Buy Bitcoin in Canada

Do you want to buy Bitcoin in Canada? Changelly, an instant cryptocurrency exchange, is a great choice to make. Four of our partners – MoonPay, Banxa, Simplex, and Indacoin – offer you the best rates to purchase Bitcoin with a favorable payment option, including Visa/Mastercard debit card, wire transfer, or ApplePay. Obtaining Bitcoin in Canada has never been so easy.


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Changelly: best place to buy BTC

In Canada, cryptocurrencies are not considered legitimate tender. However, the citizens are allowed to use and trade cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin. The merchants also can accept digital currencies as payment methods in online and offline shops (bank wire). Cryptocurrencies, as a commodity, are subject to taxation.

With Credit Card

Buy crypto in Canada with a debit, credit, virtual, or prepaid card. Your purchase will be quick, secure, and easy.

With Apple Pay

Purchase BTC on the go. If you’re using an iPhone, you will be able to securely pay for your orders with Apple Pay.

With Bank Transfer

Use your bank account for crypto transactions and enjoy higher limits and some of the lowest fees for processing.

How to buy BTC

There are many platforms to choose from when considering buying Bitcoin  – online exchanges, peer-to-peer services, Bitcoin ATMs, and others. However, if you want to buy Bitcoin instantly, take a closer look at Changelly. There are only a couple of steps to get BTC coins in your Bitcoin wallet:

  • Pick the fiat money you want to deposit (it can be Canadian dollars (CAD), USD, or any other national currency).

  • Fill in your wallet address.

  • Pass the KYC verification process, and voila – coins are yours.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is one of the most broadly known digital assets, and in fact, the most expensive one. It can be used for payments (sometimes even offline instead of cash) across the world. Unlike with banking services, you don’t need ID verification - you just need a computer with Internet access to get registered.

What to do after buying Bitcoin

What can Canadians do after they bought Bitcoin? You might be surprised by how many options you have.

Trade with Bitcoin

Open trades that can potentially bring profit not only when BTC price is rising but also in other market circumstances. Pick a broker and a trading platform to start your journey off on the right foot.

Store/Hold Bitcoin

You can buy cryptocurrency and wait for its price to increase. People that are patient and confident about the underlying value of BTC might see impressive gains. No need to withdraw - the only person with access to it will be you.

Use Bitcoin

Cash might become obsolete soon! With Bitcoin payments, you can pay for goods and services online and even in brick-and-mortar stores! Plus, finding a company that accepts BTC is no trouble.

Send Bitcoin

If you want to send money to someone, you can do it without Canadian banks, ID verification, or several business days of waiting. Register an account on an e-wallet service and send BTC to other users.

Donate Bitcoin

Purchase bitcoins and send some to a charitable cause! These days, there are more Bitcoin-friendly charities than ever - UNICEF, Rainforest Foundation, etc.


Why buy Bitcoin?

Firstly, the market is booming - if you’d deposited $100 in bitcoin, the investment would be worth roughly $50 million today. Secondly, unlike a credit card, BTC is anonymous and doesn’t require ID verification. And lastly, it’s a very simple and quick payment method.

Is Bitcoin a good investment?

Bitcoin has a competitive future in the financial services industry. Even though the prices are already high, if you invest now, your BTC investment might still be able to be more than you initially paid with Canadian dollars.

Is Bitcoin reliable?

Bitcoin is not regulated, but it does offer more security than simple cash. For instance, as long as you keep your private key hidden, no one can access or withdraw your funds.

Where to store your Bitcoin?

First of all, use a secure way to buy Bitcoin like Changelly. And then you’ll need a digital wallet with a solid reputation. If you have large amounts of crypto, though, an online platform might not be enough - opt for cold storage.



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