Voice social network based on the EOS blockchain and the benefits of Voice com


In the summer 2019, Block.one crypto company announced that it’s going to launch its own social network called Voice. It will work on the EOS blockchain and provide a revolutionary new approach to social media. The project promises to be groundbreaking even simply due to the fact that Block.one stands behind EOS ICO that managed to raise more than $ 4.1 billion of investment. However, it’s not the only reason to believe in its potential.

The new approach to user data

According to Voice.com CEO Brendan Bloomer, the new social network puts a heavy focus on a person and his data. Traditional social networks earn by selling user’s data to third-party companies, and they do not really care what people think about it (think of the notorious cases with Facebook and Cambridge Analytica selling data of hundreds of thousands of users without them being aware of it). Theoretically, blockchain can solve this problem. 

How exactly? Attic Lab, the manufacturer of EOS blocks explained:

“Suppose user data would not be stored by Facebook itself, but by several databases or validators that need to create something like a multi-signature. Then, in order to access the data, it would be necessary to obtain the consent of 5,7,9 or even 20 validators. Until all validators vote, nothing will happen and any user will be able to see the result.”

The implementation of such a system is quite simple. For example, it can be built on the basis of a referendum in the EOS blockchain.

Nevertheless, Brendan Bloomer did not explain whether such technology will be implemented, and it’s not clear what Voice.com will earn on. However, he promised that the algorithms of the new social network will not decide who has the right to vote and who does not. Everyone will be equal. Voice will totally eliminate bots and trolls.

Benefits of Voice.com

As we’ve mentioned, Block.one is based on EOS blockchain running EOSIO protocol. That means that user, contributors, creators – everyone will play by the same rules. 

With the introduction of Voice EOS social media, Block.one plans to make a real social media revolution. Its first initiative, EOSIO was made to leverage a versatile, secure and adaptable blockchain structure that would empower individuals to reconsider, reconstruct and re-establish trust in the system enterprises. Accordingly, the large number of systems based on the EOSIO software are the most widespread public blockchain platforms on the planet, representing as much as 70% of all blockchain activity.

So, what makes Voice blockchain social network special?

  • Security and integrity of personal data;
  • Complete privacy;
  • The low vulnerability of the platform;
  • Ease of use;
  • Absence of annoying bots and hidden algorithms;
  • Contributors will be rewarded in Voice tokens for their activity.

Voice.com beta-version will go live on February 14, 2020. You can request the beta access and become one of the first users to evaluate the platform’s benefits.