Who Accepts Bitcoin Payments?

Where Bitcoin is accepted?

Today, Bitcoin is more than a cryptocurrency for trading – it serves as means of payment in both online and brick-and-mortar stores and public places. Where you can spend your BTC coins? Today we observe 40 services and platforms that accept Bitcoin.

Stores That Accept Bitcoin

Did you know that you can shop without spending a dollar? Yes, there are many merchants who accept Bitcoin, from clothing boutiques to home appliance markets.

  • Overstock is the first major online store to start accepting payments in cryptocurrency. It has everything from jewelry to laptops and televisions. And, of course, this is far from the only example.
Overstock.com accepts BTC payments
Overstock.com accepts BTC payments
  • Newegg is an online retail giant that accepts BTC payments to pay for most goods;
  • Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows users to create their own online stores, such as on Etsy and eBay;
  • Etsy is a very popular platform for selling handmade goods in Europe and the USA. Today, nearly 100 sellers accept BTC.
  • Newegg is an online store of goods, including computer equipment and consumer electronics.
  • ExPressVPN is a popular VPN service that accepts Bitcoins as a payment method.
  • Microsoft accepts Bitcoins for the purchase of Windows and Xbox.
  • Aloha Tuners sells a small set of tuners for guitars/ukuleles. They accept BTC via Bitpay
Aloha Tuners website
Aloha Tuners website
  • Ghostbed is one of home & decor vendors who accept Bitcoin, so if you need a new mattress you can definitely purchase one for crypto in this store.
  • Lolli is a great marketplace that allows you to earn Bitcoin by making purchases in stores that you use every day. All you need is to install the Chrome Extension (if will show you the stores that participate in Lolli affiliate program), pay with a credit card and receive bonuses in BTC. Who accepts Bitcoin when you buy clothes and shoes? The list of partners is pretty large (Walmart, Jet, Groupon, Overstock, Godaddy, Macy’s, CVS, etc).
Lolli affiliate stores
Lolli affiliate stores
  • Gyft is a gift website where you can buy a gift for Bitcoins.
  • Nafa is an online store from India that sells online gift cards for popular merchants such as Flipkart, Bookmyshow, PVRCinemas. You can buy all these store gift cards using Bitcoins and several other cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing, the store was using Coinbase Commerce to accept Bitcoins and other popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Cryptopet.com offers pet supplies for BTC, Dogecoin, Dash, and Litecoin. what can you purchase with Bitcoin on this website? Virtually anything your pet will need: from feed to toys and care products. The platform offers over 3,000 products and worldwide shipping. The prices for the items are indicated in dollars, but the transaction can be made in crypto.
Cryptopet website interface
Cryptopet website interface
  • Dell, a well-known American brand manufacturer of servers, chips, and other electronic devices, was among the first companies to announce the adoption of Bitcoin as a payment means almost 4 years ago. The integration of the payment service using the Coinbase platform took 2 weeks, and was initially available exclusively in the online store and only to US residents. When a new cryptocurrency was introduced, customers paying with it received a 10% discount. However, today it has become less popular among buyers.
  • Asic Trade offers Chinese mining equipment and also accepts BTC payments.

Sites That Accept Bitcoin

Since we talk about a digital cryptocurrency, there’s a huge number of sites that accept Bitcoin as payment.

  • Bitcoin Real Estate website offers real estate from around the world – all those lots you can buy for cryptocurrency, Ethereum or Litecoin. It sells not only personal apartments but also commercial facilities. If you decide to change your place of residence or open a business, then buy cryptocurrency, and the service will help you get everything you want.
  • Knox Group has been offering modern apartments in Dubai (UAE) in two 40-story Aston Plaza & Residences skyscrapers since 2017. Purchase can be made with Bitcoins via BitPay.
Aston Plaza & Residences skyscrapers
The apartments in such skyscraper can be yours for a few hundred Bitcoins
  • Magnum Real Estate New York real estate agency provides an opportunity for its customers to pay with the most popular cryptocurrency.
  • G2A Game Store offers games for Bitcoins. Payments are processed via the BitPay system. Although the purchase is made directly from the creator of the game, G2A helps to resolve issues.
  • PlayboyTV provides access to some of its content to BTC holders.

Want to buy gold or silver for Bitcoin? Several companies provide this opportunity, including JM Bullion, GramGold, and APMEX. GramGold binds its native coin to one gram of gold, and it can be bought on Kucoin and similar exchanges for Bitcoins. APMEX offers custody services and also accepts payments in BTC for gold. JM Bullion even provides a 4% discount on the purchase of gold and silver for Bitcoins.

Thus, there is an enormous list of businesses that accept Bitcoin. Let’s not forget that you can also donate Bitcoins on charity websites accepting it.

Travel and Vacation Websites that Accept Bitcoin (BTC)

  • AirBaltic is the first airline to start accepting Bitcoins for the purchase of airline tickets in 2014;
  • Webjet is a site where you can book everything you need for an excellent holiday: tickets, hotels, cruises, etc, and even rent a car.
  • The Virgin Group is the first commercial airline founded by Richard Branson to start accepting Bitcoin as a payment method.
  • Travala stands among first blockchain-based travel booking platforms that accept not only BTC but also BCH, ETH, USDT, XRP and many other altcoins.
travala btc
Travala and Bitcoin.com announced its partnership in 2019
  • Greitai is a Lithuania-based travel service that rapidly expanding in the European market. Book flights, rent cars, pay with BTC.
  • Bitcoin.Travel is another booking platform that accepts BTC. Users can book tickets and accommodation in hotels, as well as rent a car.
  • Expedia is one of the world’s largest online agencies that accept payments in BTC for hotel reservations. In addition, in the future services will be available for the purchase of air tickets, passes for various events, etc.
  • Cheap Air was the first travel agency that started to accept BTC payments in 2013. Cheap Air has everything we like – cheap tickets and crypto tolerance.
  • ScubaOtter offers scuba equipment and BTC as a payment method.

Food Retailers That Accept Bitcoin

Among places who accept Bitcoin we should also mention food retailers and restaurants. The times when one pizza cost 10,000 BTC are over – prices are fair now.

  • Bees Bros offers a large selection of honey, lip balms, and soap. All this goodness can be bought for BTC.
  • Pex Peppers allows customers to buy some hot sauces for Bitcoin.
  • KFC needs no introduction. The world-famous network has begun accepting BTC in Canada, and this is an important step on the road to mass adoption of cryptocurrency.
  • Subway started practicing BTC payments in restaurants around the world, but it was not always successful. For example, the Russian campaign failed due to low demand in BTC payments, but American restaurants continue accepting crypto.
Subway accepts BTC payments
Subway accepts BTC payments
  • Bitcoin Coffee, a coffee shop in Prague (Czech Republic) will give you a coffee treat for BTC.
  • Bitcoincoffee.com, a similarly named website sells coffee beans online for crypto.
  • PizzaForCoins.com is a marketplace where you can order your favorite pizza for BTC (Domino recently joined the Program).
  • Back in 2013, Old Fitzroy in Sydney started accepting BTC and became the first Australian pub to become interested in cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.
  • Bitcoin Carnivory’s slogan is simple: Buy Bitcoin and eat steak. Obviously it doesn’t suit vegans.
  • Great Lost Bear in Portland (Maine) allows you to order all the dishes on the menu, including their famous grilled cheese, for Bitcoins. In their menu, you can find the note “Sorry, we do not accept payment by registered checks”
  • Pembury Tavern is a London pub that allows you to get ‘booze for Bitcoin’.
Pembury Tavern pay with BTC
Scan the QR code and pay with BTC for a drink in Pembury Tavern
  • Curryupnow.com is a website that represents 12 restaurants in San Francisco where you can order food online and pay with crypto.

Where Can I Spend My Bitcoin

In order to find the list of Bitcoin vendors and stores, you can use such services as CoinMap:

CoinMap interface
CoinMap interface

Tick the categories you’re interested in and zoom the map to find points accepting BTC in your city. Click a point and you will see such information as its name, website address or real address, contact information, and the date since which it supports BTC payments.

Today, over 15,700 venues are available to BTC owners. You can help CoinMap project by adding venues and information about them.

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So, should you use Bitcoin as a means of payment? Why not! The number of businesses accepting BTC and crypto payments is growing. This is a fast and reliable option of payment, but you should know the following:

  • Bitcoin payments are irreversible – double-check the BTC address you sent crypto to!
  • Some stores work with particular payment systems only, so you might need a separate BTC wallet for such payments.
  • While Bitcoin is good for making minor purchases, do not hurry to spend large BTC sums if you are not sure about the vendor’s reliability and reputation. If you buy apartments/gold/jewelry for a large amount of cryptocurrency, you might not be able to prove the fact of purchase later on. Such a transaction should be legally verified.

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