention around it continues to grow. Pakistan, just like other countries, is trying to formulate a new policy regarding cryptocurrency treatment. The largest and the most trusted cryptocurrency platforms operate in the territory of Pakistan allowing users to buy and sell bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. When purchasing crypto, one should research the market in order to find a suitable e-wallet, an exchange that will be secure and convenient for usage.

With Credit Card

Buy Bitcoin with a debit, credit, virtual, or prepaid card. With this payment method, your purchase will be quick, secure, and easy.

With Apple Pay

Buy cryptocurrency on the go. If you’re using an iPhone, you will be able to securely use cryptocurrency for your purchases with Apple Pay.

With Bank Transfer

Use your bank account to buy Bitcoin and enjoy higher limits and lower processing fees.

How to buy BTC

When you buy and sell bitcoins in Pakistan, the process does not differ much from crypto purchases in other countries. Once you find a reliable BTC wallet, you can buy Bitcoin instantly on the chosen exchange with any available payment method card and with a range of fiat currencies.

  • Register an account on a crypto platform you choose for your BTC transaction.

  • Select a crypto offer that suits you the best, and enter the address of a digital wallet.

  • An instant cryptocurrency exchange might require you to pass a KYC procedure in order to keep you and the exchange safe and secure. In just several moments, you are a proud BTC owner.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most well-known digital currencies. It enables transactions between two parties anywhere in the world without intermediaries like banks and governments. The concept was created and launched in 2009 to eliminate the need for cash, electronic transfers, and other payment methods.

What to do after buying Bitcoin

If you buy bitcoins in Pakistan, what’s next? Fortunately for you, there are multiple opportunities - sell, send, keep, etc.

Trade with Bitcoin

Learn how to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for a profit and join the vast trading community on the Bitcoin marketplace. No guarantees, but many traders surely raised some money by trading.

Store/Hold Bitcoin

You can harness long-term value appreciation of Bitcoin and become a HODLer. For security reasons, make sure to find a trustworthy service and wait until the value reaches your desired target.

Use Bitcoin

The number of sellers that accept cryptocurrency payments is constantly growing. These days, if you don’t want to use cash or e-transfers, just find a service that can process crypto transactions.

Send Bitcoin

Send your coins to anyone. Both parties can be in different parts of the world, not necessarily in Pakistan, and it won’t affect the transaction time.

Donate Bitcoin

If you’d like to support a charity that extends their service for those in need for free, send your payments in BTC. For example, Hidaya Foundation is one of the charities you can support in Pakistan.


Why buy Bitcoin?

For Bitcoin buyers, its transparency means all transactions are publicly available, but information about the parties concerned is confidential. Besides, its price is continuously rising, and it’s becoming more accepted in the business and service sector.

Is Bitcoin a good investment?

Bitcoin’s price experiences quite a lot of volatility, which is what many traders take advantage of in the future. In the long term, you can potentially multiply the amount of money you invested when you eventually sell.

Is Bitcoin reliable?

When you buy cryptocurrency, you can be confident that no government agency will dilute its value through inflation. This makes it a more attractive and even more reliable choice than cash in events like bank failures or other disaster scenarios.

Where to store your Bitcoin?

Many buyers worry about the security of their capital. With such valuable possessions as Bitcoin, you certainly need to be careful. For small amounts, use an online service, and for larger amounts, use cold storage.

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