What is NEO Crypto Coin?

What is NEO coin about

NEO is a platform with support for its own cryptocurrency of the same name on the network based on a distributed registry. It was created in China back in 2014. At first, the project was called AntShares, and its current name was fixed after rebranding in June three years later. NEO was successfully launched with funds raised through ICO.

The network supports smart contracts. In general, the creators describe it as a new smart economy, which consists of digital assets, digital IDs and smart contracts.

NEO ICO details

Token symbolNEO
PlatformNEO blockchain
Token Price during ICO 0.0320 USD
ROI since ICO32,087.50%
Average token price10.30 USD
Tokens for ICO sale20,000,000
Funds raised$28,056,944
NEO Cryptocurrency Review

NEO vs Ethereum

NEO as a platform for creating decentralized applications or smart contracts is often compared to Ethereum. However, NEO is seriously losing to its competitor, even if you look at the Google Trends graphs. 

NEO vs Ethereum popularity
Curr. Price$10.14 USD$205 USD
Market cap.$715,186,959 USD
$22,069,521,502 USD
All-Time High$196.85 USD
$1,432.88 USD
All-Time Low$0.072287 USD
$0.420897 USD
dApps count*147

*According to neotracker.io and stateofthedapps.com data.

NEO 3.0 Blockchain Review

Despite the fact that NEO is behind Ethereum, since 2018 the project team has been actively developing the third version of the blockchain, the final release is scheduled for Q2 2020.

NEO 3.0 features:

  • dBFT 2.0
  • Pricing Model
  • Internet Resource Access
  • P2P Protocol
  • NeoVM

Read more about these changes in a detailed review by Erik Zhang.

As planned by the developers, NEO 3.0 will open the possibility of creating smart contracts for large online projects like YouTube, AliPay, Tencent and Blizzard, as stated in a statement

According to Erik Zhang, the update will significantly increase the speed and stability of NEO. After some time, the project will be suitable for full-scale commercial use. Work on the new blockchain should be completed before the second quarter of 2020. Testnet NEO 3.0 will be launched by June of this year.

“When we talk about Neo 3.0 being ready for large-scale commercial use, we mean it provides the possibility to run large-scale applications with blockchain technology. In the future, we’d like to see applications such as YouTube, Alipay, and gaming giants like Tencent and Blizzard run on blockchain, and Neo 3.0 will allow these big organizations to do that. ”

Erik Zhang

The project will be transferred to a new blockchain, and cryptocurrency holders will have to go through swap tokens. This is stated in the official announcement of the project developers on April 29.

NEO Coin Value & 2019 Price History

NEO coin was favorable to holders throughout 2019 and has grown in value from $7.5 to almost $10 USD at the moment, and at the highest point of $20.47 per coin.

NEO 2019 price chart

NEO coin 2019 price history. Source: Coinmarketcap.com

NEO-based Decentralized Exchange

NEO co-founder Fabio Kanesin has announced the launch date for the Nash decentralized crypto exchange at Neo DevCon 2019. Kanesin and the rest of the Nash team are ready to introduce the application that includes all the features of a DEX exchange. 

Prior to the immediate launch, the NEO community was asked to test the software to identify all potential bugs and vulnerabilities. One of the features of Nash DEX will be the possibility of making a deposit in national currency through Nash partnership agreements with banking institutions.

Nash DEX is the result of the Neon Exchange rebranding, and its native token NEX will also be used on the new trading platform. We look forward to the official launch, more details about the NEO-based decentralized exchange can be found on its official website – https://nash.io/products/exchange.

By the way, the platform itself and its interface are very similar to the official application from Waves.

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NEO is a very good long-term asset from great developers. The indicators of the coin speak for themselves, it has already brought a lot of profit to those who invested in the coin at the very beginning and the NEO coin price rises from year to year. 

Their development, aimed at business customers and the active development of the blockchain ecosystem, makes NEO an extremely promising asset. However, the official launch of Nash DEX and the NEO 3.0 mainnet release should push the asset even further if everything goes well.

Disclaimer: This article about NEO should not be considered as offering trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements.

Any investor should research multiple viewpoints and be familiar with all local regulations before committing to an investment.