Exchange Troubleshooting

How do I cancel my transaction?

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Once your exchange receives a payout hash, the crypto transaction becomes irreversible. Neither you nor our specialists can cancel it. That’s why we recommend you double-check (or even triple-check) the recipient’s address.

However, if the funds haven’t been sent to the recipient’s address yet, there’s a little chance a transaction can be stopped. In most cases it won’t be possible to provide a refund after a transaction is stopped, but at least we might be able to change the recipient’s address, in case you previously indicated it incorrectly. So, if you find out you provided some incorrect data for your transaction and it’s not finished yet, please contact our support team.

If your transaction fails, address your problem to our support team as well.

Transaction delayed (>30 min)

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Sometimes your transaction processing can last longer than usual.

Transaction speed depends on a variety of factors: block time, block size, transaction fees, and network traffic. Processing can take more time because of network congestion, high trading volume, or increased transaction fees. However, as a rule, crypto transactions are processed in 30 minutes (max.).

Transaction failed

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There is a long list of reasons why your transaction can fail:

  • Extra ID. This means that you forgot to indicate a memo or a destination tag for your payout address or typed something random in this field.
  • Bad rate. With this measure, we help you not to lose money during the exchange process. Due to the crypto market volatility, your transaction value may change. Your exchange fails if market conditions become overwhelmingly profitless.
  • Low amount. When you send an amount lower than the set minimum, the transaction cannot be executed automatically. In some cases we’ll be able to refund your funds or push a transaction manually. However, if an amount is too low to cover the network fee, the funds are non-refundable. Please contact our support team if your transaction fails due to low amount, so that they advise you on further possibilities.
  • Hype. Sometimes there is a long list of orders, and the order book lacks the liquidity to fulfill them.
  • Technical issues or maintenance on an exchange partner’s end.

If you face this issue, please address your problem to our support team. We’ll try our best to push your transaction or send a refund.

Transaction on hold

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We might put your transaction on hold if it was flagged by our risk-scoring system. You can always pass the KYC verification in your account in the web version or in the app. Learn more about KYC verification in our guide.

You can also pass the KYC procedure in advance. Upon successful verification your further crypto-to-crypto exchanges will be marked as verified. However, we can still ask for additional verification in the future, although it’s not very likely.

To pass the KYC in advance contact our team at [email protected]

Why is the final amount more/less than expected?

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Due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, their rates can fluctuate every minute until the exchange is completed. That’s why the final amount for floating-rate transactions may be slightly higher or lower than expected (at the beginning of the process). To avoid such situations, please use a fixed rate for your exchange.

I indicated the recipient’s address incorrectly

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During the transaction process, we ask you to indicate the recipient’s wallet address. If the format of the address doesn’t correspond to the currency, you’ll see an “Invalid address” notification. The notification will pop up, for example, if you provide an ETH address (starting with “0x”) for receiving BTC (addresses start with “3”, “1”, “bc”). However, if you provide an address of another currency, but it has the same format as the payout currency of your transaction, you won’t see any notifications. For example, if you provide a BSC USDT address for receiving ETH. These addresses look the same, so the system can’t tell them apart. Thus, your funds will be sent to a wrong address and your wallet might not be able to recover those funds. So, we kindly ask you to double-check that the address you provide corresponds to the same currency and the same network as those you chose when you formed your transaction on Changelly.

If your transaction is processed somehow, and you find out that the recipient’s address is wrong, we cannot make a refund. The only possible exception is if you entered a Changelly address as your recipient.

What does it mean that the recipient’s address is incorrect?

  • As we mentioned above, if your crypto wallet address does not support the cryptocurrency you are purchasing, please contact your wallet support team to find out if the funds can be recovered.
  • If you provided an address corresponding to the same currency, but the network is wrong, please contact your wallet support team to find out if the funds can be recovered. E.g. you provided an address for BSC BUSD, while purchasing ETH BUSD.
  • You provided a correct wallet address, yet you did not receive any cryptocurrency. In this regard, we highly recommend you to write about this issue to your wallet’s support center.
  • You sent your coins to the Changelly-generated wallet address that had been used in previous transactions. In this case, please read the “I sent my coins to the Changelly-generated wallet address made for another transaction” section.

I sent my coins to the Changelly-generated wallet address made for another transaction

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Please make sure you’ve sent money to the wallet address generated by Changelly. If not, go to the “I accidentally sent my money to an unknown wallet” section.

If you entered a Changelly address from another transaction as a recipient for your current exchange, please contact Changelly support. If the Changelly address was originally provided for another currency, not the one which the address received, then the recovering process may take up to 20 business days. It works for cases when both currencies are operated on the same network. If the networks are different, then there’s no ETA or the funds are non-refundable. Please contact our support team to find out.

If the issue is that you sent your funds again to a previously used Changelly pay-in address and the currency is the same the address is associated with, please contact our support team as well. Such transactions can’t be processed automatically, since all Changelly pay-in addresses are non-reusable. Our support team will check what can be done with your deposit – it’s either manual processing at a new rate or a refund usually. The resolution ETA for such cases is 1-2 business days. For more information on addresses’ re-use, please refer to the “Re-used addresses” block in the “Refundable with ETA” section.

The good news is that, in most cases, we are able to recover your funds. Please keep in mind that you will be charged a market withdrawal fee since we’ll refund these coins from the market.

I sent the wrong coin or to the wrong network

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Please contact our support team to find out if it’s possible to refund your funds and if there’s an ETA.

  1. If you’ve sent altcoins to the SegWit wallet
    If you’ve sent any altcoins to Changelly’s BTC wallet starting with “3,” we are unlikely to retrieve them. For instance, the Bitcoin Cash chain is incompatible with the SegWit chain of Bitcoin. BCH utilizes P2SH addresses, whereas SegWit addresses comprise the P2SH-P2WPKH structure. Officially, there is no way to withdraw BCH from SegWit wallet addresses.
  2. If you’ve sent crypto via the incorrect chain 
    If you send crypto via the wrong network to our address, it will be extremely hard to refund or exchange your coins. There’s no ETA for such refunds, for the funds should first be recovered from an address and deposited to our account on an exchange. This retrieval operation is handled by our exchange partner and no ETA is usually provided. After the funds are deposited properly, we’ll proceed to the manual refund from an exchange market. Such refunds may also take a while, since they require several approvals from various departments and upper management.
  3. All other cases, when the funds are sent via another network Changelly works with or doesn’t work with
    Please inform us of such cases. We’ll save the case in our database in case there’s a chance to retrieve the funds in the future. Even if the network is implemented on our end, the retrieval mechanism may not be implemented yet. Thus, such cases are considered temporarily non-refundable. If Changelly doesn’t support the network you sent your funds with, there’s a high chance the funds won’t ever be recovered.

Please pay close attention to the network and currency protocol displayed on our platform, when you create a transaction. The protocol of the currency is displayed near its ticker in the drop-down menu when you choose a currency. Make sure the currency you’re sending to us is operated on the same network as you see on Changelly.

I accidentally sent my money to an unknown wallet

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If you accidentally input an unknown wallet address or provide an incorrect destination tag, your money will be sent to an unknown wallet. Unfortunately, this is a case that we cannot handle because the address doesn’t belong to us. Thus, we don’t have access to it. If you suspect this is exactly what has happened, please report us at [email protected] so that we can investigate the issue and try our utmost to provide you with guidelines.

BSC network issues

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If you send crypto via the BSC network to our ERC-20 address, there’s a high chance we won’t be able to refund or exchange your coins. In fact, your money is lost until we implement the BSC version of the currency you sent us. However, to recover the funds we need not only the currency implemented, but also the mechanism for retrieving a specific currency from a specific network address.

Please pay close attention to the network and currency protocol displayed on our platform, when you create a transaction. The protocol of the currency is displayed near its ticker in the drop-down menu when you choose a currency. It will help you to avoid unnecessary issues and lost funds.

To find out if it’s possible to retrieve a BSC-based asset sent to another network, please contact our support team. You can do so in online chat on our main page on the website and in the apps, or via [email protected]

My transaction is stuck at Confirming

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The reasons why your transaction is stuck at Confirming may be the following:

  • Your transfer to our wallet address hasn’t received any confirmations in the blockchain so far. Check your transfer hash. If it has zero confirmations or an “Unconfirmed” status, it means the transfer hasn’t been added to a block yet. The transactions in the blockchain are confirmed by the blockchain itself. We can’t influence this process in any way. The only thing in this case is waiting. Also, to have your future transactions confirmed faster you may try sending your funds with a higher network fee. You can also check recommended fees for Ethereum network and fees for BTC transactions in the Internet. We don’t recommend re-sending your current stuck transaction with a higher fee though, for in this case the address provided by Changelly will be considered re-used.
  • Your transfer hasn’t received enough confirmations. Some currencies may require more time to get fully confirmed in the blockchain. Please pay attention to notifications displayed in Changelly interface, when you choose a long-confirming currency. Changelly can’t speed the process up, since it depends on how fast new blocks are mined in the blockchain. See the notification example below:
  • If you didn’t see a notification when choosing a currency, the hash has already received several confirmations, but the transaction takes more than 15-20 minutes to proceed to the next step, feel free to contact our support team via online chat or at [email protected]. Our team will check if there’re any issues or the transfer just needs some extra time to get fully confirmed.

My transaction is stuck at Sending

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The reasons may be:

  • The funds can’t be sent to the recipient address you provided while creating the transaction. Please contact our support team, they will give more information on the matter and ask you for a proper address.
  • You forgot to indicate a memo/message/tag for the payout currency, entered a wrong one or entered some words in the memo/message/tag field, although nothing was required by the recipient wallet. Please contact our support team and provide a correct memo/message/tag or confirm that none is required. Our team will re-send the funds with correct data.
  • Blockchain overload. Too many transactions waiting to be confirmed in the blockchain. Please wait a little longer for the Sending stage to be completed. If the transaction still doesn’t go through, contact our support team.
  • The payout currency was turned off on the end of our exchange partner where the funds are to be sent from. After you contact our support team, they’ll let you know the ETA. If possible, they may offer you a refund.
  • ETH network fee increased. From time to time the fees in ETH network may suddenly increase which results in already pending transfers getting stuck before gaining the hashes. In this case you may sometimes see a notification about the ETH fees when you open our support team chat. If you see it, we kindly ask you to wait a little bit longer for your funds to be sent. Typically, our support team is already overwhelmed with requests by that moment, so your patience would be highly appreciated.

So, in general, our advice is to wait a little longer until your funds are sent and you see the payout hash in your history. If waiting doesn’t help, feel free to contact our support for further guidance.

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