Changelly 4 Year Anniversary: Keeping the Right Course to the Moon


Changelly is celebrating the company’s 4th anniversary. During these four years, the company has evolved from a small startup consisting of 5 people into the leading product in the cryptocurrency market and has earned the trust of millions of users worldwide.

How it all began

Changelly rocket was launched in 2015, with a team of 5 fearless crypto astronauts on board. At the beginning of the space path, there were only 30 crypto assets listed in the service. Within the first year, thanks to the support of 100,000+ Changelly users, we confidently moved towards the moon. Indeed, the path to a pedestal of the best instant crypto exchange service was not easy. On this fantastic spring day let’s go over the significant milestones of Changelly 4-year history.

On the Way to the Moon

We have compiled a list of memorable stardates on the way of Changelly rocket to the moon:

  • January 2016: Over 100000 active Changelly users worldwide
  • January 2017: Changelly partners with Indacoin
  • October 2017: Changelly partners with Simplex
  • October 2017: The first Changelly token-swap (QTUM)
  • December 2017: The first stablecoin listed on Changelly (USDT)
  • April 2018: Binance exchange integration
  • July 2018: Changelly fully supports Bitcoin SegWit
  • September 2018: Changelly mobile app launch
  • October 2018: the launch of Changelly telegram channel
  • November 2018: New Changelly website deployed
  • November 2018: Introducing fixed-rate exchange (through Changelly partners Exodus and CoinGate)
  • January 2019: Changelly official blog renovation
  • March 2019: The number of Changelly twitter subscribers has exceeded 25000+
  • March 2019: Opening of Changelly official Korean channels
  • April 12, 2019: Changelly 4 year anniversary?  

Changelly Today

As Changelly rocket move closer to the moon, the platform gathered more than 2 million users on its board. We have expanded the number of crypto assets to 140+, and we are not going to dwell on this (however, we always rely only on coins and tokens that deserve your trust). Another Changelly pride is our partners. During the four years of development, we collaborated with dozens of awesome crypto projects. So today, we are delighted to receive congratulations from the most prominent representatives of the industry:

Enjin congratulation to Changelly

“With Changelly’s stellar team, we have developed a unique system to ensure exchanges are fulfilled in the fastest possible time and with immediate customer support!”

Exodus team

“Three years have passed since we sat side by side with a single mission, to make cryptos more accessible to the world. During that time we’ve had some great wins but also faced some huge challenges. For your special day my wish is this: to bigger challenges and even greater victories, together.”

George Kimionis, Founder & CEO of Coinomi

“We’re happy to recommend Changelly to our Ledger Live users, both on our mobile and desktop apps.”

Ledger team

“Changelly offers a great selection of assets with fast, cheap swaps, and stellar customer support. The team has been in crypto for years and it shows!”

Edge team

Changelly Anniversary Quiz

To please our beloved users, Changelly launched a quiz with nice prizes in honor of our 4th birthday. To win 1 of 5 cool Changelly merch packs, you need to solve seven rebuses and create Changelly account (in case you haven’t got an account yet). Read more about the quiz conditions and the rules of participation by clicking the button below!

We couldn’t be more excited that despite the cold times of crypto winter, the blockchain industry continues to grow and develop, gaining the attention and trust of more people around the globe. Freedom to be entirely in charge of personal data and funds is one of the fundamental privileges that the blockchain gives to us. That is why Changelly has always been non-custodial, thus never holding users’ funds. Thank you for being with us. The next four years will be even brighter and more successful!?

Best Swaps from Changelly space team!