How to Buy ADA Coin Online (USD, EUR, GBP)?

Cardano is a decentralized blockchain launched in 2017 by Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK). The platform runs on a Proof-of-Stake algorithm called Ouroboros, which determines how individual nodes reach consensus on the entire network. The algorithm is an important part of the infrastructure that supports ADA cryptocurrency and makes it so ADA is considered to be as safe as Bitcoin is.

Are you still interested? Here is a guide on how to buy Cardano (ADA) with cash, credit card, or another crypto. 

Fast way to buy ADA with credit card

Before buying Cardano (ADA), please make sure that you have created a wallet for this cryptocurrency. If you do not have any wallets, you can choose one from our list.

You can buy ADA directly using a bank card, or purchase Tether or Bitcoin and swap it to ADA. Cardano can be bought for USD on exchange platforms like Kraken, Bittrex, EXMO, and HitBTC. The ADA/USDT pair is quite popular, so you can easily buy Cardano with Tether on nearly any exchange.

How to buy Cardano (ADA) on a crypto exchange

You can buy Cardano (ADA) for fiat on Changelly in a couple of clicks using your credit card. Visit this page, specify the amount of USD and ADA you need, and proceed to the next step. Enter your ADA wallet address, specify details and personal information, pay, and you’re done.

Buy Cardano (ADA) with USD, EURO or GBP online within minutes. Credit cards accepted.

Where Can I Buy Cardano (ADA)?

Besides Changelly instant exchange, you can buy Cardano cryptocurrency on some other exchanges. Here is our list of the most liquid Cardano providers. 

#1. Buy Cardano (ADA) on Binance

Binance was launched in 2017, yet in such a short time this Shanghai-based cryptocurrency exchange has become one of the most popular trading platforms. You can buy several dozens cryptocurrencies at Binance, including ADA, which is traded in pairs with bitcoin and ether. Unfortunately, you can’t buy Cardano for fiat currency on Binance. However, this platform is quite easy to use, and the fees are small.

FreeNetwork Fee
  • Available trading pairs: ADA/USDT, ADA/BTC.
  • Trading Fee: 0.1% or 0.075% option for BNB holder

#2. Buy Cardano (ADA) on Bittrex

Bittrex is an American cryptocurrency exchange that has existed since 2014, and it trades a lot of currencies. On Bittrex you can buy ADA for bitcoins and USDT. As with Binance, you can’t buy it with fiat money, so if you do not have BTC or USDT, you need to buy one of these cryptocurrencies first (via bank transfer, credit card, etc.) and then exchange them to ADA on Bittrex.

FreeNetwork Fee
  • Available trading pairs: ADA/USDT, ADA/BTC, ADA/USD, ADA/ETH
  • Trading Fee: 0.25%

#3. Buy Cardano (ADA) on Kraken

Kraken is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Kraken provides leverage for only a few instruments. Its size varies from 1:2 to 1:5. For trading without coverage, a fee ranging from 0.01% to 0.02% is charged depending on the instrument. The commission is debited every 4 hours.

In addition, a commission for bidding is charged. Its size depends on the trading volume for the last 30 days and on the role in which you play: from 0% to 0.16% for makers and from 0.1% to 0.26% for takers. This amount of commission is average on the market.

EUR SEPA Deposit (Free) – EEA countries onlyEUR SEPA Withdrawal (€0.09) – EEA countries only
USD Bank Wire Deposit ($5 USD) – US onlyUSD Bank Wire Withdrawal ($5 USD) – US only
EUR Bank Wire Deposit (€10) – outside US onlyEUR Bank Wire Withdrawal (€60) – outside US only
USD Bank Wire Deposit ($10 USD) – outside US onlyUSD Bank Wire Withdrawal ($60 USD) – outside US only
JPY Bank deposit (Free, ¥5,000 deposit minimum) – Japan onlyJPY Bank withdrawal (¥20) – Japan only
CAD Wire Deposit (Free)CAD EFT Withdrawal ($10 CAD fee, $25K CAD daily max) – Canada only
  • Available trading pairs: ADA/XBT, ADA/EUR, ADA/USD, ADA/ETH
  • Trading Fee: 0% – 0.26%

#4. Buy Cardano (ADA) on is a cryptocurrency exchange operating on the market since the fall of 2017. The exchange offers its customers a sizeable selection of altcoins and focuses on traders from English-speaking and Asian countries.

The site does not work with fiat. Deposit and withdrawal are available exclusively in cryptocurrency equivalent.

  • Available trading pairs: ADA/BTC, ADA/USDT
  • Trading fee: 0.20%

#5. Buy Cardano (ADA) on Huobi Global

Huobi Cryptocurrency Exchange is based in Beijing and has been operating for almost 5 years now, firmly establishing itself on the global TOP of exchange websites.

Huobi cryptocurrency exchange may not be the most flexible, but is still one of the most convenient tools to date. Statistics show that the volume of transactions on this exchange is one of the largest in the world, which means that your orders will be closed as quickly as possible. The exchange offers a user-friendly interface, mobile applications for all of the existing platforms and API support. 

Their weakest point is the fiat currency deals, which are periodically banned. On the other hand, support for your own tokens and their high popularity are also a strong argument for choosing this exchange.

  • Available trading pairs: ADA/USDT
  • Trading fee: 0.2%

#6. Buy Cardano (ADA) on HitBTC

HitBTC Exchange is a popular cryptocurrency and token trading platform. It is legally registered in Hong Kong and has been operating since 2013. Over its 5 years of operation, the cryptocurrency exchange entered the top 10 in terms of the trading volume.

The site interface is not overloaded with redundant elements. The trading terminal does not slow down; several types of orders are available for professional trading. It is possible to set a stop loss. After registration a wallet is available for storing any cryptocurrency or token.

FreeHitBTC withdrawal fees are both flat and dynamic: the rates do not depend on the withdrawal amount but are automatically adjusted to the market situation
  • Available trading pairs: ADA/USD, ADA/BTC, ADA/ETH
  • Trading fee: Maker: -0.01% – 0.07%, taker: 0.02% – 0.07%

#7. Buy Cardano (ADA) on EXMO

EXMO is an international cryptocurrency exchange. EXMO is considered one of the best platforms for working with fiat; it allows you to conduct trading operations with the US dollar, euro, Polish zloty, Turkish lira.

FreeCryptocurrencies – Free
  • Available trading pairs: ADA/USD, ADA/BTC
  • Trading fee: 0.2%

Is it safe to buy ADA with cash?

You can’t actually buy Cardano cryptocurrency with cash due to the lack of ATMs for it (like Bitcoin ATMs). However, you can buy ADA with fiat currencies by using peer to peer sources like LocalBitcoins, LocalCoinSwap, and The sources give you an opportunity to buy Bitcoin with PayPal (USD, EUR, etc) and then swap it to Cardano cryptocurrency on one of the exchange platforms. 

Should you buy or sell ADA now?

We found a great opinion of a Quora user on purchase or sale of Cardano cryptocurrency.  So, here are some good reasons to buy Cardano:

  • Cardano is a long term investment as it hasn’t been fully developed yet, and as more features are introduced to the platform, the price is likely to increase.
  • Cardano is learning from the mistakes of bitcoin and ethereum and is therefore scalable. The development team made sure to research and find a solution for the scalability problem before making the platform.
  • Cardano is sustainable. It’s being programmed in a way that makes it possible to update Cardano through soft forks. This means that new features will be added even after deployment.
  • Cardano is aiming for Cross-Chain integration, meaning ADA will be exchangeable with any other cryptocurrency which supports the Cardano protocol without the use of a 3rd party exchange site.
  • Cardano just went through a correction, and so you can get it at a discount compared to earlier this week.

Reasons not to buy Cardano:

  • All these features haven’t actually been developed yet.
  • It’s a very ambitious project – maybe even too ambitious, but to be fair the development team is also some of the brightest out there.
  • Cardano is competing against Ethereum and Neo, both of which are great projects.


Project managers are actively trying to start cooperation with large companies, including Google. Digital currency is able to interact with all blockchain projects. The increase in the value of ADA coins is explained by the fact that large investors are quite actively investing in foreign currency. If you are interested in ADA coins, you can buy Cardano cryptocurrency on Changelly right now.

Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as offering trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements.  Any investor should research multiple viewpoints and be familiar with all local regulations before committing to an investment.