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Bitcoin donations and charity funds accepting crypto
How to accept Bitcoin Donations Legally

Although most ICOs are fundraising campaigns and are organized for commercial purposes, some projects are designed to actually help people and make their lives easier....

Bitcoin Dominance & Impact
Bitcoin Dominance Explained

Bitcoin, without a doubt, is the most dominant crypto asset. This is facilitated by its long-standing history and the media attention surrounding it. Currently Bitcoin...

History of Bitcoin Price Fluctuations
Why Bitcoin is Falling in Price? History of BTC Price Fluctuations

Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile: unlike fiat money, the digital tokens may lose their value dramatically or gain in price in a matter of a day....

Changelly partners Infinito free crypto exchanges
Changelly x Infinito Wallet Promo: Trade Crypto for Free and Earn VNDC Tokens!

We at Changelly are continually developing our partnership with Infinito Solutions to provide users with the smoothest experience while trading cryptocurrencies. At the first step...

Europe vs Facebook's Libra
3 Reasons Why Europe Is Against Facebook’s Libra

France and Germany finance prime ministers jointly said on the 13th of September that the Libra cryptocurrency, which Facebook is actively lobbying on in Europe,...

Blockchain in Banking Use Cases
How Banking Industry Uses Blockchain?

Being a truly revolutionary technology, blockchain is being steadily implemented in all spheres of our life starting from food tracking and finishing by online payments....

Changelly and NEXO giveaway win cryptocurrency
Grab a Chance to Win 1000 NEXO with Changelly!

Happy Monday everyone! Why happy? Because Changelly is here with another promo aiming to help you top up your wallets with some crypto! Together with...

airdrop explanation and guide
What is Airdrop? Complete Guide to Free Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies airdrop is a free distribution of tokens by a particular blockchain project. ‘Airdrop‘ means dropping cargo from an airplane (equipment, food) or airborne landing....

cryptocurrencies with passive income changelly
Top-10 Cryptocurrencies for Passive Income

With every year more and more people are taking interest in cryptocurrencies. While some are into blockchain technologies because of its uniqueness, namely decentralization and...

instant crypto exchange comparison
Changelly vs. ShapeShift vs. CoinSwitch: Instant Crypto Exchange Comparison

What way would you choose to exchange one crypto asset for another? A crypto trader will probably choose a cryptocurrency exchange (also known as a...

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