The Best Cryptocurrency Tracking Platforms Beyond CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap Alternatives review

CoinMarketCap is the most popular cryptocurrency price index platform that also includes tokens and stablecoins. Launched in 2013, CoinMarketCap currently counts 4,924 cryptocurrency assets and lots of crypto exchanges connected and providing data for the indices. Today, we’re going to review CoinMarketCap alternatives.

In a way, the service has provided millions of people around the world to follow and impatiently observe the fluctuations of Bitcoin and their beloved altcoins every day. Their price charts are widely spread across all cryptocurrency-related communities.

After giving credit to the platform, let’s take a closer look at it and compare it with the main competitors in the cryptocurrency price indices and charts domain.


CoinMarketCap website
Coinmarketcap with dark mode enabled.

Each minute the market and price data come to CoinMarketCap from a vast number of crypto exchanges and accurately checked for validity using a specific algorithm

Worth mentioning that the German private company Solactive, which has established itself in the field of index solutions for ETFs and other index-linked investment products, is engaged in the aggregation, administration, and calculation of all indices. 

Price chart on
CoinMarketCap price charts are the most common
in the community of cryptocurrency holders.

The Coinmarketcap website is available in 15 different languages.

Available tools: 

  • Cryptocurrency rankings
  • Exchanges rankings
  • Crypto-backed loans rankings
  • Price charts
  • Blockchain explorer
  • Historical snapshots
  • Currency converter
  • Embedded Widgets
  • Watchlist
  • API

# of cryptoassets: 4,924
# of fiat currencies: 32
# of exchanges: 306
Price data refresh rate: every minute
Avg. 30-day visits (SimilarWeb): 36,000,000
Launch year: 2013
Dark mode theme: Yes. 🌚

CoinMarketCap is also available as a mobile app for iOS and Android. Read more about their data aggregation and calculation methodology.

#2. CoinGecko

CoinGecko as a CoinMarketCap alternative
Coingecko is the first competitive alternative for Coinmarketcap.

In the process of studying various ratings of cryptocurrency price monitoring services, most reviews put CoinGecko in 1st or 2nd place as a worthy alternative to Coinmarketcap. The service is supported by a Malaysian state center for entrepreneurs, and the company’s office is located in Kuala Lumpur.

In addition to monitoring exchanges, coin prices, and derivatives, Coingecko allows you to follow the latest news in the world of cryptocurrencies and compare the fundamental performance indicators of different assets. Additionally, on the site, you can find the anti-rating of cryptocurrencies by percentage drop compared to their All-Time Highs.

CoinGecko price chart example
Price chart example on CoinGecko.

The CoinGecko website is available in 21 different languages. 

Available tools: 

  • Cryptocurrency rankings
  • Cryptocurrency derivatives rankings
  • Exchanges rankings
  • ICO Calendar
  • Crypto forum
  • Price charts
  • Blockchain explorer
  • Historical snapshots
  • Currency converter
  • Widgets
  • API

# of cryptoassets: 6,292
# of fiat currencies: 45
# of exchanges: 399
Data refresh rate: updated every 1-10 minutes
Avg. 30-day visits (SimilarWeb): 6,770,000
Launch year: 2014
Dark mode: Yes. 🌚

Coingecko available on mobile devices with iOS and Android OS, plus the app for Chrome. The methodology used by CoinGecko for data processing and computing.

#3. Coin360

Coin360 as alternative to CoinMarketCap
Cryptocurrency price analysis looks much cooler with Coin360 behind your back. 😎

This one is our favorite, which we appreciate for beautiful market snapshots with a heat map of all price changes with real-time updates. The project can hardly be called a competitor or an alternative to CoinMarketCap, it rather covered that missing functionality for cryptanalysts, especially those from YouTube.

Coin360 example of a price chart
Bitcoin price chart on Coin360.

Coin360 also has gorgeous price charts with the ability to export them as images in both dark and bright modes. As for me, these are the most representative charts for publications (traders, I understand that TradingView is the best for analytics).

We must give credit to their latest functionality, which allows you to find the most liquid (i.e., large amounts) crypto-to-crypto transactions on the 25 biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. Read more here, and look at the Liquidity Book is here.

Available tools: 

  • Downloadable market state heatmaps 🤓
  • Cryptocurrency rankings
  • Exchanges rankings
  • Price charts
  • Widgets
  • Watchlists
  • API

# of cryptoassets: 3,467
# of fiat currencies: 11
# of exchanges: 238
Data refresh rate: updated every 8 seconds
Avg. 30-day visits (SimilarWeb): 500,000
Launch year: 2017
Dark mode: Yes. 🌚

A detailed explanation of the Coin360 methodology of data collection and calculations.

#4. Live Coin Watch

LiveCoinWatch homepage
Live Coin Watch homepage.

Live Coin Watch is a relatively new project created by a development team from Delaware (USA). Their cryptocurrency rating looks nice and has the ability to customize columns with metrics such as social sentiment, liquidity, availability, ROI and different types of an asset supply (total, circulating, issued and maximum).

In general, this is a convenient alternative tool CoinMarketCap, created with a clean appearance and a minimalistic approach. Read more about their rankings calculation

LiveCoinWatch price charts
Stylish price charts from Live Coin Watch.

Available tools: 

  • Cryptocurrency rankings
  • Built-in portfolio tracker
  • Exchanges rankings
  • Price charts
  • News

# of cryptoassets: 2,634
# of fiat currencies: 4
# of exchanges: 169
Data refresh rate: customizable, starts from 2 seconds
Avg. 30-day visits (SimilarWeb): 750,000
Launch year: 2017
Dark mode: Yes. 🌚

#5. CoinCheckup

CoinCheckup as alternative to CMC
CoinCheckup cryptocurrency ranking dashboard.

This project differs from CoinMarketCap in that it provides more detailed tools for market analysis like fundamental, investment and development (i.e., GitHub activity statistics) analytical tools. 

What makes CoinCheckup a real alternative to all other cryptocurrency monitoring services is dividing the market by industries: payments, mining, wallets, gaming, dApps, networking, trading, investments and so on. There is really no point in comparing IOTA with BTC, for example, as they are designed to solve different problems.

Available tools:

  • Cryptocurrency rankings
  • Price charts
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Advanced tools to analyze the cryptocurrency market in details
  • Price Predictions (nah, our price forecasts much better)

# of cryptoassets: 2,370
# of fiat currencies: 10+
# of exchanges: Unknown.
Data refresh rate: updated every 8 seconds
Avg. 30-day visits (SimilarWeb): 300,000
Launch year: 2017
Dark mode: Sure, they have it. 🌚

Read more about their disclaimer on how they stay unbiased and their rating formula.

#6. Our special guest CryptoCompare

CryptoCompare as a competitive crypto website

In the process of writing this article, I completely forgot about CryptoCompare, a very popular cryptocurrency portal. Nevertheless, this website not a true competitor or alternative to CoinMarketCap, since its functionality covers almost all the needs of cryptocurrency users: news, calculators, ratings, reviews, trading, public portfolios, and much more.

# of cryptoassets: 1,997
# of fiat currencies: 4
# of exchanges: 242
Data refresh rate: n/a
Avg. 30-day visits (SimilarWeb): 3,000,000
Launch year: 2014
Dark mode: 🌚

Summary of CoinMarketCap Alternatives

CoinMarketCap is sure to remain the leader for a long time thanks to its simplicity, loading speed and its fame in the cryptocurrency community (see the Google Trend comparison below). Not to mention, it also offers a huge amount of historical data and only loses to CoinGecko in the number of supported exchanges and listed digital assets.

Comparison of CMC alternatives on Google Trends
Hail to the CoinMarketCap!

However, sometimes you need to look at the heat map of the Coin360 market or study all the coins in the payment sector on CoinCheckup. But, when we want to see cryptocurrency rates, most of us come up with CoinMarketCap.

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