Blockchain Gaming Ecosystem: FunFair’s Gaming App Empowered with Changelly’s API

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With every passing day, blockchain technology is changing more and more industries around the globe for the better. Blockchain gaming is not an exception. With the added benefits of blockchain tech, a player’s gaming experience can now be more engaging, fluid and instant than ever before. Changelly, an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform, has partnered up with FunFair to provide a better experience to the global iGaming community. With this new integration of Changelly’s API into their wallet,  Funfair has made another significant step towards the mass adoption of both FUN and crypto in general.

Why Changelly’s Multi-Swap?

In collaboration with FunFair, the Changelly space team now provides an easy way for players to swap top cryptocurrencies into FunFair’s native token FUN, thus eliminating the extra step of having to exchange the crypto elsewhere. No need to interrupt the gameplay!

Using Changelly’s API integrated within the FunFair Wallet, users will now be able to swap Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies for the FUN token with a single button click. At the primary stage of the integration, there are five main assets available to be exchanged into FUN. However, thanks to Changelly’s extensive and diverse crypto portfolio there will be more coins coming soon. 

No-Fee November

To celebrate the major partnership, Changelly is waiving all transaction fees for CasinoFair players, starting from the 12th of November and until the end of the month! This means you can swap your crypto to FUN through CasinoFair and Changelly completely free of charge!

CasinoFair Wager Bonuses

The gifts do not stop there. CasinoFair will also match players’ first transactions of up to 15,000 FUN done via Changelly on to then reward players with bonuses*.

*Matched bonus will be paid once the player has wagered 20x their total transaction eg 1,000 FUN = wager 20,000 FUN across any game to receive 1,000 FUN matched bonus.

Fred Kessler, CPO at FunFair Technologies Europe shares his thoughts on the major benefits of this strategic partnership: 

“Integrating Changelly’s user-friendly exchange will open up our platform to a vast new audience of crypto-holders, and allow for a far superior onboarding journey. To date, players must own FUN to play, but this new partnership of choice will allow for holders of the likes of Bitcoin to experience the best in blockchain gaming without the added hurdle of heading off-site to use a crypto exchange.”

Eric Benz, CEO at Changelly remains confident that the companies’ collaboration would be beneficial for both gamers and businesses that interact with FunFair solutions: 

“Funfair has been a project I have been following for the past couple years and the team behind the project are some of the best from both the gaming and crypto industries. I look forward to the integration of the Changelly API as this will benefit both the customers and companies who are using the FunFair wallet and FunFair gaming ecosystem as a whole.”

About Changelly

Changelly is a non-custodial, instant cryptocurrency exchange, which means that no user funds are placed in the service. Operating since 2015, Changelly acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, offering access to 150+ cryptocurrencies. The company’s mission is to make the exchange process effortless for everyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency. Attracting over a million visitors per month Changelly provides its loyal community with high limits, fast transactions, and 24/7 live support. 

For those who’d love to make crypto exchanges on-the-go, Changelly offers its official mobile app with fixed-rate exchanges, which is available for download on the AppStore and Google Play. For those who would like to exchange crypto at a floating rate, Changelly offers the lowest fee of 0.25% for all crypto-to-crypto exchanges.

Changelly offers its API and a customizable payment widget to any crypto service that wishes to broaden its audience and implement new exchange options. Dozens of crypto businesses already use Changelly API, which adds the instant swap feature to their services. The platform also offers an Affiliate program with a 50% revenue share mechanism.

About FunFair Technologies Europe Ltd

FunFair is the leading B2B blockchain casino platform provider, changing the gaming industry for the better. Running on a blockchain, FunFair is empowering a new breed of operator with a low-cost platform, game developers with access to a vast new audience, and players with a Guaranteed Fair experience superior to anything else on the market.

Its team has over 100 years of combined experience in the gaming and casino area, as well as 20 years of blockchain expertise, providing a platform to deliver the best slots, table and unique instant win games in a transparent, fair manner.

Co-founded by Jez San OBE, Jeremy Longley and Oliver Hopton in 2017, its growing team of c.40 are based in Dublin and London.