IQONIQ Is Now Available on Changelly

IQONIQ cryptocurrency on changelly

We are excited to announce that the IQQ token, created by IQONIQ FanEcosystem and utilized as a pure utility on IQONIQ’s forthcoming new fan engagement and loyalty app, has joined the family of over 200 cryptocurrencies available for exchange and purchase on Changelly! Starting today, users will be able to buy IQQ with fiat or swap it with other digital assets at floating rates on our platform.

With the IQQ Token having launched in March, and the hotly anticipated IQONIQ App set to be released later in 2021, both are playing a major role in how fans are able to engage with their favorite teams, leagues, competitions, idols, and brands, and how they are in turn rewarded for their loyalty. IQONIQ is bridging the gap between the vast numbers of sports and entertainment fans globally, with the benefits of blockchain, seen as a fundamental lever in guiding the future of fan engagement. 

The app business, which is developed by IQONIQ Group, already boasts an impressive list of over 100 global sports property partners across F1, Formula E, football, rugby, cricket, ice hockey, drone racing, and many more, with a further 200 partner discussion ongoing. Unlike many blockchain projects of this nature which have come before it, IQONIQ is now entering the final stages of unveiling a whole new universe of engagement for not only sports and entertainment fans, but also now crypto enthusiasts. 

Once launched, the app will allow IQQ token holders to unlock exclusive in-app elements, beyond the content, merchandise, ticket shops, memorabilia, prizes, NFTs, AR, games, and OTT platforms, open to the app’s general user base. IQQs can also be redeemed and utilized to supercharge in-app Loyalty Points rewarded to fans for their loyalty and engagement. 

IQONIQ is very excited to be bridged between the Sports World and between the state of the art Technologies, including Blockchain, NFTs VR, and more. With over 120 clubs connected to the IQONIQ app, we have launched our unique blockchain-based Loyalty Program, that enables Fans and Clubs to connect, receive and create value on our app. The IQQ token, which is the heart of our Loyalty Program, has been listed on leading exchanges around the world, and listing now with Changelly is another step towards our goal of revolutionizing the Sport & Entertainment industry,

IQONIQ CEO, Kazim Atilla.

It’s always a pleasure to welcome new innovative projects to Changelly! IQONIQ is revolutionizing the sport and entertainment industry, and we are excited to give our users easier access to the platform’s utility token. I believe that this partnership is sure to greatly benefit both of our companies!

Changelly CEO, Eric Benz


IQONIQ is the sport and entertainment fan engagement platform, app, and ecosystem. IQONIQ is specially designed for sports fans, providing an all-in-one solution to cater to their every need. With IQONIQ’s ambition to provide fans with a more personal, rewarding, and purposeful experience, the platform includes a range of features such as a personalized loyalty program, special offers for tickets and merchandise, in-app games and prizes, and unique footage, as well as all aggregated content from other sites.

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