Changelly Lists Morality (MO)

morality listing

We are excited to announce that MO, Morality Co-operative’s token, has joined the family of the over 160 cryptocurrencies available for exchange and purchase on Changelly! Starting today, users will be able to buy MO with fiat or swap MO with other digital assets at fixed or floating rates on our platform.

MO is the native token of Morality Network, a blockchain-based content rating system that compensates you for your time online. As a decentralised data co-operative, Morality aims to preserve important information, rate digital publishers, and allow users to retain full ownership of, and profit from, their own data. Morality Co-op are creating a global ‘Morality index’ of digital publishers and rewarding those who take part in building the ecosystem.

The Morality Co-op’s founding members consider dignity, autonomy, and privacy to be “core human values”. They believe that for these values to be protected in the digital age there needs to be a radical new approach to the way tech companies operate. The need for Morality is discussed in great detail within their white paper which can be found online at

It is great to be partnering with Changelly. We are also integrating their API within the Morality application, allowing seamless exchange of Morality (MO) to 160+ different crypto assets.

Hugo Evans, Morality Co-op Founding Member

We are always happy to welcome new exciting projects to our platform. It has been a pleasure working with Morality Co-op, and I believe this partnership is sure to greatly benefit both of us!

Eric Benz, Changelly CEO

About Morality Co-operative

Morality Co-op is developing an in-browser experience that allows digital publishers and readers to reap the benefits of the crypto economy, even if they are non-technical. Every website will eventually have a Morality score that is dictated by the global population.

The beta application is now live, providing a Layer 2 solution to the Ethereum blockchain, permitting free transactions of MO across the Morality network. In addition to the Layer 2 feature, there are two additional wallets to hold MO and ETH on the blockchain to transact with an ETH Gas Fee. The beta browser extension is launching later this year.

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About Changelly

Changelly provides an ecosystem of products and services that enables customers to have a one-stop-shop experience when engaging with crypto. Operating since 2015, Changelly acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, offering access to 160+ cryptocurrencies that can be effortlessly swapped within 10 minutes on desktop and on-the-go via Changelly mobile app.

In 2020, Changelly branched out to accommodate the needs of traders. PRO has been built as a platform focused around the needs of the customer, effectively enabling retail buying and selling of digital tokens and coins. Piggy-backing the great support system found within Changelly, Changelly PRO will provide the community with high limits, effective pricing, fast execution, and 24/7 live support.

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