CHAPTER 1 10 min read

CHAPTER 1. Intro: Overview

Get on board! We are going to discuss how it all started. See why Bitcoin was born and what was long before paper money.

CHAPTER 2 7 min read

CHAPTER 2. Blockchain

We put it in the separate block to explain the blockchain concepts. All secrets revealed!

CHAPTER 3 12 min read

CHAPTER 3. Types of cryptocurrencies

Not so many, just a few! We defined 7 types of cryptocurrencies for you to get to the very point.

CHAPTER 4 6 min read

CHAPTER 4. Types of wallets and exchange platforms

This is vital for your safe presence in the crypto space: how to choose a cryptocurrency wallet and a crypto platform. Let's go!

CHAPTER 5 6 min read

CHAPTER 5. Cryptocurrency mining

What is mining (and staking)? Why do miners get reward? How to get crypto without purchasing it? Crypto mining basics are right here!

CHAPTER 6 10 min read

CHAPTER 6. Crypto trading: Vol.1 (Beginner)

Yeah, this is the very beginning of cryptocurrency trading. What, where, and how — all that's safely stored right within this chapter.

CHAPTER 7 7 min read

CHAPTER 7. Crypto Security – how to be protected?

Probably the most important chapter in the whole Crash Course. Let's roll!

CHAPTER 8 10 min read

CHAPTER 8. Crypto trading: Vol.2 (Intermediate)

Level up on a crypto trading. Let's take these steps together.

CHAPTER 9 9 min read

CHAPTER 9. Crypto trading: Vol.3 (Upper-Intermediate)

To the mooon! More insights and trading secrets.

CHAPTER 10 7 min read

CHAPTER 10. Creating your coin

Why not creating your own cryptocurrency? Let's do it!

CHAPTER 11 11 min read

CHAPTER 11. Investment strategies

We will not stop saying that doing your own research is vital when it comes to crypto. What's more? Read in this chapter.

CHAPTER 12 7 min read

CHAPTER 12. Blockchain in real-life — use cases and its future

The future is already here. Here in this chapter. Learn how many companies (that you certainly know about) already use blockchain!

CHAPTER 13 7 min read

CHAPTER 13. Billionaires Never Stop Learning 

That's all, folks! After all this complicated information (that we've tried to make engaging and accessible), let's have some fun. Crypto memes, podcasts, books, and more. Enjoy!