Chiliz (CHZ) Price Prediction for 2020-2025

Chiliz (CHZ) Price Prediction for 2020-2025

Chiliz (CHZ) is a digital currency for tokenizing sports and entertainment. This is a blockchain technology that allows you to create products for ordinary consumers. Chiliz was created by the platform to allow fans to interact more actively with their favorite teams. Cryptocurrency gives fans the right to vote and the opportunity to participate in decision-making for organizations that join the platform.

What’s going on with the Chiliz cryptocurrency price? Find out in Chiliz (CHZ) price prediction for 2020-2025. 

Fundamental Value

Fan Tokens are an official crypto token that contains the branding of affiliate sports teams. With the help of tokens, fans get the right to vote and the opportunity to participate in decision-making regarding their favorite teams. You can buy fan tokens using Chiliz tokens.

Fans receive additional income through tokenization. Also, all teams that connect to the platform receive a percentage of the commission charged for transactions. The first two teams tokenized on the platform were the Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus football clubs. Then some more joined: West Ham United, Associazione Sportiva Roma, Club Atlético de Madrid, as well as the OG esports team. Possession of unique branded partner club fan tokens will also give fans access to exclusive content, gamification, social connections and leaderboard features that will be launched during 2020.

Chiliz is focused not only on real sports but also on virtual. The platform will become the backbone of the Global Player League (GPL). The GPL is a fan-driven, globally scalable eSports League, created for today’s gaming and eSports communities, powered by the Chiliz Token (CHZ). Voting rights purchased for tokens are implemented using smart contracts that allow direct interaction between GPL teams and their fans.

The project did not have a public ICO, as they raised $66 million from private investors. The project attracted the largest cryptocurrency exchanges and leading cryptocurrency funds in Asia, including Binance, OK Blockchain Capital and Ceyuan Ventures.

Here are the advantages of Chiliz: 

  1. Credibility and financial transparency: the project is supported by an existing reputable company that works through the EU banking system under full regulatory supervision. Accordingly, all company accounts are verified and publicly available. Such transparency and trust are crucial in the unregulated ICO market.
  2. Market penetration: the most significant advantage of the project is its beneficial cooperation. As mentioned above, Chiliz has already created several strategic alliances in a wide range of disciplines, as well as in various regions. The Maltese government supports the project Playtech (the world’s largest provider of iGaming), e-sports celebrities, and leading Southeast Asian e-sports and digital marketing institutions. Such cooperation significantly increases the potential of the project to penetrate the global e-sports market quickly.
  3. The private Chiliz network is driven by the Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism, which is computationally less intensive than the Proof-of-Work consuming process. The POA consensus also provides less transaction delay.
Project nameChiliz
Stock SymbolCHZ
Curr. Price$0.011125
Curr. Supply / Total Supply4,567,133,626 CHZ / 8,888,888,888 CHZ
ROI since launch-48.26%
Official Website 

Chiliz (CHZ) Price History

As Chiliz entered the market in July 2019, the price of one CHZ coin was $0.18. The price was falling until August 2019 to $0.005. The next price rise occurred on September 6th, 2019 due to the listing on Binance exchange platform. One Chiliz token was about $0.11. The rate went up again only on November 5th, 2019, when the project completed phase one minting. 

On February 13th, 2019, partnered with FC Barcelona. This event boosted the coin price from $0.0068 to $0.0153. 

Chiliz (CHZ) Technical Analysis

Well, there is not actually any technical analysis expertise of Chiliz cryptocurrency. However, here is the aggregate rating for CZH from several traders & analysts on TradingView.

chiliz technical analysis

Chiliz (CHZ) market projections on TradingView; the screenshot was taken on 02/26/20

Chiliz (CHZ) Price Prediction for 2020-2025

#1. Wallet Investor Chiliz (CHZ) Price Prediction

CHZ is a bad long-term (1-year) investment. The price of Chiliz may drop from 0.01079 USD to 0.00687 USD. The change will be -36.341%. However, in 2021, the price of one coin can go up to $0.0173. In 2022, the price will increase up to $0.0216. In 2023, CHZ will probably reach $0.0324. In 2025, Chiliz can cost around $0.0540.

#2. Digital Coin Price Forecast for 2020-2025

Chiliz (CHZ) is a profitable investment based on forecasting. The price of 1 Chiliz (CHZ) can roughly be up to $0.02662894 in 1 year, a 2X nearly from the current Chiliz price. In 2022, the price of Chiliz token won’t go up a lot and will cost around $0.02471179. In 2023, the price of one coin can be $0.03042674. In 2024, the CHZ price will reach $0.04138915. In 2025, the price will go down again to $0.03566541. 

#3. CoinToBuy CHZ Price Prediction for 2020

To determine the return that can be obtained from the Chiliz investment in 2020, the system has analyzed the daily values of the cryptocurrency for the past six months. The character of cryptocurrencies is wavy, which means that there is a good opportunity that CHZ can get to near to an all-time value again in the future. 

chiliz price prediction

Bottom Line claims that it allows football teams to create an entirely new economy that can be monetized, while at the same time creating a new ecosystem for engaging with fans and this is hard to disagree with. Using the Fan Token Offer rhetoric, unlike traditional ICO terminology, is an original approach. 

The fan base of some clubs is larger than the population of small countries, and global communities cover all international borders. Therefore, fan bases are ideal ecosystems for incubating new methods of measuring and sharing values.

Appealing to fans is likely to be a successful argument in favor of sales. Such arrangements can bring significant benefits to both parties. Football clubs offer a base through which it can reach millions of target customers of cryptocurrency that could not be attracted otherwise. From this point of view, it is possible to predict a remarkable success for the Chiliz token.