Blockchain in business

The Top 20 Public Companies that Use Blockchain Technology

As blockchain applications outside of cryptocurrency become more evident, corporate interest in the technology is increasing. In particular, blockchain solutions have the potential to streamline...

How Walmart Uses Blockchain in Supply Chain Management

Supply chains are essential for any business that sells any sort of product. Even if you are simply selling soap produced by your next-door neighbor,...

How Blockchain Could Revolutionize Banking

Although for many people the word “blockchain” has become synonymous with the term “cryptocurrency,” that’s not all there is to it. Cryptocurrencies are just one...

changelly observes benefits of blockchain in agriculture sector cover
Blockchain in Retail Vol.3: Agriculture and Food Industry

When blockchain will become a part of our daily lives it may significantly improve it. This also concerns the Agriculture Industry.

how can blockchain be implemented into healthcare changelly cover
Blockchain in Retail Vol.2: Healthcare

How can blockchain improve the Healthcare industry? We've collected real use cases of decentralized projects in the health sector.

Changelly talks about blockchain in retail in general and in the fashion sector in particular
Fashion Markets Follow Blockchain Technology to Save Money and Quality

On its way to mass adoption, blockchain technology finally enters giant industries. Read our article to know how DLT will safe fashion from counterfeit goods.

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