On the Way to Mars: Over 100 000 Users on the Board

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On the Way to Mars: Over 100 000 Users on the Board

Let’s tell more about all the great features that make our 100 000 users happy. Changelly was launched a year ago. Many coins were added and many things were improved.  For this short period of time we’ve gone extra mile to make your experience of crypto exchanging smoother than ever.

This is what we have achieved this year.

Gained Trust of 100 000 Customers

From the launch time, Changelly reached more than 100 000 active users all over the world. Stats have shown that once used Changelly, users come back. We try our best to provide good customer service, profitable rates and low entrance barrier. Now we support over 30 cryptocurrencies available to convert into each other and buy for USD/EURO. We still charge the lowest commission fee and guarantee the best cryptocurrency rates on the market.



Built Strong Partnership

There are myriads of blockchain startups on the fast growing cryptocurrency market. But only a few of them are truly breaking through.

Changelly has selected and  partnered with the most prospective projects that provide ultimate solutions based on blockchain.

Our API is integrated in large wallet platforms, such as the official NEM/XEM wallet, Coinpayments and Freewallet. A user may  top up all these wallets with any coin.

Changelly’s quick exchange button is placed on tracking portals like CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, so any user can instantly exchange coins without leaving the website.

Also Changelly supported  initial coin offerings (ICO) of such well-known platforms as DECENT and Wings.

Changelly has listed 10 new high demanded cryptocurrencies including NavCoin and Waves, Steem, XEM, ethereum tokens: Augur, Golem, Swarm, Zcash, Stratis,Gulden. Labour hour tokens of Chronobank are coming up.


Created Dream Team with Charlie Shrem

Starting small, with a tiny team of 5 members, Changelly has increased the number of employees to 15. One of those is Charlie Shrem himself!

Charlie is the most well-known person in the bitcoin community (at least, Wikipedia says :). Founder of Bitcoin Foundation has assured that Changelly is an instant cryptocurrency change to trust. Having inspired, Charlie became our business development adviser. We couldn’t be happier to get such a partner!

Made Interface Even Better

From the very beginning, Changelly was one of the kind providing the smoothest user interface. Now we made the exchange process way easier! We let you know about each step your transaction is on, so you don’t need to worry about your funds anymore. Also, now we provide step hints that help you out with creating a transaction properly. No more lost destination tags and missing messages!

Keep thinking big

We don’t stop there as keep constantly looking for revolutionary things to be integrated into. Changelly provides an API and widgets for merchants, wallets, trading platforms and other blockchain projects. Feels like we’ll have a fruitful partnership? Contact [email protected] and suggest your ideas.

Thanks to our customers and partners for making us better!

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