How to Buy Crypto Quickly and Safely: Changelly Explains


How to buy your first cryptocurrency for USD or EUR or let’s say GBP? This question keeps bothering millions of those who wish to enter the cryptocurrency market. Which tools to use to keep your funds, both fiat and crypto in save? Many of Changelly users have been asking us to give a detailed yet simple explanation. So, we’ve prepared a full tutorial on buying altcoins and tokens for fiat currency.

Moreover, there is two good news for all Changelly users willing to buy crypto for fiat, namely:

  1. We added Pound Sterling to buy crypto. So, from now on Changelly accepts three fiat currencies for buying cryptocurrency which are Euro (EUR), US dollars (USD), and Pound sterlings (GBP).
  2. The minimum amount for buying crypto is decreased to 50 USD/EUR/GBP

We hope this info has lifted your spirits. Hence now it’s time to find out how to implement the exchange itself. To do that just strictly follow the instruction below.

  • First of all open Changelly website and choose the start and destination currency. When preparing this tutorial, we decided to buy some BNB for USD 100. After that tap the ‘Exchange now’ button
Changelly website main page
  • Set the amount, then read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, tick the box below and proceed to the next step
Enter the amount
  • Enter the recipient address where your destination coin will be delivered. For this tutorial, we entered BNB address to receive BNB coins. If you haven’t got a wallet you can choose the one from the list by tapping “Haven’t got a wallet yet?” button
how-to buy-crypto-for-fiat
Enter the recipient address
  • Check the transaction details once again then tap “Confirm and make payment”
Check the details
  • Starting with this step you’ll be redirected to the Indacoin* processing page for the payment implementation. Enter your mobile phone number and click Next

*To get more information about Indacoin click here.  

Enter the valid phone number
  • Provide your credit card information and enter your birth date, then click Pay
Enter the credit card information
  • Enter the code from the SMS you’ll receive from the bank
Enter the code from SMS
  • You’ll get a call from Indacoin. Please listen for the 4-digit code and enter it in the field below
Enter the 4-digit code you receive from Indacoin’s call
  • Now it’s time to start the verification procedure. To do that click “Start the Verification” button
Start the verification
  • To get your account verified, accept the Indacoin’s General Terms and Conditions and give your consent to process your personal data, then click to Proceed
Account verification page
  • Select the country of issue, then choose your ID document type. Upload the image with the main page of your passport or ID card or Driving license. For this tutorial, we used a Passport
Account verification page
  • Upload a selfie holding ID or passport and a piece of paper with the following text: “I confirm crypto purchase on for (enter your amount here)” and the current date. Click to proceed
Account verification page
  • Wait while the system is reviewing your documents. This process usually takes from 1 to 3 minutes, but may take up to 24 hours in rare cases
Account verification status
  • Now that the transaction status is “Your coins are going to be delivered to you soon” your crypto purchase is almost over. You can check the transaction on or wait until the auto-redirect back to Changelly website
Transaction status
  • Welcome back to Changelly! And congratulations on a successful transaction. Check all the details once again and click “See transaction on Blockchain” if needed  
Transaction is completed

That’s all! Now that you’ve made sure that there’s nothing complicated in buying crypto on Changelly it’s your time to try it out! Good luck in your future investments!

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