General Troubleshooting

I can’t log in

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First of all, check your password and login carefully. If you still can’t log in to your Changelly account, clear cache and cookies in your browser settings. If the problem persists, address your issue to the support team.

I didn't receive a password recovery email

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If you didn’t receive your password recovery email immediately, please wait at least 5 mins since it can be delayed. If nothing changes, follow the instructions:

  • Check the “Spam” folder.
  • Search for “Changelly” in your inbox.
  • If those two solutions didn’t help, address your issue to our support team.

My exchange transaction is stuck

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Each exchange transaction at Changelly goes through three stages. Usually, our transactions take 5–30 minutes to be fully processed. Please take into account that this is the ETA after your funds reach us and the incoming transfer is fully confirmed in the blockchain. If your transaction takes longer, this could be due to a variety of factors. To find out the reason for the delay, it is crucial to determine at what stage the transaction froze. Go to your transaction history page to check the exact status when it happened.

1. “Waiting for payment” stage. It means that we haven’t received money from you so far. Why could it happen?

  • Blockchain is overloaded. This is the most popular reason. No worries, your transaction is just in the queue, so we’ll get your money soon. We need just a couple of confirmations to accept your payment.
  • You’ve sent your coins to a different Changelly wallet address. In this case, please contact our support team immediately for assistance.
  • Incorrect memo/destination tag/message. When you send a coin that needs additional information (Ripple, XEM, Stellar, EOS, BNB, or ETN), you are supposed to enter it. If you make a typo or enter a completely different memo, destination tag, or message, your transaction will not pass through automatically. To process it, you will have to contact our support team and provide all the payment details, including your transaction ID on Changelly and a link to your transaction on the blockchain. Once provided, this data will be used to process your transaction manually: we will either refund your coins or exchange them at the rate relevant for the manual processing time.
  • You sent a wrong currency, not the one you indicated while creating the transaction.
  • You sent a currency in another network. Please pay attention to the network type and currency protocol displayed to you when you create a transaction.
  • You sent a currency via an old contract. It sometimes happens to ETH and BSC based assets.

2. “Confirming” stage.

  • The number of hash confirmations required to proceed to the exchange varies depending on the currency you’ve sent. If your transaction has been in the Confirming status for some time, most likely, your payment has not yet collected the required number of confirmations. We also display alerts before the exchange that some assets can have a longer confirmation period (e.g., BTC). Remember that the network confirms the transaction, not Changelly. If your transaction has zero confirmations, we cannot process it faster.

3. “Exchanging” stage.

  • Market overload. If you’re exchanging a hyping coin, there is a risk of exchange backlogs due to increased demand.
  • Technical issues at the trading partners’ end. Changelly works with large trading platforms. Our automated system selects a rate and processes your transaction via one of them. On rare occasions, they may have technical issues, so your transaction can be suspended. Should there be large-scale problems, we announce the case publicly and try our best to resolve it.

“Sending” stage. Most often, getting stuck at this stage means that we have processed your transaction, and your exchanged currency is on the way. However, due to the overloaded blockchain, the transaction time may increase.

If you think that your situation does not fit any description, please contact our support and tell us about your problem.

What is a wallet address on Changelly?

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A Changelly wallet address is a destination address where you should send your funds to get the exchanged coins. Every destination address differs depending on the currency you deposit. Please pay attention to the currency you are sending us. Please, bear in mind that Changelly addresses are not reusable.


My wallet address is recognized as invalid

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Changelly supports most wallets. If your wallet address is recognized as invalid, you must have indicated the wrong wallet address or made a typo. Extra spaces before or after the address may also be an issue.

You may also be using an address associated with another crypto. For instance, if you’d like to receive ETH after the exchange/purchase, and you have selected ETH in the “You get” field, then in the “Recipient address” field, you must enter your ETH address.

Another reason may be that you’re trying to send an asset via another network. For example, if you choose “USDT” on Changelly, it’s an Omni Layer USDT, its addresses usually start with “1”. In your wallet “USDT” may be ERC-20 USDT with addresses starting with “0x”. Thus, your wallet won’t let you send ERC-20 USDT to an address starting with “1”. Type “USDT” in “You send” field on Changelly and make sure to select “USDT” with the “ERC-20” protocol near the ticker. If you do so, you’ll be provided with a correct address for receiving ERC-20 USDT.


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Users are often confused about the difference between USDT and USDT-20. For example, they choose to get USDT (Tether Omni), but their wallet supports only USDT-20 (Tether ERC-20). Our validator is waiting for the Omni address, but they enter the Ethereum one (starting with 0x). Keep in mind that if you want to buy Tether ERC-20, you need to choose USDT-20 from the currency list.

Please note that we support 6 versions of Tether: Tether Omni (USDT), USDT BEP-20 (USDTBSC), USDT TRC-20 (USDTRX), Tether USDT ERC-20 (USDT20), Tether Avalanche Chain (USDTAVAC), and Tether Sol (USDTSOL). All these cryptocurrencies are supported by different networks. We kindly remind you to double-check the currency you want to exchange and all the necessary information before initiating the transaction.

What does ‘Not yet redeemed?’ mean

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In the DASH, DOGE, and other Bitcoin-based blockchains, you may see the status of your transaction as “Not yet redeemed.” It means that your transaction is completed, but the funds haven’t been used as input for another transaction. In other words, your coins are received, but you haven’t spent them yet.

I sent money, but my status is ‘Not paid’

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If you are sure that money was sent to Changelly, first try to re-fresh the transaction page. If the status doesn’t change, contact Changelly support team and provide them with the hash of your transfer and the Changelly Transaction ID.

Why could this happen?

  • Money is sent to a wallet address that doesn’t belong to Changelly.
  • The destination tag/memo/message is missing (for XML, XEM, or XRP).
  • There are technical issues with the crypto you sent.
  • You sent funds to our wallet address that you’d already used before.
  • You sent the currency to a wrong wallet address.
  • Our system did not have enough time to recognize your transaction.
  • Your input transfer failed on the network.

Please address your problem to our support team.

I forgot to indicate a Memo or destination tag for my recipient address

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Your money is sent as an unassigned transaction to your wallet provider. Please contact the support team of your wallet to find a solution.

The transaction is completed, but there is no money in my wallet

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If your transaction is completed and its hash is valid, but you can’t find your funds in a wallet, follow the steps below:

  • Update/sync your wallet. If you use offline or core wallets, you need to sync your wallet each time you send or receive money. Likewise, if you use an outdated version of your wallet, your balance may be displayed incorrectly.
  • If you are about to receive XEM, Stellar, or XRP, ensure that your wallet doesn’t require a destination tag/memo/message.
  • Your Internet connection is unstable. Try re-connecting.

Most often, it has to do with the wallet’s faulty display. So, we kindly ask you to reach out to your wallet’s support to ensure that the problem is not on their side prior to writing to us.

What should I do if I lose a device with 2FA?

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In case you lose a device with installed 2FA, you can disable this feature by contacting our support team at [email protected].

Ethereum, CELO & Tron Contract Addresses

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Note: Since the number of these currencies may grow over time, it is very important to pay attention to notifications before exchanging, as some currencies are not accepted in contract form.

When indicating your recipient address for ETH, CELO, or TRX, please make sure that it’s a non-contract address. You can ask your wallet support team about the address. Some contract addresses may prevent the delivery of incoming transfers. If your exchange is completed, but the ETH transfer is taking too long to get delivered, please get in touch with the support team as soon as possible to find out the reason for the delay, and be ready to provide a non-contract address of yours, if required.

NEO Invocation Payments

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There are two ways to generate smart contracts within the NEO ecosystem:

Contract User Authentication: Here, a smart contract is a contract account.

Manually call a smart contract: Here, the user initiates a transaction (Invocation Transaction) to trigger the implementation of a smart contract.

Speaking of the second option, several receivers may not be technically set up to get this type of NEO transaction. Such payments sent to Changelly addresses won’t be displayed in our system. Therefore, we’ll be forced to process them manually.

So if you send NEO invocation payments to Changelly, our system won’t detect your transfer. It happens because NEO invocation transfers do not appear in some Block Explorers. As a result, such transfers cannot get processed automatically.

Nevertheless, there is no need to worry if you accidentally sent us the NEO invocation payment. Your funds won’t be lost, and we’ll surely refund them, but please pay attention to the fact that such matters require manual attention from our technical department. Therefore, it may take up to 20 business days to resolve the issue. To avoid that, you must be 100% sure you are sending us non-invocation payments. In case you don’t know the exact type of payment sent from your wallet, we highly recommend that you reach out to their support first and initiate your exchange at Changelly once you clarify the matter.

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