Changelly Christmas Is Coming…

It’s beginning to look like Christmas in Cryptoville! This year, we all are residents of this magical and crypto-oriented fictional city. Imagine, lights are everywhere, and the roads are strewn with white fluffy snow. 

At the foot of the mountain, locals slide down the hill. And at the top of the mountain, everything is not as beautiful as in the city. A misanthropic green creature lives in a cave on the highest mountain. Have you already guessed who it is? It’s the Grinch! We all know the Grinch hates Christmas. In Cryptoville, he also hates cryptocurrencies!

Stop the Grinch and Get the Gifts

This Christmas, the Grinch will try to steal not only the holiday but also gifts that our partners have prepared for you: crypto coins, unique wallet addresses, and even discounts! 

To stop this villain, the locals of Cryptoville have to complete the tasks that they will receive by email every day until (and including) Friday.

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What Awaits You This Changelly Christmas Week?

Frankly speaking, nothing too complicated! While you are busy with the pre-holiday bustle, we have prepared many pleasant gifts for you. Here’s what you need to do to win them:

  • solve puzzles,
  • tell stories from your experience,
  • score the most points in the Christmas game,
  • and more!

We are happy to share these cheerful moments with you! So, don’t be the Grinch — have fun in Cryptoville!