How to Create an EOS Wallet? 

How to create eos wallet

EOS is a second generation blockchain platform that has gained a considerable amount of goodwill in the recent past. It is now listed as one of the five leading cryptocurrencies when assessed by market cap. Whilst its primary function is to create an ecosystem where the blockchain architecture is expandable by various applications, the native coin, EOS coin, which was first sold in middle 2017, has reached critical popularity. There is currently a total supply of 1 billion EOS coin.

Which wallets currently support Eos tokens/coin? (desktop) and infinity wallet(mobile) are two examples of multi-currency wallets that support EOS tokens. If you are using either already for your BTC, ETH or LTC, you can simply continue using them to house your Eos coin. Alternatively, if you are looking for dedicated Eos wallets, the devs at SimpleEos Wallet (desktop), Scatter Wallet (web client) and GreyMass (desktop) have released some fantastically functional options for you to choose from. Before going through the step by step guide, here are some FAQs to help you in setting up:

Desktop wallet, app or hardware wallet – each basic choice comes with pros and cons. Many crypto enthusiasts use different wallets for different purposes, with hardware wallets offering the most secure and therefore used for savings, whilst mobile wallets offer the most flexibility for fast and convenient transactions.

Eos wallet or multi-currency wallet – it is more convenient storing all of your cryptocurrency in one wallet. However, this makes that one wallet extremely vulnerable to attack.

value added features – many paid for wallet options include an exchange, decreasing the hassle of trading your favourite cryptocurrency.

Google is your friend – NEVER use a wallet that has a sea of negative reviews or, even worse, no reviews

How to get an EOS wallet from Simple: a step by step guide is the link for you to try

  • Download the EOS wallet software engineered for the operating system on your PC
  • Install the software using the setup file
  • Run the wallet
How to register EOS wallet
SimlEOS start page
  • Choose your import option
Import key of the existing wallet option
Import key of the existing wallet option
  • Follow the on-screen instructions carefully, insert your existing ACTIVE private key. You can copy and paste it to avoid a mistake. Click next
  • Insert and confirm your password
  • On step 3 “EOS Constitution” Select “abide by the constitution” and hit next
  • Choose to enter a lock screen pin or not
  • Set up is complete!

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