SOLVE Token Now Available on Changelly’s Trading Platform

A non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange service Changelly has listed the SOLVE token. This asset is the native token of Solve.Care, a global company that uses blockchain to redefine healthcare payments and administration.

Changelly has expanded the list of 150+ cryptocurrencies it has available for swaps with the SOLVE token. SOLVE is the native asset of the Solve.Care platform, created on the Ethereum blockchain. This standard ERC20 token can now be exchanged for the 150+ top cryptocurrencies offered by Changelly at both fixed and floating rates, as well as be purchased for fiat money with a bank card. 

Solve.Care, the global healthcare company that aims to redefine care coordination, improve access to care, empower patients, and reduce fraud, leverages blockchain technology in order to create a patient-centric platform that allows users to benefit from a more streamlined process of accessing care. The SOLVE token is a utility token that can be used in tandem with the platform, increasing the overall value for both patients and practitioners and, most importantly, improving patient health outcomes.

With the listing on Changelly, SOLVE has become even more accessible for instant swaps and fiat purchases, benefitting insurance companies, government agencies, hospitals and clinics, provider networks, benefit administrators, pharmaceutical companies, and all other participants of Care Administration Networks, who use this token inside the Solve.Care ecosystem.

Commenting on the partnership, Pradeep Goel, ​Solve.Care CEO​, said:

“Changelly provides a fast and secure way to exchange and purchase digital tokens, leading the charge in​making the exchange process effortless — a vision that is also reflected in Solve.Care’s approach ​to making blockchain technology more accessible and user-friendly. We are committed to putting people, and families, at the heart of what we do, giving them back control of their health journey and outcomes and our partnership with Changelly marks another milestone in our journey to redefine the global healthcare market.”

Eric Benz, Changelly CEO, was also very enthusiastic about the new partnership, stating:

“Healthcare is one of today’s most important industries as it helps save lives and now using blockchain professionals globally can develop new innovative treatments and medicines. Using the blockchain to improve our approach to Healthcare is an area of great interest for me right now and I couldn’t be more pleased to welcome Solve.Care to the Changelly family.”

About Solve.Care

Solve.Care is a global healthcare company that redefines care coordination, improves access to care, empower consumers with information, reduces benefit administration costs, and helps reduce fraud and waste in healthcare around the world.

The Solve.Care platform creates an ecosystem for patient-centric care based on medical conditions, economic and social needs, and other tailored eligibility criteria. Solve.Care is the first company to utilize digital currency and blockchain technology in healthcare for value-based payments.

Solve.Care has received the Most Innovative Blockchain Project Award at the Blockchain Life 2019 Forum and the “Top 3 Innovative Blockchain Solution” and “Top 3 Outstanding Projects” at the 2019 World Blockchain Awards, among other accolades.

For more information, please visit the website.

About Changelly 

Changelly is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange, which means that no user funds are held on to by the service. Changelly acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, offering access to 150+ cryptocurrencies. The company’s mission is to make the exchange process effortless for each and everyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency. 

For those looking to exchange crypto on-the-go, Changelly offers its official mobile app with fixed-rate exchanges, available for download on the AppStore and Google Play. For those who would like to exchange crypto at a floating rate, Changelly offers the industry-low fee of 0.25% for all crypto-to-crypto exchanges. 

Changelly offers its API and a customizable payment widget to any crypto service that wishes to broaden its audience and implement new exchange options. The platform also provides an Affiliate program with a 50% revenue share mechanism.