Energi (NRG) Price Prediction 2020-2022

Energi is a type of self-financing cryptocurrency. Its goal is to offer a self-financing system that will ultimately turn into a profitable platform for smart contracts. Thus, Energi should be a great investment opportunity both now and in the future.

Energi’s philosophy is that every dollar that is reinvested in the system should pay back a lot more if it is invested properly to developers. It is also important to get benefits after incorporating the best marketing efforts and using other expenses.

Energi Coin Value

The main goal is to introduce this unique new currency to the world and at the same time create a solid foundation. Each month, 40% of the total number of NRG coins (1 million) is issued into the treasury system. Other coins, such as PIVX, Dash and other cryptocurrencies distribute only 10% to the treasury.

Another important point is that the Treasury is decentralized. Having a decentralized treasury allows master nodes to vote on where they want to receive funds.

The advantage is that Energi can pay investors and developers, and as it continues to grow, the treasury budget will allow more collaboration. Increased collaboration leads to growth and positive feedback.

Energi also has a higher inflation rate, and this feature will stimulate spending and reinvest.

Project name Energi
Stock Symbol NRG
Asset Type ERC-20 Token
Network type Blockchain
Consensus Protocol Proof-of-Stake
Hashing Algorithm EnergiHash
Market Cap $61 723 020
Curr. Price $3,00
Curr. Supply / Total Supply 20 601 836 / 20 601 822 NRG
ROI since launch 1 032,31%
Launch date 24 August 2018
Official Website https://www.energi.world/

Energi Coin 2018-2019 Price History

Throughout 2018, Energi price was stable and kept around $1,20. In July 2019, NRG soared in value without evident reasons for that. Most probably, it happened as the traders anticipated the release of Energi X core, so the price was manipulated. Anyway, the spike to $8-9 level made Energi one of Top-40 coins, and now it’s the world’s 71st coin.

NRG price chart 2018-2019

Energi (NRG) Technical Analysis

What’s the Energi market projection? Check NRG technical analysis by TradingView:

NRG technical analysis TradingView
NRG market projection by TradingView, the screenshot was taken on 09/20/2019

Evidently, the majority agree that Energi is a great investment, and now is the perfect time to enter the market.

Energi Community Reputation

According to Internet users, Energi is a very promising project with a great idea behind it. There are many such comments on Reddit and Twitter. The crypto community supports the platform, and many people are eager to become a part of it.

Look at the users’ comments:

Also, Energi has become more popular during 2019 – search trends prove it. It’s connected with the active promotion in social networks and booming of NRG price in Q2 2019.

NRG in Google Trends
NRG is getting more popular

Influencers Projections on Energi

Twitter users have no idea what the exact price of NRG will be, but they are mostly optimistic about future projections.

The recent advances make up for growth. But what about exact numbers? Here are a few NRG price predictions:

  • According to WalletInvestor, NRG price prediction 2020 is $10. That’s a very optimistic number for this platform.
  • DigitalCoin states that NRG will reach $4.25 during 2020.
  • TradingBeasts provides a controversial analysis. NRG price in 2020 will be from $3.16 to $4.65.
  • Gov.capital website claims that in a year, NRG will cost $17.3.

There are practically no bullish forecasts on RG – the coin is expected to continue its glorious growth and even exceed the highest high of July 2019.

What to expect from Energi in 2020?

In 2020, NRG is expected to hit the $10 level. If the bullish predictions won’t actualize, it still has a chance to be somewhere around $5-8. The coin has serious potential, and the team is working hard on fulfilling the plans and following the roadmap.

Should you decide to take advantage of this prognosis, you can buy Energi, along with other cryptos, on Changelly.

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Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as offering trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements.  Any investor should research multiple viewpoints and be familiar with all local regulations before committing to an investment.