Best Crypto Newsletters

Best Crypto Newsletters

Although newsletters and email subscription services seem to be a relic of the past, they are still more than relevant. If you like crypto, then you are more than likely already subscribed to a few. Check your spam folder if you don’t see any emails in your inbox! 

An email subscription can be anything: a way for you to keep up with your favorite project or market, a lighthearted and fun alternative to your morning newspaper, or an essential part of your daily trading routine. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s probably a crypto newsletter out there that can provide that to you.

What Is a Crypto Newsletter?

A crypto newsletter is a service that delivers cryptocurrency news and market updates directly into your email inbox. There are many different types of such subscription services: some are free, some are paid, some offer the same content on a daily basis, while others are a lot more varied. 

Some newsletters get straight to the point, delivering you only the most important bits of information you might miss during the week. Others write up a detailed analysis of the current state of the cryptocurrency world and various digital assets.

Best Cryptocurrency Newsletters

There are many crypto newsletters out there, but here are the ones that we think are worth checking out first. Let’s dive in!


CoinMarketCap is one of the most prominent crypto platforms, so it’s no surprise they have a thriving email subscription service, too. Join their newsletter to receive an analysis of the trendiest crypto assets, the latest news, and updates every weekday from Monday to Friday.

Both the CoinMarketCap website and their newsletter are perfect for crypto beginners. 


Changelly also has a robust email subscription service that is perfect for beginners and experts alike. We send out weekly bite-sized crypto news updates, monthly blog round-ups, regular educational emails, and more! 


All of our newsletters are handcrafted to provide you with the most topical news and information in the most engaging way possible. If you’re not a fan of reading novel-length emails as you enjoy your morning coffee (or tea), our newsletter will be perfect for you.

Wanna see more content like this? Join Changelly’s newsletter to get weekly crypto news round-ups, price predictions, and information on the latest trends directly in your inbox.


CoinSnacks’s weekly newsletter delivers bite-sized essential crypto news directly into your inbox. Since they only send out emails once a week, they focus on quality over quantity, providing you with a concise yet thorough analysis of crypto prices and the latest cryptocurrency news.

Subscribe to CoinSnacks to give yourself a weekly crypto treat!


If you enjoy a minimalistic approach to cryptocurrency newsletters, then Unbankd is a perfect choice for you. They offer concise yet high-quality analysis of the crypto market, exclusive research, and insights on the current state of the cryptocurrency space. They have free and paid weekly newsletters, perfect for all kinds of crypto investors.


Both of their cryptocurrency newsletters offer excellent insight into the inner workings of the crypto market, but the free one is fairly short and contains ads.


Bankless is an insightful cryptocurrency newsletter written in plain language. This email subscription service brings you along on a journey to a new bankless world through DeFi, open finance, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.

Bankless sends out five actionable emails a week. All of them feature practical advice and long-term strategies on how to increase your earnings when trading on various cryptocurrency markets. The newsletter also comes with a podcast and videos that further elaborate on the topics covered in emails.

Additionally, Bankless offers a premium subscription service that features a weekly full Market Opportunity report, access to a private Discord server with 15K crypto enthusiasts, and more. It costs $22 a month.

The Pomp Letter

The Pomp Letter is a free weekly newsletter run by Anthony Pompliano, one of the world’s most influential Bitcoin proponents. In his emails, you will find an interesting perspective on all the recent happenings in the crypto world, cryptocurrency (mainly Bitcoin) price analysis and forecasts, and much more. 

The Pomp Letter also offers a paid subscription service, which will allow you to receive daily updates for up to 5 days a week. These paid emails include not only the usual stuff like trend round-ups or price predictions but also exclusive interviews with industry insiders.


Coindesk is one of the world’s most famous blockchain news sites — and they also offer one of those subscription services that can easily be described as “the whole package.” Their newsletter covers everything from regulation updates to short- and long-term trading strategy advice. 


What makes Coindesk rather unique is that it gives users the opportunity to join only those newsletters that interest them. You’ll be able to pick the topics the platform will keep you updated on. No more emails clogging up your inbox with information that you couldn’t care less about!


Bloomberg, a famous news aggregator that covers finance, technology, business, and markets, has its own monthly crypto newsletter. It covers a wide range of topics, from beginner tips and basic information on how the cryptocurrency world operates to complex analysis of the latest regulatory news.

Unfortunately, all that information will come at a cost — albeit a small one. Just for $2 a month (i.e., per one edition of their newsletter), you will be able to get access to some of the best fundamental and technical analyses and expert opinions on the latest crypto news.


Crowdcreate has a robust cryptocurrency newsletter that shares regular insights from top experts in crypto, NFTs, and web3. They frequently interview top crypto experts and give insights on what the leaders of the industry are currently working on. 

Crowdcreate provides deep industry knowledge. Without sacrificing accessibility, they make sure their newsletter can be read by anyone, no matter whether they found out about crypto yesterday or have been trading tokens for the last five years.

Forefront Newsletter

Forefront’s newsletter concerns all things web3. Every single Monday, it delivers the latest news and analysis of social tokens, DAOs, and, of course, web3. Forefront’s main goal is to create a thriving tokenized community and help it grow.

Conclusion on Best Crypto Newsletters

There are a lot of different crypto newsletters out there — our list covers only a small portion. Not a single one of them can conclusively be called the best crypto newsletter. All of them offer different things and are perfect for different kinds of users.

However, we would advise you against subscribing to too many newsletters at the same time. Although it may seem productive, the more emails you have in your inbox, the less likely you are to actually read them all. We recommend that you find one or two newsletters that would be both interesting and easy to read for you and stick to them.

And if you’re interested in crypto and enjoy writing about it, why not start your own newsletter? Who knows, maybe your perspective is just what the crypto industry needs to hear!

Best NFT Newsletters

Although the NFT hype seems to have died off, non-fungible tokens are still incredibly popular. Not to mention, they are unbelievably interesting from both a technical and a social perspective: NFTs definitely bring something new to the table of the modern crypto and entertainment industries.

Most of the cryptocurrency newsletters we’ve mentioned above include NFT news and analysis in their weekly and daily emails. However, if you’re truly interested in this part of the cryptocurrency market, it would be a good idea to subscribe to a specialized NFT newsletter. Here are some of the best ones. 

NFT Lately

NFT Lately is an NFT newsletter that is sent out twice a week. It tells about the latest NFT drops and the hottest new releases, analyzes any NFT-related news, and sometimes sends out exclusive NFTs.

Subscribe to NFT Lately to have a complete breakdown of the NFT industry delivered directly into your inbox twice a week.


OpenSea is one of the world’s most popular NFT marketplaces. They have a monthly newsletter that covers everything from product updates to the latest NFT trends and releases.

This newsletter is perfect for people who want to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the NFT industry but don’t want to receive constant updates on various tokens. OpenSea is a prominent player in the NFT world, and its analysis of the sphere is definitely worth a read. is the world’s biggest NFT data resource. They offer a wide variety of services that can help businesses, institutional and retail investors, and crypto enthusiasts navigate the rapidly changing sphere that is non-fungible tokens.


In addition to the services offered on their platform, NonFungible has an exclusive weekly NFT newsletter. They mostly write about the latest industry news and share their insights into NFT market data. This newsletter is perfect for users who want to receive concise yet informative weekly round-ups of everything that happened in the NFT world.

Zima Red

Zima Red is one of the best cryptocurrency newsletters that cover NFTs. In addition to non-fungible tokens, its authors also write about blockchain games and virtual reality worlds. The topics they cover range from the latest NFT news to in-depth analysis of how current events, such as Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars, will affect the world of non-fungible tokens.


Just like the name suggests, Metaversal has an email subscription service for all things, well, Metaverse. The newsletter tells about virtual worlds, NFTs, and digital art. Although most of their emails provide round-ups of the latest news and analysis of newly dropped tokens, they occasionally write in-depth analysis posts on the state of the industry.

NFT Drops

Once again, the name gives away the contents of this newsletter — NFT Drops writes round-ups of the latest non-fungible token releases. Since this newsletter is bimonthly, it can be perfect for people who only have a general interest in the NFT sphere and don’t want to clog up their inbox with emails they’ll never read. 

NFT Drops is great for beginners and experts alike and would be an amazing pick for anyone looking to expand their knowledge of the NFT market.