How to Trade Crypto on Mobile Changelly App

Changelly mobile application exchange guide

With the second release of the Changelly mobile app, which is now available on both App Store and Google Play, we’ve implemented the fixed-rate crypto exchanges. So that now a user can reserve the preferable exchange rate for 15 minutes, thus getting the guaranteed amount of crypto regardless of the market fluctuations.

To those who’ve already downloaded Changelly mobile app, as much as for those who are just about to do that, we wrote this step-by-step tutorial on how to trade crypto directly from Changelly mobile application:  

  • To start an exchange, you need to open the Exchange section of the mobile application and enter the crypto-pair you willing to swap. For this guide, we picked the most popular crypto pair namely BTC-ETH;
  • On the next step of the exchange enter the destination address of the crypto you willing to get. In this case, it would be your ETH address; 
  • After entering the address, confirm the transaction details, then proceed to exchange;  
trade crypto in changelly mobile app on ios and google play
  • On the next step of the exchange, you will be provided with the Changelly address where to send funds for the exchange. 
  • Please use your wallet or exchange account to send funds to the following address in one transaction or use QR-code. You will have 36 hours to send funds otherwise the transaction will be canceled automatically.
exchange crypto in changelly mobile app
  • The exchange process begins:
    • On the stage of getting confirmation, once BTC is confirmed in the blockchain, we start exchanging it to ETH;
    • The exchange process takes a few minutes on average. Just show a little bit of patience. 
    • As the exchange is completed we’re sending the destination crypto to your wallet. 
  • Check the wallet once the transaction is complete. And congratulations on exchanging crypto through Changelly mobile application!
how to trade crypto changelly explains

Now let’s observe the other sections of the renovated Changelly mobile app. 

There is a History section, where you will find all the executed transactions and their statuses.  

Use the Rates section in the application to keep updated about price fluctuations and market capitalization.

crypto analytics in changelly mobile app

To facilitate the exchange process in the future, name your favorite crypto addresses and save them to the Address list.

trade btc to eth from changelly mobile app on app store and android

We are continually making minor improvements to the app to provide you with the most enjoyable user experience. Download Changelly mobile and subscribe to our social media to keep updated about the application further development.


Have a nice swap!