Crypto Wallets for Waves and Short Guide About WAVES Cryptocurrency

Waves platform is developing really fast while providing the crypto industry with multiple essential features. Today, Waves is aimed at enhancing the DeFi industry as well. How to store Waves (WAVES)? Don’t bother yourself with this question anymore as we’ve collected the top 6 Waves wallets for your WAVES to be safe and sound. 

WAVES Cryptocurrency Explained 

We have already observed the WAVES crytptocurrency in a more detailed manner. Before we name the best Waves wallets, here is a quick reminder of what is Waves, how it works and where it can be used.

The Waves platform was founded in 2016 by Russian tech entrepreneur Sasha Ivanov and the team of developers. The Waves network aims to provide a suitable environment for decentralized application (dApp) deployment. One of the essential goals of the Waves platform is to help you create your own crypto asset. Created tokens can be exchanged to WAVES token. 

Waves uses a modified proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus algorithm, LPoS (Leased Proof-of-Stake) which enables users to lease WAVES to different contractors in order to get a reward. Waves has recently announced the launch of decentralized staking that allows users to stake cryptocurrency and earn passive income from the collateral. 

In 2017, a Dutch restaurant “RUIG Drinks & Bites” started to accept WAVES tokens as payment. 

Top 6 Best Waves Wallets to Use in 2020

#1. Waves.Exchange 

Waves.Exchange offers users an indispensable way to trade WAVES, ETH, BTC, USDT, and a variety of other cryptocurrencies and fiat. Waves.Exchange wallet also allows you to securely store your digital assets. You can manage your crypto portfolio via one unified application thus interacting with the Waves blockchain. 
This token and coin Waves wallet offers a high-level of security for your funds. Private keys and the wallet seed never leave your devices or exposed to anyone. All the keys are encrypted and stored locally. However, please note that storing WAVES or any other supported asset within an exchange is risky. 

wave exchange (1)

#2. Waves FX

Waves FX is an official desktop client compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Waves FX is an open-source Waves wallet and it provides users with comprehensive services needed for flawless work. There are multiple sections like dashboard, portfolio, transactions, leasing, and so on, that help you manage your WAVES tokens as well as other digital assets in one place. This wallet allows safe storage of the WAVES token, BTC, ETH, XMR, and soon.

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#3.  Waves.Exchange iOS and Android

Get quick yet safe access to your WAVES and other digital assets on the go. Wave.Exchange mobile wallet also allows you to interact with the Waves blockchain. There are multiple ways to engage with the Waves network via Waves.Exchange application:

  • Lease your WAVES to full nodes and receive mining rewards
  • Trade, or simply hold tokens in your wallet
  • Interact with dApps
  • Issue and list your own token

There are several articles that claim WavesLiteApp – an official Waves client for Chrome – to be a good option to store WAVES. Please note, that Google has recently shut down this extension, however, it still can be downloaded from Chrome Store. 

waves IOS (3)

#4. Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a multicurrency wallet that has been an important part of the crypto industry for almost three years. It is a mobile wallet that supports a wide range of digital assets including WAVES, BTC, ETH, and many more. Receive and send, store and exchange WAVES on the go. Download Trust Wallet from App Store for your iOS devices (available only for iPhone and iPad) and Google Play for Android ones.

trust wallet (4)

#5. Exodus 

Exodus is another multicurrency digital wallet that allows you to safely store over 80 digital assets. In March 2019, Exodus announced its support for the WAVES cryptocurrency. The wallet provides an advanced yet user-friendly UX/UI and allows you to store, send, receive and exchange your crypto funds. There are complaints about Exodus to charge pretty high transaction fees. Nevertheless, it is a pretty secure and convenient place to store WAVES. 


#6. Ledger

In case you have trust issues regarding your cryptocurrency’s safe storage, then the Ledger hardware wallet will probably resolve them all. Both Ledger Nano S and Ledger Nano X can store your WAVES and a range of other cryptocurrencies. Ledger offers a Ledger Live feature the allows you to manage, send and store WAVES and 23 other coins and ERC-20 tokens with the security of a hardware wallet. 


Bottom Line 

As of now, WAVES price is $1.16 while WAVES market cap is $117,776,909 (at the time of writing). We hope that the list of top 6 WAVES wallets mentioned above will help you to choose a perfect place to store your cryptocurrency. Purchase WAVES in a fast and secure manner with Changelly.

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