make profit with crypto
How to Make a Profit by Trading Cryptocurrency 

In the world of finance, cryptocurrency trading has emerged as a dynamic, lucrative sector. Despite the cryptocurrency space’s volatility, the potential for high returns has...

Evening Star Candlestick

Cryptocurrency trading is an exciting and dynamic world. Traders seek to understand and predict market movements, and one effective way to do this is by...

Crypto Chart Patterns Cheat Sheet
Chart Patterns Cheat Sheet Guide — What Are They and How Can You Use Them?

Chart pattern cheat sheets can be a useful tool for investors or traders who are interested in trading. They offer a convenient reference guide to...

Doji Candlestick Pattern: What Is It and How to Trade with Doji?

Doji candlesticks are considered one of the most important trading patterns. Learning how to see and use a Doji can help you improve your trading...

What Is Volume In Cryptocurrency?
What Is Volume in Cryptocurrency?

Volume is an essential metric in crypto trading and investment. A high trading volume leads to fair and, usually, less volatile price changes. Low volume...

High-Frequency Trading
High-Frequency Trading (HFT)

What do you think of when you hear the word “trading”? For most people, the answer to this question would probably be something along the...

What Is Bid and Ask?

If you have ever been interested in any form of trading or financial markets, you have probably heard the terms “bid” and “ask.” But what...

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