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<iframe width="100%" height="100%" frameborder='none' src="https://widget.changelly.com?from=btc&to=eth&amount=1&address=&fromDefault=btc&toDefault=eth&theme=default&merchant_id=...&payment_id=&v=3">Can't load widget</iframe>
Tip:  fill in the default amount that you would like a referral to exchange/deposit to help you increase the average check.


What are the typical use cases for Widget?

Widget is a universal tool that can be natively implemented into your platform/blog/website to provide your users with instant crypto purchases and exchanges. Changelly’s low fees and fast transaction speed make our Widget a perfect addition to any business.

Changelly Widget has a user-friendly intuitive interface, allowing your clients and website visitors to easily exchange or buy over 200 cryptocurrencies with a debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard), bank transfer, or even Apple Pay.

What transactions are processed via Widget?

Widget allows your users to purchase, deposit, and exchange cryptocurrencies.

There are two types of transactions that can be made: fiat-to-crypto (F2C) – when a user purchases cryptocurrency with fiat money (USD, EUR, etc.) and crypto-to-crypto (C2C) – when a user exchanges one cryptocurrency for another.

How will I be compensated?

By default, you will get approximately 0.125% of the total C2C transaction turnover as profit. If your users make a fiat-to-crypto transaction, you will get up 2% of the total F2C transaction turnover. You will get a commission from every crypto transaction by users referred by you within 3 months after the first transaction. Even if the user doesn’t make an exchange right after clicking the link, they will still be considered your referral for 90 more days.

We are ready to negotiate the topics such as a percentage of your commissions as well as a lifetime. Please contact [email protected]

Can we do a joint marketing campaign?

Yes, we are always up for joint marketing campaigns! Send your ideas to [email protected] so we could discuss marketing strategies and details.