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What is an exchange rate?

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The exchange rate is the rate at which a unit of one currency can be exchanged for a unit of another. There are two types of exchange rates on Changelly: fixed or floating.

What affects the rate of exchange? In the case of a floating rate, it is the best available offer that can be found on the market for this particular pair. The funds are exchanged at market rates in real-time mode. If a rate changes during your transaction, the final amount may be slightly higher or lower than quoted initially. In the case of a fixed rate, Changelly covers your risks by fixing the exchange rate. You will receive the same amount as quoted even if there’s volatility on the market. To make sure the transaction will go through you just need to send your funds in time and send the same amount as you indicated when you created the transaction.

How to find an exchange rate on Changelly?

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When you choose the pair you would like to exchange, you can see the estimated exchange rate right under the currency you are going to send us. 

What is the maximum/minimum amount? (Changelly limits)

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The minimum amount is set to meet the basic requirements to have your exchange fulfilled: it must both cover the network fee and, moreover, be no less than the minimum exchangeable lot on the market.

Our maximum limits depend on the exchange rate you choose — fixed or floating. The floating rate of highly liquid pairs (e.g., BTC/ETH) allows us to exchange almost unlimited amounts of cryptocurrency. Transactions with a fixed rate are limited since we need to provide you with this fixed rate and eliminate all the risks.

What are the fees when buying crypto?

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Each of our fiat partners determines the fees for purchase transactions. Find out more about purchase fees on the corresponding FAQ page.

What are the fees when exchanging crypto?

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It is quite important to highlight that all the fees are included in the rate regardless of the chosen rate option.

  • When exchanging crypto at a fixed rate, you pay a dynamic fee that secures you from market volatility and ensures you get the exact amount of crypto.

  • When exchanging crypto at a floating rate, you can inspect all the fees that will be charged during the transaction process. These are the network fee (commission charged by the blockchain) and the service fee of 0.25% (Changelly’s fee).

What are the fees when selling crypto?

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The minimal fee for crypto-to-fiat transactions is 3.95%. However, the final fee depends on the selected currency pair, your country of residence, market rates, volatility, and other factors.

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