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There are currently around 180 thousand ERC20 standard tokens in circulation, and the number is constantly growing. The increasing popularity of Ethereum, as well as the growth dynamics of the number of tokens and the technological prerequisites for deeper integration into the existing IT infrastructure indicate a great potential for Bancor Network Token.

Wondering how to buy BNT with NAD online? Use your credit or debit card, bank transfer or a gift card to purchase {ERC20 Token} on Changelly easy and fast. Both Mastercard and Visa are accepted.


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Changelly: best place to buying BNT

Changelly and our fiat partners can provide you with the best rates and the fastest transactions. Your BNT will be in your wallet in no more than half an hour.

  • Quick and Easy: Our user-friendly interface was tailored to give you the best possible purchasing experience
  • Secure: We value the safety of your funds above all. Be confident that we will protect you from any fraud or infringement.
  • Personalized: We offer several payment options and sellers to choose from: personalize your buying experience.


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Our service allows you to buy Bancor Network Token with NAD easily for a split second

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We only cooperate with trusted suppliers. However, if you have any problems or have questions, contact our 24-hour support service.

How to buy BNT

Want to invest in Bancor Network Token? You can instantly buy BNT with NAD on our website. Follow the steps below to purchase Namibian dollar:


  • Choose the amount of BNT you want to buy or the sum you wish to deposit. 

  • You will be presented with a list of Changelly's fiat partners and the rates they offer for your BNT. Don't forget to choose your payment method and your county of residence to find the best offer.


  • Fill in the wallet address that your BNT will be sent to. 

  • Double-check all the information.

  • Verify your identity on one of our partners' websites. 

Note! Your Bancor Network Token will be in your wallet between a few minutes and a few hours. We do our best to deliver your BNT to you as quickly as possible, but there sometimes can be delays due to one of the following factors:

  • Overloaded blockchain
  • Bancor Network Token updates
  • DDoS attack

Voilà! Your Bancor Network Token will be in your wallet shortly.


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