We Got You Covered: User Network Fee Paid by Changelly

User network fees paid by Changelly

The end of the year is the best time to make users’ wishes come true. We at Changelly decided to do that by analyzing our users’ experience and needs, using the findings to create a special offer that allows users to reap the benefits without having to lift a finger. 

One of the biggest pains all crypto enthusiasts suffer from is having to pay various types of fees (i.e. fee to purchase crypto, fee to exchange crypto, network fee, etc.) while trading cryptocurrencies.  This can be really annoying as market conditions are already tense due to volatility. That’s why we at Changelly decided to save our users money and headaches by paying network fees for them.

What is a Network Fee

Network fee is a tiny amount taken from the crypto being exchanged to reward miners for confirming transactions on a blockchain. Each cryptocurrency has its own network fee which can vary depending on the demand for the cryptocurrency. If you’ve been trading crypto for a while now, you must remember how dramatically the Bitcoin network fee increased at the time of the BTC bull run.

Changelly displays the network fee at the beginning of the transaction so that users could decide whether they accept it or not before sending money to the Changelly crypto address. 

Changelly with no network fees

No Network Fees Until February 14th

The distinctive feature of network fee is that it gets automatically excluded from the final amount of crypto a user gets. So, from a technical perspective, Changelly cannot just cancel the network fees, but we can pay them for you

Starting from December 23rd and until February 14th Changelly will cancel network fees for all transactions made through the Changelly website and Changelly mobile application. 

Best Rates Indeed

At Changelly we try to be the best at everything. Changelly’s SmartOptimizer algorithm selects the best rates on the market, offering you better value for money. To give you an example, here is a comparison of crypto exchange rates offered by different platforms. 

Changelly waves all network fees
BTC-ETH exchange rate provided by Changelly
Flyp.me exchange
BTC-ETH exchange rate provided by flyp.me
Coinswitch exchange
BTC-ETH exchange rate provided by Coinswitch

High times for exchanging

The market is calm. The network fees are cancelled. The volatility is low. So if you were waiting for favorable terms to exchange your crypto, now is the time to do it. Changelly transaction fee is just 0.25%, and we do not require submission of any personal data during registration, so exchanging crypto on our platform can be more attractive and beneficial than doing that using any other crypto exchange.

With Changelly, you can exchange over 150 cryptocurrencies in just a few clicks. All we need is your email, and then you can enjoy hassle-free exchanges on both your laptop and mobile device. 

Stay Tuned

We at Changelly do our best to consider the wishes of our beloved users, always coming up with new promotions and crypto giveaways. To keep up with our latest special offers subscribe to the Changelly blog and follow us on social media:


Have a nice swap, #Changellions!