Numeraire (NMR) Price Prediction for 2022-2031

Here we’ll observe the main features of the cryptocurrency and try to predict the NMR future.

Numeraire (NMR) Explained

The Numeraire Token (NMR) is used for prediction betting, also called Proof of Intelligence. It is the first of its kind and serves as the reward for specialists who made the correct predictions.

After analyzing the tool, each specialist can to send it to the Numeraire smart contract. If the expert’s forecast is correct, then he will receive his reward in the form of Numeraire tokens. If the forecast is incorrect, the forecaster risks losing his NMR tokens. The Numeraire algorithm includes the generation of 21 million tokens, the first of which is distributed among specialists.

The Numeraire cryptocurrency is a token of the data analysis platform, which is based on the ERC-20 protocol. The goal of the developers was to create a platform that, thanks to the forecasts of the experts involved, would create forecast models for various companies and funds. 

The Numeraire project is a social network or hedge fund software. The Numeraire Token (NMR) will be the reward for specialists who made the correct predictions.

NMR Price $15.24
Price Change 24h 0.07%
Price Change 7d -5.92%
NMR Market cap $89,713,471.43
Circulating Supply 5,888,504 NMR
Trading Volume $3,910,182.02
All time high $168.49
All time low $1.93

Numeraire (NMR) Technical Analysis

Well, there is not actually any technical analysis expertise of Numeraire cryptocurrency. However, here is the aggregate rating for NMR from several traders & analysts on TradingView.

Numeraire Price Prediction 2022

According to the technical analysis of Numeraire prices expected in 2022, the minimum cost of Numeraire will be $17.12829. The maximum level that the NMR price can reach is $18.52815. The average trading price is expected around $17.88821.

Potential ROI: 22% BUY

NMR Price Forecast for September 2022

Based on the price fluctuations of Numeraire at the beginning of 2022, crypto experts expect the average NMR rate of $16.05839 in September 2022. Its minimum and maximum prices can be expected at $14.68853 and at $16.51835, respectively.

Potential ROI: 9% BUY

October 2022: Numeraire Price Forecast

Cryptocurrency experts are ready to announce their forecast for the NMR price in October 2022. The minimum trading cost might be $16.08839, while the maximum might reach $17.15828 during this month. On average, it is expected that the value of Numeraire might be around $16.69833.

Potential ROI: 13% BUY

NMR Price Forecast for November 2022

Crypto analysts have checked the price fluctuations of Numeraire in 2022 and in previous years, so the average NMR rate they predict might be around $17.36826 in November 2022. It can drop to $16.60834 as a minimum. The maximum value might be $17.82822.

Potential ROI: 17% BUY

December 2022: Numeraire Price Forecast

In the middle of the year 2022, the NMR price will be traded at $17.88821 on average. December 2022 might also witness an increase in the Numeraire value to $18.52815. It is assumed that the price will not drop lower than $17.12829 in December 2022.

Potential ROI: 22% BUY

Numeraire Price Prediction 2023

After the analysis of the prices of Numeraire in previous years, it is assumed that in 2023, the minimum price of Numeraire will be around $26.12739. The maximum expected NMR price may be around $30.63694. On average, the trading price might be $27.0273 in 2023.

Potential ROI: 102% BUY

Numeraire Price Prediction 2024

Based on the technical analysis by cryptocurrency experts regarding the prices of Numeraire, in 2024, NMR is expected to have the following minimum and maximum prices: about $38.56614 and $45.31547, respectively. The average expected trading cost is $39.64604.

Potential ROI: 198% BUY

Numeraire Price Prediction 2025

The experts in the field of cryptocurrency have analyzed the prices of Numeraire and their fluctuations during the previous years. It is assumed that in 2025, the minimum NMR price might drop to $55.46445, while its maximum can reach $67.54325. On average, the trading cost will be around $57.05429.

Potential ROI: 344% BUY

Numeraire Price Prediction 2026

Based on the analysis of the costs of Numeraire by crypto experts, the following maximum and minimum NMR prices are expected in 2026: $94.79052 and $80.84192. On average, it will be traded at $83.70163.

Potential ROI: 524% BUY

Numeraire Price Prediction 2027

Crypto experts are constantly analyzing the fluctuations of Numeraire. Based on their predictions, the estimated average NMR price will be around $115.84841. It might drop to a minimum of $111.65883, but it still might reach $141.65583 throughout 2027.

Potential ROI: 832% BUY

Numeraire Price Prediction 2028

Every year, cryptocurrency experts prepare forecasts for the price of Numeraire. It is estimated that NMR will be traded between $160.88391 and $195.10049 in 2028. Its average cost is expected at around $166.68333 during the year.

Potential ROI: 1184% BUY

Numeraire Price Prediction 2029

Cryptocurrency analysts are ready to announce their estimations of the Numeraire’s price. The year 2029 will be determined by the maximum NMR price of $278.81212. However, its rate might drop to around $241.0059. So, the expected average trading price is $249.33506.

Potential ROI: 1734% BUY

Numeraire Price Prediction 2030

After years of analysis of the Numeraire price, crypto experts are ready to provide their NMR cost estimation for 2030. It will be traded for at least $353.34466, with the possible maximum peaks at $421.9478. Therefore, on average, you can expect the NMR price to be around $365.81342 in 2030.

Potential ROI: 2676% BUY

Numeraire Price Prediction 2031

Cryptocurrency analysts are ready to announce their estimations of the Numeraire’s price. The year 2031 will be determined by the maximum NMR price of $615.75842. However, its rate might drop to around $534.30656. So, the expected average trading price is $552.59474.

Potential ROI: 3951% BUY

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