How to Buy Crypto with a Bank Card: Explained by Changelly

Below is a convenient tutorial on how to buy the most popular cryptocurrencies on Changelly with a bank card. Have a look!

Helpful hint: Before starting the process, please make sure you have your ID (Passport/Driving license/ID) available in front of you/scanned to your device. If it’s your first transaction, you will be asked to upload the front and back sides of the document.

  • The first step is to enter the amount of fiat currency (i.e. USD, EUR, GBP), and then choose the coin that you want to buy from the drop-down menu. Please note the amount must be between 20 $/€/£ and 2000 $/€/£. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button to proceed.
  • Enter the address of your crypto wallet and press ‘Buy Now’ to continue.
  • Enter your email address and click on the ‘Continue’ button
  • If it’s your first purchase through MoonPay, you’ll need to verify your email by entering the 4-digit verification code MoonPay will send to your email inbox. If you can’t see the email, please check your SPAM folder.
  • After entering the code, accept MoonPay’s ToU and Privacy Policy, then press ‘Continue’
  • Fill in your credit/debit card billing address (address, city, postcode, country) and press ‘Continue’
  • Then enter your residential address (you can select “Use the address I have on file” if it’s the same) and click ‘Continue’.
  • For the next step, enter your credit/debit card details and click ‘Continue’ to proceed
  • After that, you’ll be redirected to the identity verification step. 
  • We take security very seriously, so if your purchase will exceed the 150 $/€/£ monthly limit MoonPay will require proof of identity. To pass verification you’ll need to choose your country of issuance and a type of verifying document to upload, which are: 
    • International passport
    • National ID card (both sides)
    • Driving licence (both sides).
  • Upload a photo of the front of your document (driving licence was chosen for this tutorial) and press ‘Continue’ 
  • Make sure your licence details can be read clearly, and there is no blur or glare. If the document is displayed incorrectly then click Redo and re-upload it. Otherwise, press Confirm to proceed
  • Upload a photo of the back of your licence, check its readability then press ‘Confirm’ to proceed
  • For the next step of your identity verification, you need to upload a selfie of yourself
  • Make sure the selfie clearly shows your face and press ‘Confirm’. 

You’re done! Your payment request is being processed. Congratulations on buying crypto!

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