Changelly’s Notable Crypto Events: 2020 Recap

changelly 2020 events recap

The year 2020 was challenging for all of us. Filled with infamous events, this year seems to be relatively loyal to the crypto industry. We’ve witnessed an updated ATH (all-time-high) bitcoin (BTC) performance, experienced new trends in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, and attracted new users, which means we’ve automatically brought the day of the crypto mass adoption closer.  

Changelly itself introduced new features and launched a top-notch cryptocurrency exchange Changelly PRO. We’ve partnered with a lot of significant crypto projects and expanded our family of crypto assets available for instant swap and purchase significantly. 

Through all the ups and downs that happened in the crypto and blockchain industries this year, Changelly stays at the forefront to provide users with the best service possible. Let’s recap all the crypto events that impact both our platform and the industry of crypto finance, in general, this year. 



Changelly managed to partner with Bitcoin Insider and Coinspeaker and list important crypto players like Ravencoin (RVN) and Aeternity (AE). We’ve held a Zero network Fee promo and became CV Summit’s Silver Sponsor. Well, the year promised to be fruitful for mutually beneficial collaborations. 

2020 began with quite weird news. Singaporean crypto consultant Mark Cheng was kidnapped in Thailand. Kidnappers wanted a $740,000 ransom in bitcoin (BTC) and even tortured the poor man. Luckily, the story had a happy end. Cheng is alive and keeps on being involved in the crypto activity. 

As of good news, in late January, the biggest adult content platform, PornHub, began accepting USDT payments. 


In February, Google announced its partnership with Gedera Hashgraph while the leading cryptocurrency BTC price hit $10,000 for the first time in 2020. Little did we know that it was just the beginning of bitcoin’s ascending. The co-founder of the Ethereum platform Vitalik Buterin revealed details of Ethereum 2.0 and introduced a roadmap. Moreover, another country, this time Sweden, tested its own digital currency E-krona.  


changelly has been on the market for 5 years

This Spring, we celebrated our 5th anniversary. Since 2015, Changelly has been providing instant access to the world of cryptocurrencies. We are constantly developing new features and services in order to bring a flawless experience to all users, be them crypto newcomers or more experienced crypto enthusiasts. Thank you for being the most significant part of our platform!

Speaking about the global crypto events, we are going to highlight the third Bitcoin halving. This is another milestone for the first and most significant cryptocurrency in the industry. Long live Satoshi, long live Bitcoin.


In March 2020, we expanded our partners’ list and welcomed three more crypto platforms: DAOWallet, Freewallet, and BetFury. Apart from that, we added a new token HEDG token, ready to be swapped and bought instantly via our Changelly marketplace. 

March global crypto events were primarily associated with the COVID-19 situation. While the whole world was kept under quarantine, the World Health Organization (WHO) launched a blockchain-enabled platform to stop the spread of coronavirus. 

  • 03/03 – Crypto industry employees started to work remotely due to COVID-19
  • 03/07 – ‘Bitcoin coronavirus’ query search traffic became more demanded than ‘bitcoin halving.’


buy crypto with a credit card on changelly

As a present for Changelly’s 5th anniversary, we’ve launched a fiat-to-crypto marketplace, Changelly Buy, to make crypto purchases even more accessible. Changelly Buy aims to provide each user with a wide choice of crypto offers so you can select the very best one. 

Eco-friendly project coin DOV, healthcare blockchain-based token SOLVE, game-changer cryptocurrency ICON, and Rupiah stablecoin (IDRT) joined the family of 160+ crypto assets available for swaps and crypto purchases on Changelly. 

Speaking about worldwide crypto events that took place in April, it is important to mention the following news:

  • 04/02 – Brave browser with its blockchain-based advertising platform gained 1M new users per month
  • 04/10 – Bitcoin SV (BSV) had the first-ever halving
  • 04/13 – Bitfinex made a $1 billion in BTC transaction with a $0.6 fee
  • 04/15 – DeFi market cap reached $1 billion market capitalization


This May, we welcomed a wide range of altcoins aimed at providing users with an enhanced crypto experience. Our users can now swiftly buy IOTA, EXMO, CUR, and OKEx with a credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard), bank transfer, and Apple Pay and exchange them instantly with over 160 digital assets. Changelly also partnered with the virtual currency platform Coinify. 

International crypto news was quite notable too:

  • 05/12 – Pavel Durov closed Telegram Open Network (TON) project
  • 05/15 – Visa filed a patent to create an Ethereum-based digital currency
  • 05/20 – 50 BTC mined in 2009 moved for the first time in 11 years
  • 05/20 – Bank of France announced the successful test of digital Euro


Summer is the time to have a rest and enjoy the sunny days, but not in 2020. The whole world was involved in conflicts, both local and international ones. Many other notorious events occurred, and this time the blockchain and crypto industries were not exceptions.  

However, summer 2020 revealed good crypto news also. The DeFi sector experienced a significant boost, while BTC price started climbing up. Well, let’s have a closer look at other events that took place on Changelly and the crypto market.  


Changelly became a new stop for the seamless purchase of SOLO, AVA, GHOST, HEX, and ERK crypto assets. Our marketplace has been developing rapidly, attracting new fiat-to-crypto providers and offering even more competitive crypto rates. As a cherry on the top of the June cake, our API was integrated into hardware digital wallet BC Vault. With such a collaboration, BC Vault users are enabled to exchange cryptocurrency within the wallet.  

It was reported that as of June 2020, investors were holding around 11.4 million bitcoins as a long-term investment. Also, the Bank of China completed the backend architecture development for its digital Yuan coin. 


full-featured crypto exchange changelly pro

The major event of Jule was the launch of our full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange Changelly PRO. Users can now trade BTC, ETH, LTC, and many other digital currencies like a pro. Changelly PRO provides a responsive trading terminal and native UX/UI so that crypto newbies and professional traders can enjoy a flawless trading experience. 

We were also glad to list the Levolution (LEVL) token and welcomed two more fiat-to-crypto providers Settle Network and Banxa. 

Speaking about international crypto news, 336 BTC were stolen from the crypto-bank Cashaa. We’ve also witnessed a great Twitter hack and a crucial theft of 12 BTC. Yet, the industry celebrated the 5th anniversary of Ethereum, while the total funds locked in DeFi reached $4 billion. 

  • 07/14 – PayPal possibly will create a crypto-based solution
  • 07/20 – Dogecoin exploded due to the viral TikTok video


invite friends get Changelly's revenue

August was rich with great news for our platform. We’ve introduced an updated affiliate program Changelly Earn, which allows our affiliate partners to get up to 50% of our revenue from crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transactions. Our full-featured trading platform Changelly PRO revealed its referral program that would enable users with more benefits and privileges. 

We want to provide our users with the vastest choice of cryptocurrency ready to be swapped or purchased instantly and at the best rates. This August, two more tokens, ONE and ROOBEE, joined the Changelly platform. 

Still, the industry, in general, met several downs. Indian government considered banning cryptocurrencies. Another bad news referred to Ethereum Classic. The blockchain was subjected to a 51% attack

Stay calm as there was more good news than bad ones:

  • 08/17 – Bitcoin price climbed above $12,000
  • 08/20 – Interest in cryptocurrencies has grown to the level of January 2018
  • 08/26 – The number of addresses with more than 1,000 BTC has grown to 2,200
  • 08/30 – Uniswap trading volume exceeded Coinbase volumes


While we all were moving towards Christmas celebrations, the industry met several good news (and a couple of bad ones). Changelly celebrated Halloween, held many entertaining contests, added new tokens for quick swap and purchase, and many more. 


The fall started with attracting new bright minds to the industry of digital assets. Changelly, together with its media partner Cointelegraph, announced an essay competition so that anyone could express themselves regarding the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

We also welcomed Energi (NRG), Electroneum (ETN), and PlatonCoin (PLTC). This year, we also celebrated the 4th anniversary with our dear partner Indacoin. 

September 2020 brought us a long-awaited justice for scammers. Six people got arrested in connection with a PlusToken scam. By the way, PlusToken was one of our protagonists during Halloween week. You can read this chilling story here. Speaking about other ‘scam exits,’ the creator of the successful DeFi platform SushiSwap, Chef Nomi, stole $13 million from the platform. The incident has led to a great scandal, but the stolen funds were returned.

  • 09/01 – Pornhub started to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin
  • 09/09 – DeFi sector crashes by 50%


We’ve had a great time this October. Our API was integrated into Ledger Live so that users could exchange and purchase cryptocurrency within the Ledger hardware wallet. We listed Zilliqa (ZIL), COTI, and DigiDinars Token (DDRT), released Changelly PRO app for iOS devices, and held the greatest Halloween promo with giveaways and prizes. 

October was the time when the BTC price started to grow rapidly (little did we know). Back then, and updated its annual high of $14,100. The DeFi sector also showed new records – the amount of locked funds in DeFi reached $12.5 billion. 

  • 8/10 – The hash rate of Bitcoin reached 170 EH/s
  • 13/10 – Binance rose over $4 Million in cryptocurrency to fight Coronavirus
  • 15/10 – Filecoin project launched a mainnet, attracting the community attention


In November, Atari token (ATRI), Cartesi Network token (CTSI), and Elrond (EGLD) joined the Changelly family of crypto-assets while our cryptocurrency exchange Changelly PRO listed Aave token. We updated our exchange widget so you could exchange and purchase cryptocurrency even faster and in the most convenient way. 

Bitcoin (BTC) proved its status as the cryptocurrency king once again. The rest of the altcoins also showed rapid growth. 

  • 11/06 – Brazilian Minister of Economy confirmed the creation of CBDC
  • 11/09 – Grin cryptocurrency network under attack
  • 11/25 – Stellar (XLM) price exceeded $0.22, hitting a two-year high
  • 11/30 – Bitcoin hits the $19,845 point

Winter Again

This is where we are now. The year is almost over, but it keeps surprising us. December updated the price of BTC. It is now at the highest level of all time. As of December 27, the BTC price is $28,288. Changelly held the Cryptmas celebration and listed the native cryptocurrency of the PolkaDot project (DOT)

  • 12/02 – Launch of Ethereum 2.0 Phase 0
  • 12/07 – Stablecoin capitalization exceeded $50 billion

Bottom Line: 2020

Changelly’s 2020 milestones:

We want to thank each and every one of you for being with us during this tough year. Despite all the difficulties, we’ve made it. We are entering the new year with astonishing results, and we hope to perform even better in the coming year. Happy New Year!