The Most Interesting News about The Use of Blockchain in Business

changelly observes benefits of blockchain in agriculture sector cover
Blockchain in Retail Vol.3: Agriculture and Food Industry

When blockchain will become a part of our daily lives it may significantly improve it. This also concerns the Agriculture Industry.

how can blockchain be implemented into healthcare changelly cover
Blockchain in Retail Vol.2: Healthcare

How can blockchain improve the Healthcare industry? We've collected real use cases of decentralized projects in the health sector.

Changelly talks about blockchain in retail in general and in the fashion sector in particular
Fashion Markets Follow Blockchain Technology to Save Money and Quality

On its way to mass adoption, blockchain technology finally enters giant industries. Read our article to know how DLT will safe fashion from counterfeit goods.

Where Bitcoin is accepted?
Who Accepts Bitcoin Payments?

Today, Bitcoin is more than a cryptocurrency for trading – it serves as means of payment in both online and brick-and-mortar stores and public places....

Top 10 Blockchain Companies in 2019
List of Successful Blockchain Companies

Today we will talk about blockchain companies that have a market capitalization of over a billion dollars. There are no more than five hundred such...

Bitcoin donations and charity funds accepting crypto
How to accept Bitcoin Donations Legally

Although most ICOs are fundraising campaigns and are organized for commercial purposes, some projects are designed to actually help people and make their lives easier....

Blockchain in Banking Use Cases
How Banking Industry Uses Blockchain?

Being a truly revolutionary technology, blockchain is being steadily implemented in all spheres of our life starting from food tracking and finishing by online payments....

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