PlatonCoin Is Now Listed on Changelly

article cover for platoncoin listing on changelly

Czech cryptocurrency PlatonCoin has become available for swapping on Changelly. It is now one of the 170+ cryptocurrencies that can be purchased on the platform for fiat money or other digital coins. 

You can buy PlatonCoin on Changelly with a floating or a fixed exchange rate. The latter enables users to pay the exact fee they set at the beginning of the exchange. It protects crypto holders from the coin’s volatility and ensures a fair and swift exchange.

PlatonCoin is a digital currency from fintech startup Platon Finance, a unique full-cycle ecosystem for cryptocurrency payments. The project was created in 2017 with a revolutionary vision of fintech, business and social life. Its long-term goal is to bring digital currencies to the broad public. Platon Finance works on a blockchain and is powered by PlatonCoin. The crucial part of the project is the Platon Life platform that provides tools, products and services for a number of individuals, charities, foundations, startups and big corporations. 

Eric Benz, the CEO of Changelly, was very optimistic about the listing and gave a warm welcome to the new partnership. He stated:

Changelly is very excited to list PLTC and sees this as an integral addition to the growing ecosystem.

Daniel Tanner, the CEO of Platon Finance, sees the new listing as a great collaboration opportunity. He commented: 

It is an exciting way for our company to present our cryptocurrency on such a user-friendly crypto platform. Our cooperation with Changelly will give us the opportunity to present our vision to the global public and to broaden our connection with crypto traders.

About Platon 

PlatonCoin from Platon Finance is one of the new generation cryptocurrencies that enrich the original idea of digital currencies by additional benefits and possibilities. PlatonCoin enables holders to participate in an entire ecosystem, called Platon Life, which is based on the maximum ease of use of the cryptocurrency for the public and companies.

Platon Finance is a Central European fintech startup working on introducing digital currencies to companies and the broad public by providing user-friendly secure solutions for B2B and B2C operations. Platon Finance developed these solutions based on blockchain technology with the use of digital token PlatonCoin together with strong partners, such as Microsoft for Startups, Symantec and others.

Platon Finance offers unique insurance of its digital wallet by a renowned European insurance company, while all data is secured by software security company Symantec. The digital wallet already meets full KYC and AML requirements and it will offer the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, and PlatonCoin.