Changelly’s Fiat-to-Crypto Marketplace Explained

Changelly, a premier non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange, has made it its mission to lower the entry barrier and make crypto available to everyone. It is with that goal in mind that Changelly developed their fiat-to-crypto marketplace. 

While these days the crypto market is filled to the brim with a wide variety of different ways to buy crypto, Changelly’s marketplace presents a smooth and simple service for those who prefer to be able to compare offers from reliable exchange providers under one roof.

Currently, Changelly’s fiat-to-crypto marketplace aggregates offers from Simplex, MoonPay, Indacoin, Coinify, and Wyre, with many more trusted providers to join soon.

Let’s take a closer look at what the purchasing process looks like.

The Main Interface

To begin, use the intuitive dashboard on the left to choose the digital asset you wish to buy, the desired amount, preferable payment method, and the minimum Trustpilot rating. 

As soon as you’ve filled out all the fields on the left, you will see the available offers in the center of the screen. Choose the one that fits you best based on the information displayed.

Once you’ve made your choice, you will have to complete the purchase on the provider’s website. Here are the example scenarios of purchasing crypto for 100 USD on each of the available platforms.


Simplex is a well-reputed EU licensed fintech company. Apart from purchasing crypto via both credit cards and bank transfers, Simplex elaborates its advanced fraud prevention system, based on automated machine-learning algorithms.

  • Limits:
    • Daily limit: $20000
    • Monthly limit: $50000
  • KYC: Yes (for transactions over $150)
    • KYC requirements: personal ID, selfie (by request)

1. At first, you’ll see the redirection page. Click the button to continue.

2. Сhoose the currency and the amount that you need, and enter the wallet address.

3. If this is your first Simplex payment, you will need to verify your email address and phone number.

4. Next, enter your credit card information and billing address, and agree to Simplex’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Founded in 2018, MoonPay is a worldwide fiat-to-crypto provider currently operating in over 60 countries. The company offers a round-o-clock support service that operates in 8 different languages.  

  • Limits:
    • Level I: $150 per month, $50 per single transaction for those provided email, phone number and entered personal information
    • Level II: $20000 per month, $5000 daily for those provided identity document (passport, residence card or drivers license), selfie and verified their card (by request)
    • Level III: $50000 per month, $10000 daily per card and $50000 per bank transaction for those proved their address, their income or source of founds (by request)
  • KYC: Yes (for Level II and Level III purchases)

1. At first, you’ll see the redirection page. Click the button to continue.

2. Enter your wallet address and click ‘Buy Now’.

3. Enter your email address to log in or create a new MoonPay account.

4. A verification code will be sent to your email. Enter the code and then read and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy. Tick the box if you want to subscribe to the newsletter – you can always opt out later.

6.Next, you will need to upload a photo of your passport (or ID card).

7. The last step is to upload a recently taken selfie.

8. Once the verification is done, it is time to add the credit/debit card that you will use. First, you will need to enter your address of residence, city, and ZIP code.

9. Second, you will need to enter your credit card information.

10. And, lastly, you will have to accept MoonPay’s Terms of Use. That’s it!


Coinify is a global virtual currency platform, acting since 2014. Providing its purchasing solutions in Europe as well as in the Asian region, Coinify also specializes in currency trading, corporate brokerage and payment processing services.

  • Limits:
    • Limits for card purchases: €5000 per day
    • Limits for bank wire: €10000 per day / €150000 per month
  • KYC: Yes
    • KYC requirements: full name, residential address, personal document (drivers license/passport/national ID), selfie 


Indacoin is a Britain-based fiat-to-crypto provider, offering its services in over 100 countries around the globe. Since being founded in 2015, Indacoin places emphasis on purchasing speed along with the number of available assets, that currently exceeds 100 positions. 

  • Limits:
    • First transaction limit: $1000
    • Daily limit: $6000
    • Monthly limit: $30000
  • KYC: Yes
    • KYC requirements: telephone number, copy of ID, selfie

1. First, you will need to enter your wallet address and accept the Terms of Use.

2. After that, you’ll see the redirection page. Click the button to continue.

3. Enter the amount you need, your name and phone number, and your date of birth.

4. Then, you will need to enter your bank card information. Once you’ve done it, you will be redirected to your bank’s payment confirmation page. 


One of the oldest providers present on Changelly’s fiat-to-crypto marketplace, Wyre, has entered the crypto market as early as 2013. Since then the California-based company provides its premier purchasing services in the American region and Australia.

  • Limits:
    • Daily limit: $250
    • Weekly limit: $1000
    • Yearly limit: $1500
  • KYC: Yes
    • KYC requirements: full name, address, phone number, Email, card information

1. First, you will need to enter your wallet address and accept the Terms of Use.

2. After that, you’ll see the redirection page. Click the button to continue.

3. Choose the cryptocurrency, the fiat currency that you are paying with, and your wallet address. Tick the box to agree to the Terms of Use.

4. You will need to complete a short verification process. Fill in your name, email, address of residence, and ZIP code.

5. With that done, enter your credit/debit card information and wait for your bank to confirm the payment. 

Thank you for reading the guide, Changellions, we hope that the information given above was useful. From day to day our team is working hard developing our fiat-to-crypto solution, so stay tuned in order not to miss the upcoming updates.

Also, please be attentive entering your wallets address while enjoying the seamless purchasing experience with Changelly’s marketplace.