List of the Top Ethereum Faucets to Earn ETH for Free

Best Ethereum Faucets

With the ever-rising popularity of cryptocurrencies in the world, more and more people want to enter the crypto market. However, for the most popular coins, the entrance price is too high: you will need to buy and support a mining rig, or purchase crypto on the exchanges. While it might seem reasonable to the already established miners and traders, it is a hurdle for those who enter the scene for the first time. That’s where crypto (Ethereum, in our case) faucets come into play, and Changelly is here to tell you about the best ones.

ETH Faucets allow users to receive some small amounts of Ethereum for completing various tasks (solving captchas, playing games, and so on). This way, novices get a chance to start their crypto careers without spending a punishing amount of money. Now, let’s take a closer look at the process itself.

How Can You Earn Free Ethereum

As was mentioned earlier, Ethereum faucets are one of the ways that allow users to get Ethereum coins essentially for free. There are different ways for them to do so, with solving captchas or following ads being the most prolific. Payouts are usually small, and some platforms have a minimum payout, so it would be best to keep an eye out for such requirements.

While you don’t pay for your coins with money, using Ethereum (ETH) faucets is a time-consuming task. So while it is a good way to get a small starting boost for novices, it is not viable to earn any significant amount of ETH. In other words, Ethereum faucets will not be of any use for people looking for big gains, as it would take too long to earn any considerable amount of crypto. 

Top 7 Ethereum (ETH) Faucets

While there are many legit Ethereum faucets on the market, it should also be noted that promises of free crypto are fertile ground for all kinds of scams. So be careful and check every platform twice before committing to it.

#1. Free-Ethereum

Free-Ethereum Faucets

Free-Ethereum is a rather popular ETH faucet, that specializes in multiplying games for payouts. The payment happens directly to the user’s Ethereum wallet. It also has a referrer program, allowing you to earn up to 50% of coins that referred user earned. Free-Ethereum also allows users to earn interest from hodling their coins, with a yearly rate of 8%.

  • Faucet Timer: 60 minutes
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.001 ETH
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0.001 ETH

#2. Faucetcrypto

Faucet Crypto logo

One of the multicurrency (supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash, Digibyte, and 12 more) faucets, Faucetcrypto allows its users to earn crypto in a variety of ways. To receive their rewards, they can interact with ads, play games, use shortlinks, and answering questions on offerwalls. 

  • Faucet Timer: 40 minutes
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.00012 ETH
  • Withdrawal Fee: No Fees

#3. Firefaucet


This faucet supports 8 cryptocurrencies and offers its users multiple ways to earn crypto: playing games, interacting with ads and shortlinks, and so on. It also features a loyalty program for its users in the form of achievements, rewards, and bonuses.

  • Faucet Timer: 0 minutes
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.004 ETH
  • Withdrawal Fee: No Fees

#4. Esfaucet

EsFaucet logo

A faucet that combines completing tasks for Ethereum with mining their own ES-Coins. Esfaucet is also one of the Ethereum faucets that allow the use of a mobile app. It also offers daily bonuses for constant users.

  • Faucet Timer: 5 minutes
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.05015 ETH
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0.00015 ETH

#5. Althub

Althub Logo

Another multicoin faucet, Althub, in addition to 14 cryptos it offers, has a referral program, allowing its users to collect a 20% affiliate rate from the coins that their refers earned.

  • Faucet Timer: 5 minutes
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.00005 ETH
  • Withdrawal Fee: No Fees

#6. Allcoins Ethereum faucets Logo

Different from usual ETH faucets, Allcoins offers not only games to earn crypto, but also its mining pool, where users can combine their processing power to earn more coins. Allcoins also supports the AutoFaucet feature, which doesn’t require you to wait and manually interact with the faucet.

  • Faucet Timer: 4 minutes
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.0036 ETH
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0.0012 ETH

#7. Fly-eth

Another one among the ETH faucets that has more to offer that simple minuscule Ethereum amounts. Fly-eth also offers to its users a partnership program (receive 20% of the coins earned by the referred), an interest from leaving ETH on the account, as well as crypto loans.

  • Faucet Timer: 60 minutes
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.002 ETH
  • Withdrawal Fee: 0.001 ETH

Of course, for those who would rather have a solid amount of ETH without all the time-consuming and tedious tasks, we can offer our widget. With it, you can easily buy the needed amount of Ethereum for fiat money.


Now, you have a list of viable Ethereum (ETH) faucets, and essential information on how they operate and what you can expect from them. While not the most rewarding among other methods to earn crypto (like mining and trading), it also doesn’t require you to have anything besides a lot of free time and patience. These platforms are a good start for novices and those with a passing interest in the crypto industry, as long as they have their eyes open on scams. So do your own research, put your captcha-solving gloves on, and see whether faucets are for you or now. And, of course, look forward to more crypto-related materials from Changelly!

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