Introducing Changelly Earn – Widget, Referral Link & API

Now live! Changelly introduces a new way to bring cryptocurrencies to your audience. We are proud to offer you the best tools for your platform, whether it’s a blog, a crypto platform, or even a cryptocurrency casino. We have improved the previous version of our tools to make it easier for you to become our affiliate partner. Let’s find out what’s new in Changelly Earn

How to Make Money With Changelly Earn?

The Changelly affiliate program gives you access to the gallery of Webmasters’ tools. It includes banners, exchange widget, referral link, and API for developers. 

If you want to participate in the Changelly Earn program, you should create an account, go to Changelly Earn page, choose the tool, and then you are ready to get your passive income. 

We’ve explained the technical basis in our Changelly Earn guide.

Changelly Exchange Widget & Button

changelly earn widget with the example of trading pair: BTC and ETH

Let’s say you are passionate about blockchain technologies and run a popular blog about cryptocurrency. You can place the widget in your blog and encourage your audience to try it out. Thus, you will gain the revenue share from all those people that initiated at least one transaction via the widget. 

For crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat transactions passing this way, you get up to  50% of our commission shown in your stats on Changelly. 

Besides blogs, you can apply the widget to a range of other websites, platforms, and services. 

For instance, 

  • Market capitalization trackers
  • Exchanges
  • Casinos
  • ICO campaigns

The Changelly widget is a tool that allows you to exchange coins without using the external Changelly website instantly. The whole exchange process passes in a tiny widget window built right in the interface of your website. You can choose any color for your widget so that its simple and handy customizable design will fit into any web interface.

While maintaining partnerships, our friends use widgets on their sites. For example, BetFury, cryptocurrency casino, uses a Changelly exchange widget. In order to make a deposit, you need to get some crypto coins. It’s easy to buy crypto instantly with a Changelly widget. 

betfury widget which illustrates the example of how changelly widget can be implemented on the website
Changelly Widget on BetFury

We also have a button that redirects to our widget. By the way, Nexo lending platform uses our Button to offer users an instant purchase of their native token. 

changelly widget on the nexo website as an example of purchase NEXO for EURO
Changelly Button and Widget on Nexo

How to Install Widget

To place the widget on your website, you need to register. After you have created an account, go to the Changelly Earn page. Then go to the tools page and choose ‘Exchange Widget.’ Both widgets and buttons can be customized on this page.

Read carefully all the info provided on the settings page, and customize your widget the way you need (i.e., you can lock on the one possible destination crypto, or choose the widget color). Don’t forget to indicate the address of your main domain (without a slash at the end), where you are going to install the widget. The installation will be done within 30 minutes after UX is defined.

how can changelly widget be customized: choose the cryptocurrency pair, the color and the website
Changelly Widget 

Changelly Referral Link

The referral link represents an URL containing your referral ID. When clicking it, a user gets to our home page to register and exchange cryptos. Once a transaction is complete, up to 50% of the transaction fee will go to you. 

Changelly referral link is customizable. You can select a currency pair and an amount to be displayed on Changelly when clicking your link. This feature is optional and may help you place your link on platforms dedicated to a particular coin.

an interface of referral link custom part: choose the crypto pair you want to buy or exchange

Referral Link is the easiest way to get profit. Imagine, you can share your link in any kind of page, for example:

  • Social nets like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Reddit, etc.
  • Forums like BitcoinTalk or CryptoTalk
  • Your blog or platform

The scope of the referral link is practically unlimited. Moreover, you can add a clickable banner to complete the link. 

Coinsutra is an info resource for beginners and advanced users that makes crypto easy and accessible. It has an impressive community of 12,000+ users, and the number is growing continuously. It has become one of the most successful affiliate websites in the crypto space. When providing comprehensive information on crypto exchanges, they share the referral links for users to try the service out, hence, successfully monetizing the blog.

screenshot of blog post on coinsutra blog about changelly

Changelly API

Changelly API provides interactions between Changelly service and aside applications that use the Changelly exchange feature. The API is tightly integrated into the product interface and uses the same algorithms as the Changelly website. Hence, the outside service users don’t need to leave it for the Changelly website to exchange some crypto.

The API is designed mostly for service providers, such as cryptocurrency wallets, marketplaces, or crowdfunding platforms. Changelly’s API can be used for both web-services and mobile applications.

There are several partners who already use our API. Among them are MyEtherWallet, Jaxx Liberty, and Exodus. 

What benefits do they get? The API partner can set up their own fee. We charge only 0.5% from each transaction. Changelly API has been on the market for a long time. We worked with such crypto platforms as Coinomi, Freewallet, BRD, Enjin Wallet, Trezor, and more. Integration takes three to five days.