Alchemy Pay (ACH) Price Prediction

ACH Price Prediction

Although Alchemy Pay isn’t one of the top 30 cryptocurrencies in the world by market cap, it still has proven to be a good investment and an interesting project with bright prospects. The future of ACH and Alchemy Pay will depend on how the network will develop further on and whether its fundamental value will be enough to overcome the challenges that all cryptocurrencies have to face — namely, volatility, regulation, and intense competition.

At the moment, we can only make tentative Alchemy Pay price predictions to try and guess how the ACH price might behave in the future. This price prediction should not be seen as investment advice, but we still hope that our Alchemy Pay price forecast will help you decide whether ACH will be a solid addition to your portfolio or not.

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Alchemy Pay Overview

ACH Price $0.02
Price Change 24h 4.62%
Price Change 7d 3.33%
ACH Market cap $81,541,480.29
Circulating Supply 4,919,621,586 ACH
Trading Volume $31,142,004.37
All time high $0.20
All time low $0.0013

Alchemy Pay Fundamental Analysis

When it comes to crypto assets, fundamental analysis does not come up that often. Most of the time, cryptocurrency prices get set by the extreme volatility that is ever-present on the crypto market and by general trends. However, the fundamental value of an asset can influence its average price — while it’s not something day traders would be interested in, it can be useful for long-term investors.

In order to analyze the fundamental value of the ACH coin, let’s first take a look at what Alchemy Pay is all about. After all, a utility token is only as good as the project it serves.

What Is Alchemy Pay?

Alchemy Pay

Alchemy Pay is a hybrid cryptocurrency payments platform aiming to be the bridge that connects the crypto and the fiat worlds. It offers C2B and B2B online and offline crypto and fiat payment gateways. In short, Alchemy Pay provides investors with a way to use their crypto coins when purchasing stuff both off- and online.

Alchemy Pay’s list of partners is already impressive: they currently operate in over 70 countries and work with platforms like Binance, Shopify, Gemini, and many more. However, it should be noted that the market of crypto payment gateways is fairly saturated and rather competitive. 

Alchemy Pay offers some features that not many other similar platforms can boast, but the question is: Does it matter? In the crypto industry, marketing and PR often matter a lot more than the actual functionality of different platforms, and many innovative projects never take off simply due to a lack of luck.

That said, we do believe that Alchemy Pay has what it takes to succeed. They are taking substantial steps to realize their ambitions of promoting mass adoption not only by partnering with crypto companies but also with banks, merchant networks, and payment channels like PayPal. Additionally, Alchemy Pay’s social media accounts all seem to be well-managed, so they are clearly not lacking in the marketing department.

ACH Token Fundamental Value

Being an ERC-20 token, ACH is the native utility token of the Alchemy Pay network that is used to facilitate all operations on the platform. ACH tokens are rewarded, pledged, and paid as fees for all transactions on the network.

The Alchemy Pay cryptocurrency has some tangible value and is used to operate a successful project that keeps on announcing new interesting partnerships. Because of this, many experts consider ACH to be an undervalued asset and think that its fundamental value is higher than its current price of $0.04. 

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Alchemy Pay Live Price Chart

Alchemy Pay Technical Analysis

At the time of writing, all technical analysis platforms were unanimously giving Alchemy Pay a “Buy” signal. However, things can change quite rapidly: just a few days ago, all of the most popular technical indicators were showing a “Strong Sell” signal instead. That rapid exchange of bearish and bullish trends is promising: it means there is a potential profit to be made from all the price changes.

Here’s the result of TradingView’s ACH technical analysis based on the current price of Alchemy Pay.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction


Alchemy Pay Price Prediction for 2022

The most notable thing about Alchemy Pay’s price is how it has steadily continued to go down ever since the spike caused by the Coinbase listing. That could be a worrying sign: most cryptocurrencies with actual value manage to increase their average prices as time goes by. 

ACH Price Chart
Source: CoinMarketCap

Additionally, the maximum and minimum prices that ACH is capable of achieving have also been going down. This makes it seem like instead of a correction, we are witnessing a slow burnout of ACH investors and an increasing lack of interest in this token.

The huge news could still turn the situation around and reverse the current bearish trend. However, that news will have to be truly massive not only to cause a spike but also to cause the average price of Alchemy Pay to start going up. At the moment, we do not think that is likely to happen in 2022.

Although the average price of the Alchemy Pay coin may be in decline throughout most of the year, we may see a bullish trend reversal in December. ACH may even reach a maximum value of up to $0.08.

Alchemy Pay (ACH) March 2022

Our current short-term ACH price forecast is bearish. While technical analysis shows some bullish signals, we do not think they will last long. The token did not manage to capitalize on the brief spikes that overtook the crypto market in February and at the beginning of March.

At the moment, we expect ACH to hit a maximum price of up to $0.05 in March but to continue with its slow overall decline. We may even see a minimum price of $0.031 or lower.

Alchemy Pay (ACH) April 2022

According to our Alchemy Pay price prediction for April 2022, we may see ACH rise by the end of the month. The minimum price of ACH in April may be as low as $0.03, and the maximum price is currently expected to be around $0.07.

Alchemy Pay (ACH) May 2022

At present, our ACH forecast for May 2022 is bearish. As we have already mentioned, we expect the ACH price to continue declining in the next few months. The average price of Alchemy Pay may go down to $0.03.

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Alchemy Pay (ACH) June 2022

Although we generally expect the cryptocurrency market to recuperate and begin rising in June 2022, we do not see Alchemy Pay following suit. Our Alchemy Pay price prediction for June 2022 is still bearish — we think the token will stay in the $0.025-0.035 range, and its minimum price may even go as low as $0.02.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction for 2023

In their Alchemy Pay forecast, Wallet Investor expects the ACH price to double in one year — they are predicting that Alchemy Pay will hit $0.088 in March of next year. While we agree that there is a chance the ACH price may finally begin to rise in 2023, we doubt its maximum value can reach anywhere near $0.1 as W.I. thinks it will.

At the moment, we expect the Alchemy Pay price to average out at around $0.07 in 2023, with highs at approximately $0.09 and lows at $0.04 and less.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction for 2024

Alchemy Pay’s fate will most likely be determined in two years — that’s when we’ll see if it’s a coin that can survive in the crypto world by consistently forging meaningful partnerships or yet another failed utility token.

We think that this project is promising, so we can see it having positive price dynamics in the future. According to our long-term Alchemy Pay price prediction, 2024 may be the year when the ACH/USD price finally begins to rise and develops an upward trend. The ACH price may even cross over the $0.1 line and reach an average of $0.095.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction for 2025

According to our Alchemy Pay price prediction, the coin’s price might triple in value in 2025 compared to its current price. We think that an average of $0.12 is very likely, and ACH may even reach a maximum price of $0.2.

What Will Alchemy Pay Be Worth in 2025?

We assume that Alchemy Pay’s price may equal $0.12 in 2025.

Alchemy Pay Price Prediction for 2030

There are many Alchemy Pay price predictions for 2030, but we would advise you against believing them. Any ACH forecast for such a distant future is bound to be pure guesswork. The token may hit $1 or collapse to zero — there’s just no way to tell. 

Alchemy Pay’s price will greatly depend on how regulators approach crypto payments. Crypto gateways like this platform may become obsolete in five years. In that case, ACH will lose all of its value. According to our Alchemy Pay forecast, this token seems to be a better short-term speculative asset than a stable long-term investment. However, please do your own research before investing or trading it.

Can Alchemy Pay Hit $1?

If ACH’s average price continues to decline at the rate it does now, we are unlikely to see Alchemy Pay price rise up to $1 in the near future — or ever.

Disclaimer: Please note that the contents of this article are not financial or investing advice. The information provided in this article is the author’s opinion only and should not be considered as offering trading or investing recommendations. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability and accuracy of this information. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements. Any investor, trader, or regular crypto users should research multiple viewpoints and be familiar with all local regulations before committing to an investment.