Changelly PRO: Investor-friendly Fee Structure

Typically, exchanges charge 3 types of fees: deposit fees when you deposit funds, trading fees when you make trades, and withdrawal fees when you want to take out your profits from an exchange. At Changelly PRO we designed a fee structure that thrives to be the most competitive and transparent in the industry.

Deposit fees

Changelly PRO does not charge fees when you deposit funds using cryptocurrency. However, if you choose to deposit it with fiat currencies, the fee will vary from 1% to 7% depending on the payment method and fiat provider you choose at the Changelly Fiat-to-Crypto Marketplace. We encourage you, if possible, to choose bank transfers as it charges lower deposit fees.

Trading fees

We utilize the maker and taker model and charge different fees depending on if you are adding or taking liquidity from orderbook. If you place an order and it does not not trade immediately, you become a maker. Alternatively, a taker is someone who decides to place an order that is instantly matched with an existing order on the order book. As you may notice in the table below, makers fees are typically lower than takers fees as a maker provides liquidity for the oderbook while a taker consumes it.

At Changelly PRO, the more you trade, the better fees you exploit. Trading fees are determined in BTC based on trading volume over a 30-day period. You can find the full trading fee schedule below. Note: the fee schedule is applied only to TRADER and PRO accounts. The fees for Starter accounts are fixed at 0.1% Maker Fee and 0.1% Taker Fee.

Level30-days Trading
Volume (BTC)
Taker FeeMaker Fee
1≥ 0 BTC0.1%0.1%
2≥ 5 BTC0.1%0.09%
3≥ 10 BTC0.09%0.08%
4≥ 50 BTC0.085%0.075%
5≥ 250 BTC0.08%0.07%
6≥ 500 BTC0.08%0.06%
7≥ 1,000 BTC0.06%0.04%
8≥ 5,000 BTC0.06%0.03%
9≥ 10,000 BTC0.06%0.02%
10≥ 20,000 BTC0.05%0.01%
1150,000 BTC0.04%0%
12100,000 BTC0.03%0%

To give you an example, on how it is calculated.

Let us assume you want to buy 3 BTC. Within last 30 days, your volume was 12BTC. Your order is executed with a maker fee as it is not matched to any prior orders. Your fee will amount to 0.0027 BTC.

(3 BTC / 100) * 0.09% = 0.0027 BTC

Alternatively, let us assume you want to buy 3 BTC. Within last 30 days, your volume was 120BTC. Your order is executed with a taker fee. Your fee will amount to 0.003 BTC.

(3 BTC / 100) * 0.01 = 0.003 BTC

Withdrawal fees

At Changelly PRO, we offer the minimal withdrawal amount starting from 0 and the lowest withdrawal fees in the industry. For example, for the most traded cryptocurrencies fees are 0.0004 BTC for Bitcoin withdrawals, 0.25 XRP for Ripple, 0.003 BTC for Ethereum, 4 USDT for Tether. The fee we apply is flat as it is majorly influenced by the network fee and it is charged per transaction and not per volume withdrawn.

Enjoy trading!

If you have additional questions, you can also contact us on [email protected].

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