EOS Price Prediction 2019: Back to the start of 2018

The EOS coin is only at the beginning of its journey. It stands apart from cryptocurrencies, both in its technical characteristics and in its goals scale. A simple proving fact – more than $4 billion raised during the ICO.

EOS goal is to become an enterprise-grade solution for decentralized applications deployment. The team of the project shows very responsible approach to the project’s technical documentation, media appearance and overall presence in the industry. This fact helped the coin to gain attention from some major investors and raise one of the biggest market capitalizations in the industry.

What is EOS and why do investors believe in it?

The Block.one development team (founder of EOS), led by Dan Larimer, was lucky to convince lots of people to believe in the project’s profitability. From the outset, they announced the creation of a distributed operating system with smart contracts like Ethereum but much better. So the EOS was immediately declared as an “ETH killer”.

The concept and method of project implementation itself were very attractive for users. If at one time Ethereum became a real breakthrough and is still in great demand, what would happen if something like this appeared, but many times stronger?

The project is mainly dedicated to provide a stable network for decentralized applications. The architecture of EOS is designed in a way that allows it to offer DApps developers easy deployment, upgrades and bug recovery. Also, as a blockchain network, EOS is able to provide secure communication, data protection and censorship resistance.

However, the coin remains widely dependent on market fluctuations and Bitcoin’s popularity. It looks like the EOS price history follows overall market behavior despite the coin’s secure position as one of the major cryptocurrencies and large attention from institutional investors. Still, the EOS price prediction shows coin’s promising future and strong chances to advance both in its price and in its product features.

EOS price history is quite successful. Its understandable market niche alongside technical sophistication of the team provided it with sustainable growth and positive media presence. EOS price predictions were very promising, helping the coin to become one of the major parts of the industry, which it remains to be to this day.

More info on the EOS platform can be found on BitcoinWiki.

EOS Price Graph Analysis

Speaking about the prospects of EOS, coin supporters put forward three main arguments:

EOS Price Graph Analysis
EOS price graph from Jan 2018 to Jan 2019 on Coin360.com

2018 was a tough year for the whole cryptocurrency industry and EOS wasn’t an exception. Its price has fallen from 13 USD per coin in January, 2018 to a little over 2.3 USD at the time of writing this article. Despite several peaks in April and June, EOS’s price graph demonstrates a sustainable descending trend.

However, while remaining in the downtrend, EOS price analysis shows that the coin is currently in a stable position. It is still volatile, but much more stable than many of its competitors. For example, unlike Bitcoin Cash, the coin had no technical changes or forks that could’ve lead to EOS’s price drops. It seems like the only reason behind the downward trend of the EOS price graph is the overall uncertainty of the market.

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EOS Price Prediction for 2019 and 2020

While EOS price forecast is still strongly dependent on the cryptocurrency market behaviour, some of the coin’s advantages make it stand out in the industry.

First of all, the coin has a certain niche and a user base in a growing industry of decentralized applications. It means that its price will rise along with increasing demand on robust network for dapps deployment. EOS is also active in its search for new developers. The project is one of the main initiators and sponsors of multiple blockchain-related events, hackathons and conferences. The platform can largely upgrade itself by acquiring new specialists, making it much more attractive to invest in.

Another significant advantage of the platform is its network bandwidth. The platform can currently handle up to 3000 transactions per second (TPS), which is much more than Bitcoin and Ethereum. The development team of the cryptocurrency promised that its network will be able to provide up to 50 thousand transactions per second in the near future. If true, this will make the platform one of the fastest ways to send money, close in speed and network capacity to Visa and Mastercard.  

Mentioned advantages are important for investors, especially when the coin’s price is as low as it is. A couple of successful deals with businesses and some advancement in technical aspects can move the price of the coin way up and it seems to be a likely scenario. EOS’s price peak of 21,46 USD isn’t very probable to be reached again.

However, in case the market won’t show any dramatic falls, EOS price prediction for 2019 is very bright. The most likely case is its return to its February value of around 14 USD, which is almost 7 times its current price. EOS price prediction for 2020 is even more positive. Coin’s current direction, combined with its sustainable dominance in terms of TPS and DApp-friendliness makes the coin a very promising investment.

Prospects for EOS for 2019 year

#1 Special attention is given to the team. Both Larimer and all its other members have previously created successful projects, in particular, Bitshares and Steemit. Their experience, serious attitude and active participation in industry forums inspire confidence.

#2 Despite the continuing market decline, the EOS price chart for the last year showed an increase of 800%. By all indications, the EOS coin should show a good result in 2019, because its full potential will be revealed within 1-2 years. Experts recommend investing in EOS exclusively for a long time and predict its significant growth.

Expert opinions: the real EOS price forecast for 2019

One should not expect that the price will reach $500+ soon since the number of emitted coins is too large – 1 billion. For comparison: both ETH and another direct EOS competitor – NEO have a much less total number of tokens, which makes them more valuable.

Due to the high volume of coins, the planned annual EOS inflation is 5%. This is the key to the commission’s absence. In fact, 5% of the asset depreciation is a kind of hidden commission for all EOS token holders.

#1 According to the analytical portal Investopedia, EOS is one of the 10 most promising cryptocurrencies out of 3,000 existing today, so it’s surely worth trying.

#2 Steemit.com issued two very optimistic forecasts for the EOS coins for 2019: one for the price of up to $20, and the other predicts the EOS value for 2019 is up to $70.

#3 Coinspeaker reported that EOS will face some increase, then drop for a while. Nevertheless, EOS price will reach $9.79 by the end of May 2019.

Overall, it seems like 2019 will be a prominent year for the EOS price history.

Disclaimer: This information should not be interpreted as advertising cryptocurrency or any particular service or offer. This article is not a recommendation for trade. Cryptocurrencies are complex speculative tools and involve significant risks – they are extremely volatile and sensitive to the influence of side factors. Profitability is impossible to predict, and past performance does not guarantee good results in the future. Consider your financial circumstances and personally consult with experts before relying on this information.

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