Introducing Changelly

What is Changelly?

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Founded in 2015, Changelly is an ecosystem of products that allows you to exchange, buy, trade, and sell cryptocurrencies and also earn free crypto with our affiliate program. Our mission is to make cryptocurrencies part of the everyday life of ordinary people and various businesses. We bring the modern world one step closer to crypto mass adoption.

What products does Changelly offer?

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The Changelly ecosystem encompasses the following products:

  • Changelly Exchange is an instant exchange platform that finds the best possible rate on the market. Instant crypto exchanges can be made either at fixed or floating rates. The first option allows you to exchange crypto at a fixed rate meaning the final amount of exchanged crypto will remain the same as quoted, regardless of market conditions. The second also lets you exchange crypto instantly; however, please note that the final amount might change due to market conditions. You can also find a detailed guide about exchanging crypto on Changelly in our blog.
  • Changelly Buy acts as an aggregator which offers profitable purchase rates at our partners’ end to buy more than 500 cryptocurrencies with almost 90 fiat currencies. The process is made absolutely comfortable for our users: we automatically find the best provider that works in your country and offers a wide range of payment options (bank cards, transfers, and more). You can find a detailed guide about Changelly Buy in our blog. Also, there you can find guides on buying crypto with certain purchase providers.
  • Changelly Sell is a service provided by our partner, Mercuryo. With Changelly Sell, you can easily make crypto-to-fiat transactions and get your money right on your bank card. Learn more about selling options in a corresponding article.
  • Changelly DeFi Swap is a decentralized exchange aggregator that encompasses a wide range of decentralized exchanges’ offers to make the most profitable instant swaps within one blockchain. It doesn’t involve any third parties. Instead, we execute trades and determine rates with the help of smart contract technology and Automated Market Maker (AMM) protocols. Learn more about DeFi Swap in its FAQ.
  • Changelly PRO is a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange platform that enables spot, margin and perpetual futures trading with the most popular cryptocurrencies. You can also find an article about Changelly PRO in our blog.
  • Changelly Earn is our affiliate program that allows both regular users and crypto companies to bring crypto to their audience and earn profit using our tools: widgets, referral links, and API. Learn more about our earning programs here.
  • Changelly API. This product offers you two types of APIs: Pure DeFi Aggregator API for fast and efficient decentralized swaps and Exchange API for easy cross-chain exchanges. Read more about Changelly API here.

How does Changelly work?

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Changelly is your hub to exchange crypto in a matter of minutes. We always try to provide users with convenient crypto instruments for seamless crypto exchange, purchase, trading, and more. As of today, our ecosystem is ready to equip you with multiple crypto products to make your user experience flawless. Our core product is an instant crypto exchange platform.

How to use Changelly instant exchange?

  • Choose the crypto pair you’d like to exchange and the exchange option (fixed or floating rate).
  • Enter your crypto wallet address to which you will get your newly exchanged crypto.
  • Confirm the transaction and sign in/sign up with just your email or via social media (you can use your Twitter, Facebook, or Google account) to exchange crypto securely and save your transaction history.
  • Send the exact amount of funds to the provided address and receive crypto in your wallet within minutes. Changelly works with various trading platforms so that we can find the best offer on the market for you.

Why should I trust Changelly?

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Being on the market since 2015, we have brought various cryptos to every wallet of our 3 million users in a fast and easy way. Likewise, we cooperate closely with crypto giants, such as Ledger, Cointelegraph, Trezor, Binance, and more.

We also have many good reviews on platforms like TrustPilot and many subscribers in social media. We’re always in touch with our customers to make sure our products stay up to date with their needs.

Is Changelly safe to use?

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Absolutely! Changelly does not store your deposit. We work with the most trustful and liquid services on the market, so no worries. Besides, you can protect your account with 2-factor authentication.

Does Changelly store my funds?

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Changelly is not a cryptocurrency wallet. We neither provide a wallet address nor store your assets. To initiate your first transaction, you need to obtain a crypto wallet. The wallet gives you the address to which you’ll get your exchanged cryptocurrency. When creating a transaction on Changelly, you should fill in your wallet address. Thus, the cryptocurrency will be sent to your wallet after the exchange is completed. Learn how to get and set up a wallet in our blog article.

Our exchange algorithm is integrated into the following wallets:

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  • Exodus
  • Ledger
  • MyEtherWallet
  • Jaxx
  • Trezor
  • Freewallet
  • Enjin Wallet
  • Edge
  • Ardor
  • Infinito Wallet

… and more. You can also use your Changelly PRO internal wallet address to store your crypto, or you can check out the whole list of our partners here.

Does Changelly have a wallet?

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Changelly does not provide you with a wallet or any address to receive your cryptocurrency. To get the exchanged crypto, you should create a wallet on your own.

What is cryptocurrency?

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Cryptocurrency is program code. It does not have an offline version, and each coin is protected from fraud by its hash function. All digital money exists only in the network space.

Find out more about cryptocurrency in the corresponding blog article.

What is fiat currency?

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A fiat currency is a currency whose value is provided by the issuing government. All modern state currencies belong to fiat ones: the US dollar, the euro, the yen, etc.

What currencies does Changelly support?

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Changelly supports more than 500+ cryptocurrencies, both coins and tokens. Discover all of them on our supported currencies list.

Changelly age limit

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We provide our services strictly to individuals over the age of 18.

Does Changelly have a coin/token?

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No, Changelly has neither its coin nor token.

Does Changelly have an app?

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Changelly has a mobile app available both for iOS and Android. The app allows users to exchange and buy cryptocurrencies in the palm of their hands. Also, you can contact our support and check your transaction history right in the app.

Check out our new app feature! Changelly Explore enables you to stay updated on the slightest market movements and news.

Does Changelly have a refund policy?

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Changelly has a refund policy that includes three particular scenarios: refundable with an ETA (estimated time of arrival), refundable without an ETA, and non-refundable.

Please pay attention to the fact that a refund is possible only if you sent the funds to our wallet address and the transaction is not completed. We can not offer a refund if you dislike your exchange rate, so please be mindful when confirming the transaction. Also, we track the rate fluctuations. Learn more in the Bad rate section.

Several factors influence how long your refund will take, whether we will be able to give you an ETA (or a refund at all), and how long it will take for our support team to respond to your request. The latter, for example, depends on how many other users have encountered issues at the same time as you did. At the moment, our refund process is not automated, and our support team members solve all cases manually. Because of this, response time can be a bit longer when the workload is high.

Refundable with ETA

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Refund time frames may vary depending on the basis of your claim. Generally, refunds can be classified into three categories according to how difficult (or easy) it will be for our team to recover your money.

First of all, there is a super-duper easy type of refund — auto refund of fixed-rate transactions. When you initiate a fixed-rate transaction, you indicate your refund address in case the rate changes dramatically. This process requires up to one hour. The funds sent for fixed-rate transactions will also be refunded if a customer sends the funds later than required (15-20 minutes depending on the input currency) or if the amount received from them differs significantly from what was indicated while creating the order. Please be mindful of the timeframe and the amount.

1. Easy (1–2 business days)

  • Bad rate

When the market is highly volatile, some transactions may not go through or can fail. This happens if the exchange rate changes too drastically — our system automatically detects that and prevents the transaction from going through. Otherwise, the customer stands to lose a substantial amount of money. Note that bad-rate failures happen only in the case of floating rates. You can read more about this in our Terms of Use (in the section discussing floating rates).

If you use your email address to log in, you should get an email about a bad-rate failure. Answer it, and our specialist will figure everything out. Moreover, you can choose between refunding or pushing your transaction. A refund is not necessary if you need the output currency anyway.

  • Low amount

For each crypto pair, there is a minimum amount that you should send. When you go below that, your transaction will fail. If this happens to you, contact our support team immediately, and they will be able to help you recover your funds. However, there is an exception, which occurs if the amount of money you transferred is so low that it doesn’t cover the network fee required to send your input currency back. Please always make sure that you send enough crypto to cover the minimum amount. One of the easiest ways to check the minimum amount is to choose a currency and enter zero so that you can see an alert with the minimum amount required for this particular currency.

Please take into account that the minimum limits are dynamic, since they depend on current exchange rates and market situation, so in order to avoid fails due to low amount we recommend you to send at least a little more crypto than the minimum.

2. Medium (3–7 business days)

  • No extra ID/memo tag

Some cryptocurrencies require you to enter an additional ID/memo tag to complete the transaction. We will remind you about it during the transaction process, but if you still forget to enter it or if you enter a wrong memo (with a typo, or any random message), we can help you recover your funds within a few business days.

  • Delays due to our exchange partners’ issues

We work as an intermediary between exchanges and users, which means the transactions initiated on our platform can be affected by our partners’ issues, should there be any. When there is a lot of traffic/hype around one coin, our exchange partners can sometimes close withdrawals for it, making it impossible for us to complete your transactions in due time — and sometimes, even causing them to fail. As we mentioned previously, our support team solves all cases manually, so although it usually takes us at most 7 business days to recover your funds, that time may be occasionally extended due to high workloads.

  • Deposit timeout

For floating-rate transactions, the user must send funds to the provided address within 3 hours. If the user makes payment later, then the transaction can usually be pushed or refunded within 1–2 working days. You won’t get any notifications or automatic refunds, so you need to address your problem to the support team.

  • Re-used addresses

Please bear in mind that all pay-in transaction addresses on Changelly are non-reusable. In the case of resending funds to a previously used address, the transaction can usually be pushed or refunded within 1–2 working days. You won’t get any notifications or automatic refunds, so you need to address your problem to the support team. Pay attention to the fact that we can push the transaction only at the current rate — that is, the rate valid at the moment of problem resolution.

Please also note that if re-sending your funds resulted in the first transfer rejected in the blockchain (e.g. if you re-sent your funds with a higher fee by means of RBF or other instruments), the address will still be considered re-used, since the first hash had been already attached to the exchange order.

3. Hard (up to 20 business days)

  • Two payments – one hash

If a user initiates two transactions on Changelly in a very short time, they can sometimes be assigned the same hash. Only one of them will be processed automatically by our system, and the other one will have to be refunded by our technical specialists, which can take up to 20 business days.

Refundable without ETA

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1. Hard forks

In case a transaction was conducted during a hard fork, then there is a chance it will be completed on the old blockchain. Our team will be able to track the funds and refund them, but it will take a lot of time in most cases.

2. Other parties are involved

There are cases where we have to collaborate with our partners to refund your money — for example, when the transaction in question was made on one of our partners’ websites via our widget. Since we have to cooperate with our partner to retrieve your money in such cases, we won’t be able to give you any particular time frame.

We work as an intermediary between exchanges and users, which means the transactions initiated on our platform can be affected by our partners’ issues, should there be any. When there is a lot of traffic/hype around one coin, our exchange partners can sometimes close withdrawals for it, making it impossible for us to complete your transactions in due time — and sometimes, even causing them to fail. As we mentioned previously, our support team solves all cases manually, so although it usually takes us at most 7 business days to recover your funds, that time may be occasionally extended due to high workloads.

3. Wrong currency

It happens when the user enters an incorrect pay-in address. If both coins are part of the same blockchain network, then in most cases, we will be able to make a refund. Please beware, however, that the likelihood of a refund in such cases varies from coin to coin. As a result, no universal ETA can be given for this type of refund. If you find yourself in this situation, please contact our support team: they will consult you about your particular case.


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1. Low amount

If you send us an amount that does not cover the network fee for that currency, then we cannot refund it.

2. Non-BTC sent to SegWit

Any coin other than BTC sent to a BTC SegWit address (addresses that start with 3) cannot be refunded.

3. Different blockchains

For instance, a user wants to exchange FTM. Changelly supports FTM on the Ethereum network only and warns users about it. Thus, Changelly will give them its FTM address for ETH-based FTM. However, if the user sends Fantomchain-based FTM to this address, the funds will become unrecoverable. In this case, assets get sent to the wrong blockchain, and we will not be able to recover them. To avoid such situations, double-check all the details you enter. We also have alerts that show the recommended network. You can find such an alert when you type in your wallet address.

How to make sure you will never have to apply for a refund

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So, now that you know everything about our refund policy, let’s figure out some useful tips to avoid refund issues:

  • Be aware of the cases we discussed above.
  • Double-check all the data you input during the transaction, like wallet addresses.
  • If you’re exchanging some coin for the first time, verify whether it has any special requirements (e.g., Memo).
  • Don’t reuse Changelly pay-in addresses when sending us funds during a transaction — they will become inactive.
  • Be sure to send coins only via their corresponding blockchain networks.

Follow these simple instructions, and you will significantly minimize the probability of ever having to claim a refund. If you have any questions during your transaction, please feel free to address them to our support team in the live chat. Good luck on your crypto journey!

Does Changelly have support?

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If you face any issues with your transaction, you can address your problem to our support ninjas who are available 24/7. There are three ways to do so:

  • Use our live chat. It is the fastest way to get assistance. On the website the chat icon is located in the lower right corner. In the apps you can find it in the “Support” section.
  • Send an email to [email protected].
  • Submit a ticket via

Please provide us with your transaction ID, screenshot (if you have one) and a description of your problem. The average response time depends on the chosen communication method. You get the fastest response via live chat (the avg. time is just a couple of minutes). Sometimes, it can be extended due to the high workload.

Support doesn’t answer me

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The obvious answer is — we are overloaded with requests.

If you have already received the first response to your ticket and our support ninja forwarded your problem to our technical or financial specialists, please bear with us and don’t repeat your inquiry since it creates a considerable queue. Your problem was forwarded and is being investigated for real. We will update you as soon as the situation gets off the ground.

If you decide to remind the support team about your problem, please do not forget to indicate your Changelly transaction ID so that our specialist can easily find all the information concerning your case.

Please check carefully all the messages you receive from the support team. Also check the “Spam” and “Junk” folders just in case. If you request a refund that takes 20 days or more, the ticket will be forwarded to the technical department, and they will not respond until they have any updates on your case. If this is the case, the support team will notify you accordingly. Yet, you still can check the current status in real-time mode — just drop us a line in our chat box!

How to get a quick answer from the support

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Here are a few tips to follow in order to get a precious answer from the support team as soon as possible:

  • Contact us via live chat — it’s the fastest option. You can find it in the app or in the desktop version at the bottom of the page:
  • Try to keep the whole description of your problem in one ticket, so we can help you as promptly as we can.
  • In case you’re sending an email to our support team, do it from the email address linked to your account. It will give us instant access to your transaction history and other valuable data that will help to resolve your case.
  • We would be grateful if you could write your inquiry in English.

Can I earn money through the exchange process on Changelly?

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Changelly is an exchange platform, so we do not guarantee any profit. However, if your knowledge and skills allow you to make money from the exchange of cryptocurrencies, then, of course, we can give a positive answer to that question. Perhaps, Changelly Earn would be the best way to earn money. Read more about Changelly Earn here.


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